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Blair Witch Project, The
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by PyThomas

"Scary as hellmann's mayonnaise."
3 stars

Let's make one thing clear: The Blair Witch Project is NOT by any means a horror film. Suspense Verité or Psychological Thriller, more likely, but young adults freaking out over a pile of small rocks that were suddenly assembled behind their backs just isn't horrifying in my book. This is basically a "mockumentary" of a fact-finding mission gone horribly wrong, with a few gross elements thrown in.

The story, in case you haven't seen the poster, goes like this: In October of 1994, three amateur filmmakers go on a hiking expedition into the forests near Burkittsville, Maryland, to chronicle the legend of the Blair Witch, who supposedly was torturing and disembowling people off and on in the area. They never returned from their jaunt into the woods. One year later, the footage of their trip - one DAT video camera, one black-and-white 16mm film camera - is found in a dilapidated house deep in the forest. We see the footage intertwined between the two perspectives, in color for one and black-and-white for the other.

For the majority of the film, the three participants in this crusade (Heather Donohue, Joshua Leonard and Michael Williams, all using their real names) are the ones getting scared, as they get lost, argue and fight with each other, get spooked by piles of rocks and stick figures hanging from trees , and slowly lose their sanity. I guess the "horror" is implied... we're supposed to be frightened at the fact that the three hear snapping branches and strange voices at night, scaring them shitless as a result.

The only bloody gore you'll see in this film is a bloody little package wrapped in twigs and strips of flannel, containing what looks like a couple of fingers and eyeballs, or something (the camera was shaking too much). There's also some locals giving some grisly stories about the Witch, one saying she was as hairy as an ape, but you won't see anything that ghastly on the screen. We don't see any strange creatures attacking them, not even at the end. I know it seems like I'm giving away too much, but all I'm doing is saving your average horror-flick fan the disappointment.

Having said all that, I will say that The Blair Witch Project is one of the most original film ideas to come around in years. All the dialogue was improvised, the film was shot on location at a couple of Maryland state parks, and the three actors were left with their video and camping gear and a global positioning device to work from, as they were told how to react in the scenes by messages left for them in the woods. The actors themselves handle the camera in true amateur-filmmaking fashion, resulting in mostly shaky footage. The lack of any creepy background music (usually giving away surprise attacks, etc.) is a major plus here as well.

It all makes for an intriguing and eerily realistic story, given the methods used and the fine jobs done by the three actors. Just don't be fooled by the hype that the media is giving this movie, saying it's "the scariest film this summer" and so forth.

It's more "disturbing" than "scary"... there's really not much in The Blair Witch Project to get scared at.

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originally posted: 08/10/99 14:05:24
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User Comments

