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Overall Rating

Worth A Look: 18.61%
Average: 18.18%
Pretty Bad: 6.06%
Total Crap: 25.97%

10 reviews, 171 user ratings

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by Rob Gonsalves

"Lacks that certain something to make it a guilty pleasure."
3 stars

The depressing thing about a glut of bad movies is that they lower your expectations and also your standards. 'Blade,' the latest MTV-PlayStation software, isn't anything great -- some of it isn't any good at all -- but compared to tripe like 'Godzilla' and 'The Avengers,' it looks like a Fritz Lang film.

Blade is fast and painless and sometimes agreeably cheesy, with a string of solid supporting performances. Coming at the end of the lethal summer of 1998, it's neither a highlight nor a lowlight; it's a mediumlight, I suppose. I wasn't bored, but I wasn't excited either.

Blade, the half-vampire "daywalker" whose mission in life is to dispatch as many bloodsuckers as possible, began life in the '70s as a popular character in the Marvel comic book Tomb of Dracula. Blade's mother, you see, was bitten by a vamp while pregnant with Blade; vampirism ran in his veins, so his obsession carried a personal twist beyond the standard you-killed-my-mother-prepare-to-die vendetta. As comic-book heroes go, Blade (at least in his '70s incarnation -- I'm not familiar with the more recent Marvel comics) was tough and driven but also witty. His creator, Marv Wolfman, always made sure to write sharp dialogue for him, and Wolfman even gave Blade the unlikely partner Hannibal King, a turncoat vampire (who predated Hannibal Lecter, in case you wondered).

Good ol' Hannibal is missing from the movie Blade, and so is 99 percent of Blade's personality. As played by Wesley Snipes (also one of the producers), he's a big hunk of wood with a stylish haircut and an arsenal that puts Rambo's to shame. Blade is such a stoic bad-ass that you keep wanting to laugh, but Snipes -- who is not a humorless man, as his performances elsewhere certify -- never quite lets you. He takes Blade and this movie far too seriously, never riding with the absurdity of it or showing the redeeming charisma of, say, Chow Yun-Fat. In his review, Roger Ebert ranked Blade among New Line's other recent genre pictures Dark City and Spawn. I would, too -- they're all grim-faced, pompous comic-book movies for people who think narrative begins and ends with Todd McFarlane.

Director Stephen Norrington seems to know there's nothing going on with Snipes, because he surrounds the star with colorful actors, such as Stephen Dorff as the nasty, ambitious vampire Deacon Frost (since he and Snipes have both played drag queens, think of their final conflict as the Battle of the Divas), N'Bushe Wright as a hematologist whose blood research comes in mighty handy, Kris Kristofferson as Blade's grizzled old mentor and weapons specialist, and the great Udo Kier as a genetically "pure" vampire. Kier, who once played the big-cheese vampire in the cult classic Blood for Dracula, gives his scenes a dash of welcome Teutonic flavor; too bad he doesn't have much else to do.

Neither does Blade, really. Oh, he's active as all get-out -- every reel or so, he shows up at some vamp hang-out, unsheathes his sword, and gives the director another excuse for pounding techno music and Cuisinart editing. But compared to the Blade of the comics, this hero is dumb bordering on suicidal; he never seems to have a strategy aside from crashing vampire parties.

The old Blade relied more on smarts than on brute strength and superior firepower. That's what's missing from Blade, and what makes it a reasonably diverting video-game of a movie but not successful entertainment.

