Things to Do in Denver when You're Dead

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 02/20/99 12:45:52

"Can Garcia play any other kind of character? Does he need to?"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Jimmy The Saint is a nice guy. That's possibly why he has the nickname he has. Ya think? Well, the Saint (Andy Garcia) has gone straight. No more mob-play, he's legit. That is, until a sickly looking Godfather-type, The Man With The Plan (Christopher Walken) calls him back into play for one small job.

That small job calls for the recruitment of some old friends from back in the day. But when those old friends kind of screw up royally, the vengeful Walken decides they must pay for their transgressions. In a big way.

Jimmy can walk away from it all, but he's got a new girl - *the* girl - and his nice-guy nature means he thinks primarily of anyone and everyone else before himself. Oh-oh.

Let it be said, this movie isn't a piece of shit. Andy Garcia is smooth in every role he plays, but here he's the mackest of daddys. Walken is funny, though not quite intentionally so. The other cast are all perfect for their roles.. with one bonus..

THE RETURN OF RADIO RAHIM!!! That's right, baby. The greatest character of all time, Do The Right Thing's Radio Rahim is back. Well not Rahim himself, but the actor who plays him. In itself, this is enough for me to get a woody for this film.

On the downside, there's Steve Buscemi too. Yeah, Buscemi. He's playing the king of all assassins, although he's playing him really badly. It's the one downside of what's a mostly intriguing flick.

I never looked away for a minute... when Buscemi was off-screen anyway. Go see.

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