1/29/20 Linda Zenkewich disappointing and stupid! 2 stars
12/17/18 Ajp wales I wasted nearly £20 on this 19 years ago. Rubbish. Watch the fog instead. The carpenter ve 2 stars
2/21/17 morris campbell scary as hell though gorehounds wont like it 4 stars
2/20/15 Chris Jarmick brilliant marketing, bad movie 1 stars
7/14/14 Roy Hicks It was scary I've had so many nightmares from what happens in this movie 5 stars
7/05/14 Dane Youssef A triumphant landmark in Independent Cinema. Terrified billions. Changed film. Must-see. 5 stars
4/23/14 Eric Eyster broke ground at the time of release, great marketing. 4 stars
10/04/13 Trisha Wirt Gay movie! 3 stars
12/06/12 Emma McCauley Scary at first watch 4 stars
10/01/12 scott maxwell was not all that 2 stars
9/17/12 austin terrifying 5 stars
9/17/12 VLTampa Not scary and not worth your time to watch 1 stars
5/10/12 Maxico44 A unique and ultra-scary movie, with only the shining a better horror-flick 5 stars
11/20/11 Quigley Still effective and still scary after 12 years. One of the best horror films ever made. 5 stars
9/30/11 Todd Teghtmeyer I got a headache from this movie 2 stars
9/25/11 ray w Time wasted that I cannot get back. Wish the witch had killed them earlier. 1 stars
9/06/11 sylvia jastrzebski awesome movie - loved it 4 stars
9/03/11 J D Felt like a duped victim of an April Fool's joke for wasting time & money on this "film". 1 stars
8/21/11 Lawrence Mercer Very Scary 4 stars
8/21/11 jack tirko shaky camera thing not for me. pretentious 1 stars
8/08/11 WENDY this movie scared my to death after seeing it in the theater 5 stars
6/18/11 Jennifer Barr interesting 3 stars
3/27/11 Dorothy would watch again 3 stars
3/14/11 Katie Fogle I thought it was an interesting movie. 4 stars
3/03/11 chris c The F**k witch project- Atmospheric and creepy though all characters cuss like crazy 3 stars
12/01/10 Barbara Leaf Terrible. I stopped watching it a few minutes into the films 1 stars
10/17/10 Julie Lutz interesting and it kept me on the edge of my seat. 5 stars
7/23/10 Marcus Great movie, shit review 5 stars
6/19/10 Heather a complete waste of my time 1 stars
6/06/10 User Name Yeah, of course it's not scary if you watch it at noon with your partner, dumbasses. 3 stars
6/01/10 Moly HO5D8g My name is Moly, i am a funny girl. This post is fake, hahaha. 3 stars
2/10/10 Jay Terrible. "House 2: The Second Story" is much scarier. 1 stars
1/20/10 Mohammad Mirza a movie thats ACTUALLY scary! some scenes are terrifying. great! 5 stars
12/17/09 Dane Youssef A prime example of what innovative imagination and talent alone on film can do. 5 stars
11/27/09 Micah Honestly scary. Even if its not a true story. 5 stars for originality 5 stars
11/16/09 Josh Didn't get scary until the last 5 minutes, but those 5 minutes are worth it. 4 stars
8/03/09 Rachel The first time was alright, didn't really want to see it again. 3 stars
7/08/09 *Holy_J@lapeno* First time I watched it, I really enjoyed it. 2nd and 3rd time, it really sucked. 3 stars
6/01/09 Minty Woah, are you serious? I laughed at The Exorcist, but this scared the shit out of me. 5 stars
5/29/09 jm JLR's review was spot on. Good horror films are supposed to scare the shit out of you. 5 stars
4/28/09 El Freako One of the worst. 1 stars
3/16/09 vxtq Boring, uneventful, not scary, stupid ending 1 stars
10/31/08 tiffany pettey this movie was creepy because it was inspired by true events i liked it 4 stars
10/22/08 Troy Great concept, but having actors constantly talking over the noises in the woods was tiring 3 stars
10/06/08 Kevin kinda creepy but wouldnt watch it again 3 stars
10/03/08 Anthony E Chilling to the bone. Horrifying. A must see. Night of Livng Dead for X Gen. 5 stars
9/25/08 Ajarx I have that scar. 5 stars
9/21/08 Anthony I fail to see what was supposed to be even remotely scary about this film. Worst film ever. 1 stars
9/16/08 Dean Measor CLEVER! 5 stars
8/19/08 Shaun Wallner Great Horror film!! Kept me on the edge of my seat 5 stars
7/28/08 George Barksdale Probably where Ghost Hunters came from, movie was OK 3 stars
7/24/08 Trevor I loved this movie. It was very original, and had an extremely original ending... 4 stars
6/07/08 Isaac DiConti This movie(hah! movie)is one of the crapiest horror flicks ever to be hyped as a good movie 2 stars
5/21/08 sebastian rea It was an innovative film in a remote tradition of Battle of the Algeries. 4 stars
5/18/08 Mona no concept 1 stars