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originally posted: 01/20/07 15:10:01
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User Comments

9/13/17 morris campbell begins & ends well the rest is kinda dull 3 stars
10/02/10 Josie Cotton is a goddess Very entertaining 4 stars
7/23/08 JM Synth I think a lot of these one star reviews are suspect 3 stars
6/22/08 David V Awesome action but a bad script. 3 stars
9/17/07 johnnyfog Truly great swordfights! But the story is pretty weak.... 4 stars
8/26/07 Kevin One of my Top ten 5 stars
4/12/07 rimrhino I don't get all the 1 star ratings, Snipes was awesome! 4 stars
1/21/07 del A big, steaming turd of a "film"...straight-to-video quality garbage. 1 stars
9/03/06 Dragon The Artist Too modernized, Bloodrayne's time period setting made more sense 2 stars
8/05/06 nicklor24 the best one in the trilogy, a great action movie 5 stars
8/02/06 dan cool,slick,fantastic 5 stars
5/20/06 Veronica Robinson This is only movie Welsey can wear leather & look good. Plus he's no joke as Blade 5 stars
4/02/06 Onions! Onions! Are alot of the people here friend of the director of Part 2? 3 stars
3/29/06 Josh Standlee A cult classic! I watch this film religiously! 5 stars
10/19/05 Gumbo WORST MOVIE EVER...until "Trinity," at least, which was far crappier. Hard to believe. 1 stars
10/15/05 OodlesofOs a storyline this stupid shouldn't take itself so seriously. at least 2 was more fun. 1 stars
10/13/05 Bryant Gumby I can't believe people actually like this! Straight-to-video quality, at BEST! CRAP!!!!!! 1 stars
10/11/05 Biz-e The sped-up car chase had me in stitches! What a poorly-made film! Wow! 1 stars
9/16/05 drippy Wow...that was just plain painfully bad and retarded. 1 stars
9/07/05 Bitchum One of the stupidest movies I've ever seen in my life...but it gave me a good laugh. 1 stars
9/05/05 JubJub Might have been good if it hadn't taken itself SO seriously, which just made it silly. 1 stars
9/03/05 Craven Skip this and go right to BLADE II - the only decent one in the series. 1 stars
9/02/05 Mailk The irony is not lost on me that every I know who loves this film is a complete tool. 1 stars
9/02/05 Edward A great big pile of poop 1 stars
9/01/05 unlimited Which was worse? This or SPAWN? Tough call, for me... 1 stars
8/31/05 Vasquez what crap 1 stars
8/30/05 Brisbane What DOES everyone see in this piece of shit??? 1 stars
8/29/05 Blissful Johnny I love this movie because it started the end of Snipes' and Norrinton's careers...hehehehe! 1 stars
8/28/05 Jabberjaw The gore looked fake, the acting was crap, the CGI was shit, the direction was horrid. 1 stars
8/28/05 hicks People MUST love this movie...that way we know who the dumb assholes are. 1 stars
8/27/05 Joker "Vampire Cinema for Dummies" 1 stars
8/26/05 cam-ron It's a good movie if you wear a blindfold and ear plugs and don't let anyone describe it... 1 stars
8/26/05 Termite Crap on a platter!!! 1 stars
8/25/05 Copper I don't think it is physically possible for me to hate this movie than I already do. 1 stars
8/24/05 salamone One of the worst movies that everyone seems to love...go figure. 1 stars
8/22/05 MC Serch The crowd was cheering for it, then I went outside and noticed the mentally-challenged bus. 1 stars
8/22/05 Chumscrubber I can see how this started the whole Marvel movie trend, being that it SUCKS SO HARD!!!!!!! 1 stars
8/20/05 marv I barfed at this movie, literally...not because of the fake blood, because of the suckiness 1 stars
8/20/05 Cardigan What a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad movie!!! 1 stars
8/19/05 Gaston Three words: Straight-to-video! How this made it to theaters is beyond me. 1 stars
