Last Hero In China (Wong Fei-Hung Tsi Titgai Dau Nggung)

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 01/26/99 21:58:04

"Lions vs centipedes... iron roosters.. what the hell?!? WOOHOO!"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Martial arts action isn't for everyone. But for those who enjoy it, this is martial arts action at it's best, and Jet Li at the top of his game.

When an ancient Chinese kung fu academy comes upon hard times and needs new premises, a cut-rate offer from a local businessman is almost too good to be true. When the premises turn out to be right next door to a brothel, problems arise. But when the local militia is found to be exporting women into slavery and using the premises for storage, it's the dojo master, Jet Li, who must jumpkick into action to save face, the women and the academy itself.

On the Jet Li 'doing amazing things with violence' scale, this film rates extremely highly. Despite the over-reliance on ropes and pullies to make the actors seemingly defy gravity, the action in this film is top notch. So top notch in fact that it contains many scenes worthy of the rewind button.

The acting and humor, while not the stuff of masterpieces, has enough brilliant moments to satisfy the purist and the occasional observer. And Li, as always, owns the screen. His co-stars are just time fillers while you wait for his next scene to hit you.

If you spot this one on the video store racks, by all means give it your dollar and a few hours of attention. Supposedly a true Chinese 'legend', Last Hero In China is fun stuff.

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