Trial by Jury

Reviewed By Rob Gonsalves
Posted 04/06/07 07:13:00

2 stars (Pretty Bad)

Joanne Whalley-Kilmer is a divorced mom and antiques dealer who's called to jury duty in the trial of accused mobster Armand Assante, who sends his flunkies (including ex-cop William Hurt) to "persuade" her to vote for his acquittal.

Can you feel how boring this movie is? Despite the talents of the above three, plus Gabriel Byrne (as the prosecutor who wants to nail Assante) and an eclectic supporting cast including Kathleen Quinlan (as a hit woman!), Margaret Whitton, Ed Lauter, Mike Starr, and David Cronenberg in an amusing cameo as a film director, the movie is far-fetched and contains some of the corniest dialogue heard in years. When Whalley-Kilmer brings her little boy home again after keeping him safe in hiding, he checks out his bedroom and exclaims, "I feel like my room is hugging me!" Riiiight.

Another wannabe-hardboiled piece of fluff from Heywood Gould ('One Good Cop'). The similarly themed 'The Juror' came out two years later and is supposedly better.

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