5/05/08 Jerome Definitely the most scary movie I've ever seen. 5 stars
4/25/08 Dennis Frierson Terrible - glad I snuck in and did not pay for it 1 stars
4/23/08 Jodi Creepy film! Fun for what it is... 3 stars
4/12/08 Colleen Cousineau Even drunk I couldn't even pick it apart because it was so stupid. 1 stars
4/10/08 Moe nice concept, Xtreme acting, interesting 4 stars
3/14/08 Wes Turn off the lights and phone- ENJOY! 5 stars
3/14/08 Matt possibly one of the greatest horror flms in modern history. Creepy, scary and frightening!! 5 stars
3/09/08 Bubba O'Reilly From "Family Guy" - Nothing's Happening, Nothing's Happening, A lot of people look pissed 2 stars
2/16/08 Tracey Pounds definitely wouldn't watch again. Not EVEN B rated! 1 stars
2/13/08 elisa perkins The end is the worst (meaning scariest) thing I've ever seen. 5 stars
2/08/08 Alex Thorne Only close to scary in the final ten minutes, but creepily effective nontheless 3 stars
11/26/07 Brit CRAP 1 stars
11/20/07 Jose Luis I laughed so much with this film. Its hard to make some film worse than this 1 stars
11/11/07 tammie annoying in parts but scary after awhile, real scary. 4 stars
11/02/07 Total Crap Oh man, this movie will will fuck you up in the end. It's that scary. 5 stars
10/29/07 DaLinda M Watched it alone - scared me to bits! I'm pretty easily scared, though! 4 stars
10/22/07 Beau It was very creepy and suspensful, a real thriller! natural acting 4 stars
9/24/07 peachy highly watchable 5 stars
8/16/07 ahnold Dont research movie. Go in blind. Otherwise you'll let yourself down 5 stars
8/01/07 salemswildcat Have they ever heard of lawsuit! Stupid 1 stars
6/29/07 Jake This movie has made me want to never again go camping...ever. 5 stars
6/27/07 Diyora I think that watching horror is wastage of time. But this movie took my breath away!!Great 5 stars
5/08/07 David Kimble Very disappointed! 1 stars
4/29/07 Kathleen Devine BORING, BORING, BORING! 1 stars
4/19/07 LINDA Very Spooky !! Great Movie !! We are still talking about it 8 years later ??!! 5 stars
4/18/07 Tracey Chambers not excorcist scary but still fun to watch 4 stars
4/03/07 mb Godless people, Godless lives, going nowhere 2 stars
2/18/07 Sara ok movie, great hype 3 stars
1/25/07 Rory Next time you try to write a review, be some what professional. 3 stars
1/22/07 action movie fan truly scary and spooky-what one does not see is svarier than visceral gore--eerie and chill 4 stars
12/17/06 Denise two words HEAD ACHE 1 stars
12/13/06 angelica louisa i found the film the best horror film ever, did they do it look so real...cooool 4 stars
12/01/06 David Pollastrini didn't find it very scary. Liked the concept though. 4 stars
11/29/06 Weedapix Fiction? ok for messed up students..Don't believe this BS Story even the website.. 4 stars
11/15/06 KC downright chilling 4 stars
10/02/06 Jeremy Davies Terrible, not remotely scary. Maybe the most overrated movie ever 1 stars
9/19/06 Joyster stupid, stupid, stupid 1 stars
9/11/06 Dale Kennedy reality is the most terrifing realm of fear there is...this flick throws it in your face!!! 5 stars
9/01/06 Mr Bayg Friggin kids show. Total crap. Sucked butt. Crap-crap-crap. 5 stars
8/20/06 victor fernandes original idea but won´t watch again 3 stars
8/12/06 nightvision the film provided a fresh idea in the world of cinema 5 stars
8/09/06 Doreen Very stupid!! 1 stars
7/11/06 David Cohen 3 idiots swaer at each other and disappear, now that's entertainment, NOT! 2 stars
7/11/06 Dez This film made my WORST movie list! 1 stars
7/02/06 Chile Dog Only scary if you thought it was real! 2 stars
6/18/06 Mandy This was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. 1 stars
6/14/06 MP Bartley Divorce it from the hype...but it's still a first class nightmare. 5 stars
6/08/06 Peggy Doty Very interesting 4 stars
5/19/06 Amber Pifer I'm the only one I know that thinks so, but thought it was nightmare scary 5 stars
4/21/06 Becky The ending really scared me. Other than that, I don't know what the big deal is. 3 stars
4/08/06 Astrocreep This is a sick movie. It really captures the horror as if it were a natural occurance. 4 stars
3/31/06 Indrid Cold A masterpiece of suggestion and minimalism. Got under my skin like no other movie has, ever 5 stars
3/06/06 Anthony Feor This is what the horror genre does not need 1 stars
1/21/06 Ginger Crap 1 stars
12/27/05 Tombstone Except for a couple of minutes,crap. 2 stars
