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Clerks II
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by Rob Gonsalves

"Like a visit with old friends. With dick jokes."
4 stars

Kevin Smith's "Clerks II" is to his original "Clerks" what Richard Linklater's "Before Sunset" was to his original "Before Sunrise." Both sequels revisit the director's favorite characters about a decade later, examining how life and the clock have taken their toll. And both are ideally seen as bookend pieces, to be watched one after the other. (Amusingly, the Smith/Linklater analogy extends to the characters being animated in the interim between films -- Linklater's couple in a cameo in "Waking Life," Smith's counter jockeys in ABC's short-lived "Clerks" cartoon.) In Linklater's world, people philosophize; in Smith's world, people philosophize, with dick jokes.

Smith opens Clerks II in grainy black-and-white, in winking emulation of the original's (financially necessary) style. Dante (Brian O'Halloran) slouches over to the Quick Stop convenience store for another day at work, and finds it on fire. He and buddy Randal (Jeff Anderson), who works at the adjoining video store, are now out of a job. So they find themselves flipping burgers at Mooby's, the film's cow-themed answer to McDonald's (which first reared its fattening head in Smith's Dogma). After a year of this, Dante is ready to move on, and finds his "golden ticket" in Emma (Jennifer Schwalbach, Smith's wife), a well-meaning but dull blonde who wants to whisk Dante away to Florida, where he'll work at her father's car wash. It sounds like the soul-killing fate worse than death endured by the men in Brokeback Mountain, marrying into respectability at the expense of what they actually want.

Randal, terrified of having his friendship with Dante construed as gay, would take issue with that comparison. But Clerks II gets at the heart of (non-sexual) love between men at least as knowingly as the Ang Lee film. Women like Emma seek to break that bond, whereas women like Becky (Rosario Dawson), Dante's boss at Mooby's, at least respect it even if they don't quite understand it. The movie also brings back Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Smith himself), heterosexual lifemates who don't seem to bother with the opposite sex very much, though Jay boasts of his alleged exploits loudly and often. In a key scene, Randal lets Dante know how much he'll miss him when Dante moves away, and the moment carries more punch than a comparable scene would between Dante and a woman.

So far, Clerks II doesn't sound like a lot of laughs. But there is raunchy fun to be had here; the infamous "donkey show" scene that Joel Siegel walked out on is wild without being particularly explicit. And Randal has a new foil in a weirdly dorky Mooby's employee, Elias (Trevor Fehrman), who worships Transformers and Lord of the Rings with a fervor that offends Randal's Star Wars-loving sensibilities. If Clerks II has a flaw, it's that Dante and Randal don't have enough screen time together -- but then, the very form of the movie makes us feel Randal's gradual estrangement from Dante.

How do you reconcile the desire to be true to yourself with the desire to make something of yourself? Clerks II strikes a balance, though with the unlikely deus ex machina help of Jay and Silent Bob. (Which may be Smith's way of saying that those two have been very, very good to him.) The movie sort of ends up where the original Clerks began, with a significant difference.

"Clerks II" will resonate with viewers in Smith's age range (mid-thirties) in a way that goes beyond comedy, just as the first one did with twentysomethings. It also, of course, finds time for obscene riffs on everything from gay hobbits to "The Silence of the Lambs." It's clear by now that Smith is comfortable in his Quick Stop and isn't in any hurry to burn it down.

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originally posted: 07/25/06 14:32:45
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User Comments

