Good Morning Vietnam

Reviewed By Javachik
Posted 05/20/99 02:08:19

"Robin Williams should've won an Oscar for THIS!"
5 stars (Awesome)

I can never get enough of this movie. I think that Robin Williams is the most versatile actor on the planet. Good Morning Vietnam is absolute living proof of that.

Well, for those of you who have never seen this movie, I'll do the obligatory plot synopsis. Robin Williams plays aa army DJ (or one of those military branches)who is flown out to-guess where?-Vietnam to host a radio show. Thus ensues the wacky improv which makes the show wildly popular amongst those men fighting there. However, he is disliked by the captain (who thinks Robin's character is not funny and that he himself can do better), and the major (who just plain hates his guts). From here, Robin's character (which I will continue to refer to him as because I can't remeber the name of his character) also meets a Vietnamese girl, who he falls head over heels in love with. He befriends her brother, however, he is involved in a terrorist group and Robin's character is thus torn between his friendship and his country.

Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors of all time. I've said it before and I'll say it again- this movie is living proof of his acting versatility. Where else can you be buckled over with side-splitting laughter as he says "Oh no, it's Hanoi Hannah!" and then become enraptured in the sweetness of his relationship with this Vietnamese girl? I don't think even Good Will Hunting showed this many sides of Robin Williams acting abilities. This movie is not just a classic Robin Williams flick, but just an all around classic period.

All I have to say is- Damn it, he should've won an Oscar for this!

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