8/19/05 JiJi "Remarkably, outstandingly awful" indeed... 1 stars
8/18/05 stumblebug Makes FROM DUSK TILL DAWN look like a subtle masterpiece! 1 stars
8/17/05 JeunetRocks Just one long series of ridiculous, assinine scenes, each one more stupid than the last. 1 stars
8/17/05 ES Why do vampires need to worry about the sun if all they need is tanning lotion to survive? 4 stars
8/16/05 jacob Easily trumped by its far superior sequel...easily...this is complete garbage. 1 stars
8/15/05 calli I would have gotten up and left if I hadn't gone with friends. 1 stars
8/14/05 Mr. Teal I loved the sped-up car chase, the malformed jello for blood, and all the $3 fake fangs. 1 stars
8/14/05 President Evil Yeah, it's better than SPAWN...but I've had enemas that were better than that! 1 stars
8/13/05 ash A stupid movie made by stupid people for stupid people...all-in-all, it's stupid. 1 stars
8/13/05 Willard I hated it, but I can really see why so many gumhead liked it... 1 stars
8/11/05 cumber Whatta piece of shyte...people LIKED this?!?!?!?!?! 1 stars
8/11/05 SidVicious 'Soon as that big fat thing showed up, I was bolting for the exits... 1 stars
8/11/05 AmandaGhost Might have been cool had it just not been so DOG DUMB...a movie for idiots... 1 stars
8/11/05 celia The Blood God takes over Frost and...Frost's eyes turn red...Oooooh, big deal... 1 stars
8/10/05 Krull The audience I first saw this with was laughing the whole way through...that says it all. 1 stars
8/09/05 Dredd Why did he keep letting that redneck vamp go? KILL HIM ALREADY, DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
8/08/05 Chris Redfield "Frrrrrrooooooooossst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :::rolls eyes::: What a dumb movie... 1 stars
8/08/05 Usagi Yojimbo If you love this movie, you should probably shoot yourself in the face - RIGHT NOW!!! 1 stars
8/07/05 Jasper BAD effects, BAD acting, BAD're all cretins... 1 stars
8/07/05 Cass One of the STUPIDEST films I've ever seen...dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb... 1 stars
8/01/05 Steve Newman Top film, fantastic effects, never tire watching it 5 stars
7/22/05 Martin The movie is also a very subtle allegory for racism. " not liking your own kind" 4 stars
7/22/05 Martin what movie where you watching?? An unapologetic take on grungy vigilantiism, well paced. 4 stars
7/16/05 Martina The film is so fantastic!!! 5 stars
7/09/05 Moctezuma One of the few actual good comic book adaptions made thus far 5 stars
5/15/05 Indrid Cold Silly comic book plot and acting, but quite exciting. Snipes rules. 3 stars
2/15/05 J. Elaine Greenup Full of acton! 4 stars
2/10/05 Colleen Goldrick Loved IT 5 stars
5/10/04 Daveman The impressive action set pieces are too few and far inbetween in this dumb, dumb film. 2 stars
2/14/04 Jingo P. Wonderful action, decent story, and great preformances by Snipes and Dorff. 4 stars
1/16/04 Dean great effects 4 stars
1/13/04 American Slasher Goddess It's too much of a coldfish to get into and Snipes is really wooden here. 2 stars
12/10/03 Samuel Great action, and a very good movie!! 3 stars
9/25/03 Gray finally a movie that doesn't porray vampires symatheticaly 5 stars
8/05/03 I Would Crap special effects, 1-dimensional characters and a seriously annoying and unscary villain 2 stars
7/11/03 Eloise this is my favourite film in the whole wide world ever 5 stars
5/20/03 Jack Black Sucked 1 stars
5/18/03 king david What a piece of shit 1 stars
4/24/03 Andrew Carden Gory and Violent Flick With Good Special Effects...but Overlong Screenplay. 2 stars
2/06/03 123 gory, violent and stylish 4 stars
10/15/02 Interrog8 Opening scene sets the tone, a 2 hour thrill-ride. 5 stars