9/13/17 morris campbell decent the 1st one was alot better 3 stars
8/16/17 Jon Fans would appreciate it most. Dawson was great and originals were satisfyingly in characte 4 stars
12/21/14 Dane R. Youssef Somehow, MORE than just more of the same. The message may bring some to real tears. 5 stars
4/01/13 Marty L Gritty. fun, cynical humor. Not for the feint of heart. Must see in my opiinion 5 stars
12/13/12 Ben Saddens me to say it sucks, LOVE THE ORIGINAL. This is like Star Wars the prequels (bad) 1 stars
6/10/10 joey a worthless piece of manure 2 stars
3/07/10 Marc Kelly Better than the original. Very funny. 5 stars
9/20/09 Electric John My neighbors banged on our adjoining wall because my loud laughing was keeping them up. 5 stars
8/20/09 Jeff Wilder Gets the job done. Not as funny as the original. But still worth your time. 4 stars
4/03/09 Dane Youssef A worth sequwl. Smith comes full-circle. Hilarious, of course. And about something vital. 5 stars
8/11/08 Jon G romantic comedy = barf 2 stars
10/24/07 Charles Tatum I'll say it...better than the first and funny as hell "ooh, cake!" 5 stars
9/14/07 Equinox maybe if i had down syndrome 1 stars
7/17/07 Andy It was damn funny get ya head out of ya asses, and lighten up 5 stars
6/01/07 Matt F. I'm a Kevin S. fan, but the reviewer is right on alot of counts. 2 stars
5/20/07 Quadraphonic Some good cheap laughs but not the same kind of substance you had in the original. 2 stars
5/02/07 fattyjoe37 Great follow up to the classic original 5 stars
4/30/07 John Sucks and if you think otherwise I would not ever want to meet you. 1 stars
4/15/07 arl It's Citizen Kane, but I didn't expect it to be. Funny though! 4 stars
3/27/07 fools♫gold Like 40-Year-Old Virgin, it's yet another rather unfunny overrated bucket of puke. 1 stars
3/21/07 dude it was good 4 stars
2/26/07 Sharlatan david cornelius knows... 1 stars
2/20/07 Beau After i'd seen it i felt...dirty, like a part of my life had been stolen forever 1 stars
2/11/07 matti newcannon starts slowly, a2m was gross and unfunny, superb after that. this reviewer is a total dick 5 stars
1/24/07 bobski kevin smith is nothing compared to j r tolkien he hasnt a fukin clue!!starwars is shit btw 1 stars
1/22/07 joey Huge disappointment. Feels way too forced, not to mention sappy. Watch Dogma again instead. 2 stars
1/09/07 MickT Go rent Meatballs 4 instead, same calibur, much funnier! 1 stars
1/05/07 matt and King Diamond rules 4 stars
1/05/07 Indrid Cold As funny as the original, but nowhere near as fresh. 3 stars
1/02/07 Sam reviewer is a dumbfuck, he has no life so he thinks trashing films will make him seem big. 5 stars
1/01/07 matt Fehrman's performance felt forced, otherwise very funny and enjoyable 4 stars
12/30/06 alucard The clerks sequel that I've been waiting for. Absolutely hilarious! 5 stars
12/28/06 Deborah Ehh, it seems like instead of Smith getting better with aage he is just getting stale 1 stars
12/20/06 Buffy Worst Movie Ever! No stars for this crap. 1 stars
12/18/06 PK Total disaster, the worst acting I've seen all year. Age has not been kind to the cast. 1 stars
12/13/06 Bob If you're stoned or 10 years old, then u might enjoy this. Otherwise, you'll fall asleep 1 stars
12/12/06 Em This movie sucked ass. 1 stars
12/05/06 Shaggy Got me "Sex nuts and retard srong"! 5 stars
12/04/06 Emily absolutely hilarious movie...I laughed so hard I cried 5 stars
12/03/06 Brad wow, these comments vindicate postmodernism; i figured most everyone would find this funny 5 stars
12/01/06 Ryan_A Dancing Dawson good for a star all by herself. Perfectly acceptable film. 4 stars
12/01/06 toast only funny part i laughed at was when he was like " forgive me Jesus" while jerkn it lol 1 stars
10/15/06 William Goss Smith tries tenderness with a story of two men and their favorite pieces of ass. Amusing. 3 stars
10/07/06 EVEN THE TREES WALKED IN THOSE MOVIES!!? the ents in lotr rocked ,unlike george lucas shitty creations like R2D2,jarjaretc/koolfilm 4 stars
10/06/06 Fish possibly the greatest in smith's repetoir and amazingly funny 5 stars
10/03/06 Beau I am not going to downgrade myself to this standard of movie, this's for ppl with no brain 2 stars
