Still Crazy

Reviewed By sean
Posted 02/12/99 17:29:35

"I saw it stoned and I still didn't laugh very much."
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

I love British humor. I love rock 'n' roll comedies. I did not love this movie.

Quite the contrary, I found it failed in almost every way that a classic like SPINAL TAP succeeded. Beneath the jokes -- of which there are painfully few, though the ones there are are quite funny -- it's just another movie about guys getting old, forgiving the past, and trying to find love again.
And let me use this format to vent a little bit. What is it about British comedies lately? They used to be quite funny. There are still very funny British people (aside from the people in Python who still make movies, you got Eddie Izzard and Rowan Atkinson head and shoulders above any American comedians). And yet, look at recent British comedies that are always praised by the critics as great ... "Four Weddings and a Funeral", quite possibly the worst movie to be nominated for Best picture ever; "The Full Monty", not funny enough to be a comedy and not dramatic enough to be taken seriously; "Waking Ned Devine" ... I didn't see it, but I haven't heard much good about it (I love the annoying song from the ad, though); and now this.
Oh well ... I'll think twice before I see another British comedy that doesn't involve the six people listed above ... scratch that, even Eric Idle and Terry Jones have lost a lot of their steam.

The narrator was really, really, really funny though.

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