9/29/02 Morally Sound the best movie adaption of a kick ass comic 5 stars
9/26/02 Tim Kick ass! 5 stars
7/25/02 palaboy101 THE BOMB!!! 5 stars
7/21/02 Frances WOW! a real blood bath! lit. 5 stars
6/03/02 Leatherface Incredible piece of action, gore, blood! The opening with The Blood Bath is outstanding!! 5 stars
5/18/02 Phoenix What an exhilarating movie experience. Blade is a great comic flick. 5 stars
5/15/02 hypa chick its a great film worth the watch 5 stars
4/01/02 Cat Great Movie! I don't know why people had a problem with it 4 stars
3/02/02 Eloise Pukka Flik 5 stars
1/02/02 Andrew Carden Not Bad As Many Think, but It's Hard To See A Black In That Role. 3 stars
10/31/01 Sumixam Bloody fantastic 5 stars
10/14/01 jawsboy not worth 5 stars, but pretty fuckin awesome!! one of the best. up there with the BATMANS. 5 stars
9/21/01 caz kick ass soundtrack & steven is awesome! 5 stars
9/14/01 Butterbean Sofia, Holly....go listen to your Britney Spears CD. 5 stars
8/10/01 kyliomangero fucken awsome .. stephen dorff is a babe and a half 5 stars
7/06/01 Jim-Bo What a great picture. Steven Dorff is the best thing to happen to vampires since Brad Pitt 5 stars
5/22/01 joanne saunders 5 stars
5/05/01 Gracy Lionheart The movie is allright, but it isn't the greatest. 3 stars
4/16/01 LiL Thirsty? 5 stars
3/02/01 robyn marshall it was too fucking deadley. 5 stars
2/23/01 Tyrone This movie sucks - which idoit calls an orphaned child 'Blade'? 2 stars
2/05/01 Hanky wicked steven dorff is fucking fit 5 stars
1/31/01 Amanda I LOVE STEVEN DORFF 5 stars
1/03/01 Emily very good action-comicbook type movie. 4 stars
9/27/00 mephetic The best action movie I've ever seen, very few flaws. 5 stars
9/08/00 Terrie Smith Pretty wild stuff; Dorff and Kristofferson make the most of it. 4 stars
8/25/00 Eric The best Wesley Snipes movie, I can't wait for the sequel! 4 stars
8/13/00 Cidec Stark boooring 2 stars
7/31/00 Trevor Vos the ultimate kickass movie 5 stars
7/18/00 kittykat it was great 5 stars
6/02/00 RoD Re-invigorates the vampire film genre. Fast, cool and funny! 5 stars
5/15/00 Chrissy T Udo Kier keeps dying in films. We have to stop it. Otherwise, a good time waster. 4 stars
3/11/00 mantis My favourite film its awesome 5 stars
2/08/00 waterboy loved it, very exciting, good music. like to see a sequel 5 stars
2/04/00 arnold snipes is gay 1 stars
1/18/00 ashkan ahmadi it was spectacular , the best movie i've seen 5 stars
12/25/99 Obi Wan This is the father of The Matrix!!! Was the origin of good CGI for fight flicks 4 stars
10/26/99 Karahde Khan More a filmed videogame than a movie. Read an old Tomb of Dracula comic book instead. 2 stars
10/14/99 sophia962 Lots of interesting ideas that don't gel. Too many roads not taken script wise. Annoying 2 stars
9/17/99 Katrina Miller Awesomre 5 stars
6/23/99 Tristynn This movie is so bad.I turned it off after 20 minutes.I have seen cartoons more believable 2 stars
6/09/99 erin DORFF IS HOT AS DECON FROST! 5 stars
5/25/99 Ah Dooey Take that, Buffy! Don't like it? Take a hike! 5 stars
5/03/99 Ryan the most depraved, soul-mouthed, violent piece of crap I was ever subjected to. 1 stars
4/15/99 Jon Jackson The line right before he took Dorf out made the movie all worthwhile. 3 stars
3/18/99 Madcap Good thing I didn't expect substance, that way I actually enjoyed it 4 stars
3/01/99 Reyna The effects were cool, it makes you want to go out and kick some ass, and Snipes is awsome. 4 stars
2/07/99 roxy blade is my least favorite marvel character almost. 2 stars
1/10/99 twisted barbie excellent action/gore scenes...though the story was a bit weak 4 stars
1/05/99 JLB The worst ever! 1 stars
