Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 02/20/99 12:43:08

"Just completely bizarre. Hold on for a weird ride."
5 stars (Awesome)

Jeunet & Caro have a reputation for the surreal. Anyone who has seen City Of Lost children knows all about it, but it was this film that earned them that rep and it's a God damned must-see.

The end of the world is nigh and worldwide food shortages mean cannibalism is rampant. When a former circus performer comes to answer a room for rent ad, he's not aware that the room in question is usually used as a lure for fresh meat with which to feed the entire building.

The building, run by the butcher downstairs, is filled with the usual Jeunet & Caro lineup of geeks and weirdos, fools and freaks - all of them desperate to keep the supply of meat running smoothly. But when the circus performer falls for the butcher's daughter, she enlists the help of a group of rebel underground-dwellers to kidnap her beau. Sound weird? This doesn't begin to describe the weirdness. Combine Terry Gilliam with David Lynch and you have some idea.

Jeunet & Caro are visual stylists, but also fabulous story-tellers. Each of their characters is an epic in itself. Each of them is equal parts scary and scared. Like a car wreck, this film is so bizarre you can't look away, even when it drags.

Yeah, it's subtitled. Deal with it. The world doesn't always speak English, even when it's genius. And this is genius.

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