Major League

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 01/31/99 14:58:46

"It's going.. it's going.. it's GONE!!!"
3 stars (Average)

This is a sports movie. You know how they go. Team of idiots who can't win a thing, suddenly get inspried and hit the big time.

Okay, so maybe that could ba construed as a spoiler, but in reality do sports flicks ever stray from that line?

Will it surprise you if the good guys win in the end?

Do you take lithium?

So Charlie Sheen is a pitcher fresh outta jail. He throws like fire, but he has no aim. Every other player has a similar story.

So when the evil wench who owns the team decides she wants the team to do shit so she can justify a club-move to sunny Florida, the losers get some steel and start to win games.

Wahoo. Okay, perhaps it's not as boring and bland as I'm making out. Actually, there's some funny shit in this film. It's a sports film that, though formulaic, will appeal to non sports fans simply because the humor carries it over the line.

So if you feel the desire to rent this puppy, by all means. But don't bother with the sequels. They're pus.

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