12/28/98 Pat Flanagan Personally, I absolutely lover the movie. It was a good way to get away for a while. 5 stars
12/27/98 demon_shredder First 20 minutes or so were alright. Second half sucked all ass. 2 stars
12/19/98 Quentin Very cool. About time we need black superheros 4 stars
12/11/98 Brent Not very scary, but way cool action scenes. 4 stars
11/10/98 the last don a fuckin bogus film, just like your shity reviews 2 stars
11/04/98 The Dude MAN!! this movie was totally great with the cool sword fights, MAN it just ruled 5 stars
11/01/98 Bad Kosh Hey Buffy, move over, you stupid slut, Blade's here to kick your ass! 5 stars
10/18/98 Kwyjibo Wins over the demographic it caters to, just switch the brain off. 3 stars
10/17/98 eric sin-chan this movie kicks ass better than Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I'd say sweeet! 5 stars
10/16/98 RemusSwoop Marvel Finally Does It! 5 stars
10/12/98 MR HOLLYWOOD !! Stephen is KOOL!,Wesley 50/50 & SFX are O.K, DISCO OPENING SCENE IS MAD !!!!!! 4 stars
10/01/98 White Knight The movie kicked ass. Blade was a great character that deserved to be put on the big screen 5 stars
9/28/98 MIss Stress sorry to disagree with everyone, but i thought it was boring. didn't hold my interests.. 2 stars
9/28/98 Dee Dee Stephen Dorff was so fucking amazing!!!! He was by far the best thing about this movie. 5 stars
9/28/98 fucking awsome 5 stars
9/28/98 Darkane Non stop eye candy! I loved every eye popping minute... 5 stars
9/25/98 Alisha a.k.a. GLiTtErBuG GrRrL I've seen this movie three times, I love it. It's my favorite movie ever! Stephen an Arly! 5 stars
9/24/98 Red02 Kickass Special effects, vampires and lots of blood... any guy who doens't love this is gay 5 stars
9/21/98 Ashe I love Vampires man!! 5 stars
9/20/98 katherine pretty kewl. I like vampire movies 4 stars
9/20/98 Chip Taylor alrighty then. 5 stars
9/18/98 Christian Kick ass...after you see this movie you want to beat people up! 5 stars
9/16/98 Gordi very intense 5 stars
9/14/98 Chip Taylor Good Action and special effects. 5 stars
9/14/98 Matt Surpassed all my expectations.. finally a comic book movie not made for 8 year olds 4 stars
9/13/98 Daniel Eskin Weslet Snipes should stick to drag. Wasn't at all like the comic. 1 stars
9/11/98 The incredible, edible GKR Not so hot of a vampire movie but worth watching for the special effects. acting sucked ass 4 stars
9/09/98 Karl Denninger A black man running around killing white vampires. Kill Whitey! Way to go, Wes! 1 stars
9/07/98 Young Einstein Some weak points, but this one is generally a winner. 4 stars
9/04/98 Badass Snipes and Dorff ROCK!!!!! The special effects are spectacular. What? Story? Who needs one. 4 stars
9/03/98 Case Dawg See the Shit man, it's the best movie I've seen in a while 5 stars
8/29/98 Minipulator Ah. See it, just don't expect anything incredible.. 3 stars
8/27/98 {{{OZ}}} After Dredd, Batman & Robin, Spawn, Punisher etc, it's good to see a comic-film not suck. 5 stars
8/25/98 Puppy78 (not the golden reciever) Vampire Hunter D didn't have short hair 1 stars
8/24/98 The Capital City Goofball Snipes was good. No Wong Foo here. 5 stars
8/24/98 Johny Wish I could give it 3.5. Cool effects but ran kinda long. 4 stars
8/24/98 VioLenT BoB Wesley Snipes, Always A Bad Mama Jama... 4 stars
8/23/98 Veil of Tears Stephen Dorff is going to be big soon... good movie, excellent bloody effects 4 stars
8/22/98 Mister Whoopee Like "The Crow" with vampires. stylin'. 4 stars
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  21-Aug-1998 (R)
  DVD: 14-Sep-2004


  08-Oct-1998 (MA)

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