10/03/06 The Master of The Internets A work of art. Fitting sequel to the original. HOWEVER I SUGGEST YOU WATCH IT WITH A FRIEND 4 stars
9/29/06 Joey CCCCRAAAP movie!! Watch Smith pimp his super/special/pumped up DVD. Kevin Smith is gay! 1 stars
9/29/06 yumyum complete garbage. 1 stars
9/05/06 The Maz This was lame. Kevin Smith, you suck. 2 stars
8/29/06 laura schofield AWESOME 5 stars
8/29/06 Kevin One word. Perfect. It was everything it needed to be 5 stars
8/24/06 Rapunzel Gladstone BARELY avg. J&SB were SO much better with Eliza Dushpu, Ali Farter, and Shannon Elizabeth! 3 stars
8/21/06 Sam well I thought i was fucking halrious 5 stars
8/12/06 nicolecrom2678 A must see 5 stars
8/10/06 Old Dirty Not as good as the original, but still great 5 stars
8/09/06 Matthew Brown I loved this movie - and unlike the review suggests I thought Clerks II was very funny 5 stars
8/07/06 Nixon This movie was quite hilarious, and I loved it. I've seen it multiple times, actually. 5 stars
8/07/06 Jim Vincent You obviously have no sense of humor and don't understand Smith's childish approach 5 stars
8/07/06 Sloth If you say it sucks then you suck 5 stars
8/06/06 Erik Van Sant Kevin Smith is a bad filmmaker. This is a sterling example. Fun to see the old gang, though 3 stars
8/02/06 jane it was sooooooo funny 5 stars
8/02/06 RugbyBuffy Laughed SO much! Like another Harold and Kumar...except more intelligent. 4 stars
8/01/06 Zoe offensive and not in a good or funny way. in a lame unnecessary way. 1 stars
8/01/06 Yolanda ass to mouth. this is the film equivalent. don't do it! so don't see it... 1 stars
8/01/06 Schooner Awesome! I loved almost every moment of it...a top-three Kevin Smith film 5 stars
8/01/06 raging cajun worse than Jersey Girl. 1 stars
8/01/06 kill me now so bad this movie makes you want to kill yourself 1 stars
8/01/06 Mike V Kevin Smith's shtick is painfully boring. 1 stars
8/01/06 CurtisEarl Exactly what I expect from Kevin Smith - Not gonna win an oscar but, I laughed my ass off. 5 stars
8/01/06 Strangef8 Kevin hits it on the head. I loved it! 5 stars
7/31/06 bob meh, not for me 1 stars
7/31/06 pimp smack this bitch, ho! dis movie SUCKS 1 stars
7/31/06 jeffrey stonard I want my money back 1 stars
7/31/06 eric campos I agree with Chris. 1 stars
7/31/06 kevin bad 1 stars
7/31/06 joefranks simply horrid 1 stars
7/30/06 adam james carolla This is the worst movie i have ever seen. if your a retard you will enjoy the film. 1 stars
7/30/06 Mase Easily the funniest movie i've seen all summer, Kevin Smith is clearly back in his element 5 stars
7/29/06 kaerf Jay's antics never get old. Religious commentary was nice even if morality wins in the end. 4 stars
7/29/06 JockoManjelly Probably his best. The tone of it was perfect. Good balance of silly & serious. 5 stars
7/27/06 Swedgin Agree with review, extremely unfunny and forced 2 stars
7/27/06 davebutt69 It was kevin smith's best movie to date. Jay and silent bob steal the show. Laughed out lou 5 stars
7/27/06 Big Dick DaMooch great fucking movie seen it 3 times 4 stars
7/26/06 Agent Sands Not that I see why everyone's treating it like it's Smith's masterpiece, but it was funny. 4 stars
7/25/06 mwr Only a complete moron could laugh at this borefest 1 stars
7/25/06 Tom Forsdike Excellent laughs, very entertaining. 5 stars
7/24/06 Bebop second only to dogma. 5 stars
7/24/06 ajay funny stuff, I busted up laughing several times throughout... 4 stars
7/24/06 KingNeutron Dogma was better, J&SB Strike Back was better. 3 stars
7/24/06 gromm Awesome comedy! On par with Dogma! 5 stars
7/23/06 malcolm just more of same; a2m description unnecessary OMB 3 stars
7/23/06 Ole Man Bourbon Sigh. Ass to mouth means you fuck an ass with a cock and the girls sucks it. Not asslicki 4 stars
7/23/06 wiltone little man 5 stars
7/22/06 8=======D IT OWNED! 5 stars
7/22/06 A F Hilarious!4.5.... The Lord of The Rings part...."Beautifully fuckin illustrated"-Sickboy TS 5 stars
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  21-Jul-2006 (R)
  DVD: 28-Nov-2006



Directed by
  Kevin Smith

Written by
  Kevin Smith

  Brian O'Halloran
  Jeff Anderson
  Rosario Dawson
  Trevor Fehrman
  Jason Mewes
  Kevin Smith

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