Inconvenient Truth, An

Reviewed By Mark Rodger-Snelson
Posted 09/18/06 22:07:24

"Haunting and inspiring, An Inconvenient Truth should not be missed"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

We all hear about climate change, the greenhouse effect and global warming but rarely is it put into terms so that the average Joe can get a grasp on the idea - this is exactly what An Inconvenient Truth does.

With its use of simple to read graphs, footage, slideshows and layman term language, this is one of the most effective and accessible environmental documentaries ever made.

An Inconvenient Truth is essentially a live recording of a lecture on climate change by the former Vice President and ‘nearly’ President of the USA, Al Gore. Whilst this does not sound particularly exciting, Gore’s passion for the subject matter and his smart wit make it an engrossing experience.

It is also edited with biographical moments between lecture topics showing the ups and downs of his life that essentially led to his current passion for raising awareness of climate change and showing how it will impact on ours and our children’s lives if we do not take steps to alter scientific predictions.

Whether you agree with Al Gore’s previous politics or not is not the issue here. He is simply presenting scientific facts to remind us why we should care about global warming. This might sound like and exercise into doom and gloom but Gore also offers hope towards the end of the lecture with a series of ways, big and small, to that we can help reverse global warming and, in turn, avoid the devastating consequences if we were to do nothing.

The lecture side of the documentary was shot with four cameras in front of a live audience and with the various angles and close ups it shows a man who remains utterly passionate about his cause even though he has done the same lecture around the world over 1000 times.

The cut scenes that document Gore’s past use powerful images and footage that cover three key moments that led him to where he is today; the near death of his son, the death of his sister to lung cancer (particularly devastating with his father being a tobacco farmer) and the controversial loss of the presidency to George W Bush. The film making team behind An Inconvenient Truth have done a fantastic job of turning a potential yawn fest into a compelling cinema experience that has the power to change the way we live.

It is a shame that it is only getting a limited release and that a large portion of the general public are probably going to be too apathetic to get down to the cinema to see this one because it deserves a bigger audience. Hopefully when it is released on DVD it will reach a wider audience and will be shown in schools in the hope that future generations will not be as lethargic as past and present ones when it comes to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Whilst An Inconvenient Truth may not dazzle with flash editing or fancy camerawork, it is its subject matter and depth of information that makes it one of the most important documentaries of recent times.

Equal parts haunting and inspiring, An Inconvenient Truth should not be missed.

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