Mr. Accident

Reviewed By Vibeseeker
Posted 12/19/01 00:41:03

"This film is a load of old twat"
1 stars (Total Crap)

This film is a load of old twat. If you require more discourse, please read on...

With Young Einstein (1988), Yahoo Serious made a bit of cash and with his eighties electro-shock carrot hair became an improbable international mascot of Australian cinema. Serious's trademarks were satire and slapstick, and with Mr Accident, he promises 'seriously dangerous comedy.'

As Roger Crumpkin, Serious again plays the archetypal fool, who as the fumbling maintenance man at 'The Big Egg Company' gets caught up in the dastardly Duxton Chevalier's (Field) plan of making the world addicted to his eggs. But allthe eggy shenanigans simply provide a backdrop to a winciful love story between Roger and air head Sunday Valentine (Dallimore). It's the kind of romance you hope won't spring kids, as the pair prance aroundlooking for extraterrestrial life - you just don't care.

Vsually, the film is vivid eye candy; there's an egg shaped Sydney Opera House, and 'The Big Egg Company' looks like it's been built by Willy Wonka. But despite it's nice shell, the film's yolk is rotten, containing nothing more than tiresome, dated, no brain slapstick. It's all about Roger banging his headon things and falling out of windows. The Marx Brothers this is not.

The questions - how, why, and who for...beg to be answered. It MUST be a kid's films, but with more smoking depicted than in a dozen Humphrey Bogart movies, it just can't be.

In the end, you don't really need fancy twenty dollar words to sum this film up, Roger and Sunday's unison catchphrase, 'bummer...major' fits the bill nicely. (David Michael)

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