12/20/05 Chanel Stuckenschneider Was this movie really made by some kids doing a project or not? 5 stars
12/05/05 cody a freaky movie, made no sense, motion sickness is require, confusing ending 1 stars
11/26/05 sajy_trip fgtbgh 1 stars
10/09/05 Mick Unlike the ageless classic "The Evil Dead",this one hasn't aged well. 2 stars
9/08/05 paki_munda I did not find this in the least bit scary. It seemed sort of pointless and needed a good 2 stars
9/06/05 Jakob Bascoban Haunting!!! 4 stars
8/27/05 Tom Burns This was one creepy movie. 5 stars
8/22/05 Eden Love it or hate it film - i loved it 5 stars
8/20/05 David was good until it got to be overrated. but less is more, still scared me! 4 stars
8/17/05 ES Witchcraft- evil and you know it = Could have just as easily been a werewolf or booger man 4 stars
7/27/05 John Made me dizzy watching it! 3 stars
7/20/05 Martin not bad, but overrated. more of a subtle parody on survivalism and whiny characters. 3 stars
7/20/05 Martin good, but for different reasons 4 stars
7/11/05 Nestor Makhno Characters seemed real but wasn't really scary 2 stars
7/09/05 Rebecca Continuing the "Nature religions MUST be the devil's work" ideal. Wish I was blind. 1 stars
6/08/05 me it's pretty good 4 stars
6/05/05 Dave Intense thriller which shows that the best horror is that which is left unseen. 5 stars
6/02/05 PaulBryant gimme a break 3 stars
6/01/05 Indrid Cold Definitely a "love it or hate it" movie, but if you love it, it's the scariest movie ever. 5 stars
5/18/05 Doug McC Thought this was brilliant - you don't need a big budget to tell a good story 5 stars
5/13/05 Jennifer Regan Really creepy movie, but interesting! 3 stars
5/07/05 Michelle Gerardot Way overrated 3 stars
5/07/05 Gretchen A once-only movie, not scary after first time but pretty good that first time! 4 stars
4/30/05 alice Best horror I've seen in years 5 stars
4/15/05 Colleen Goldrick different 3 stars
4/06/05 Ethan Spare yourself, avoid this one! 1 stars
4/02/05 Cynthia Willingham Great movie 4 stars
3/26/05 JC Pierce Nothing great 3 stars
3/24/05 erebus45 Put your cash away. 1 stars
3/23/05 Sharon Sharen good movie to see once but not to see over and over 4 stars
3/18/05 indrid cold Understandable that many hate it, but if it's your bag, it's the best horror movie ever. 5 stars
3/17/05 Alice Colwell Boring 2 stars
3/12/05 Robson Not for simpletons without imagination 5 stars
2/25/05 zoe hunter was all right ..loved the marketing 4 stars
2/18/05 Movie Queen Garbage.... 1 stars
2/17/05 Jay Fuit Totally overrated! Not at all scary, pretty boreing movie! 1 stars
2/13/05 Deanna Diebler very disappointing 1 stars
2/12/05 craig varney just a cult movie boring 1 stars
2/05/05 Pam Shue One of the worse movies I have ever seen!! 1 stars
2/02/05 Weeez A complete waste of time. 1 stars
1/31/05 Abbath A giant hype machine that dissapoints. SUCKED. 1 stars
1/29/05 terri shaw all i can say is WHY??? 1 stars
1/29/05 romeo i didnt find it scary......but its well made, i can giv ya that 4 stars
1/28/05 New Jersey Rules Hasn't been a good horror movie since this was realesed. 5 stars
1/14/05 Turtle Some neat bump-in-the-night thrills, but overall, kinda average. 3 stars
1/05/05 cocksucker 99 not scary...but it dosnt suck cock, like i do./ 5 stars
1/03/05 give me a break give me a break 1 stars
12/18/04 darwin its really difficult to comprehend 3 stars
12/16/04 BRET JUST B.A.D. 1 stars
12/15/04 Maalstrom nice try 3 stars
12/15/04 julius reyes is it a real documentary film? i just wonder how many people believed that it was a documen 3 stars
12/10/04 Jason Kaul Proof that marketing a movie is more important than the movie itself when it comes to profi 1 stars
11/10/04 Lee Crap 1 stars
11/05/04 Steven radical dude 5 stars
11/05/04 wiss i rather jerk my self of ... 1 stars
10/31/04 Steven the end was by far the scariest part 5 stars
10/31/04 spidy ok til the ending sucked. i was so mad when i saw the credits i give it two stars if that 2 stars
10/15/04 Pete yuck 1 stars
10/09/04 reggie simple yet scary 4 stars
9/04/04 jeff its differect, first of its kind, better than the 2nd one for sure. 3 stars
9/01/04 A upton Potheads go into the bushes, get stoned, get paranoid, and die,,the end. 1 stars
8/31/04 Jeremy suth absolute atrocity, I also was duped, never again, I'd rather keister a porcupine. Crap!!!!! 1 stars
8/30/04 Gregor One of the most painfully bad movie viewing experiences I have ever sat through. 1 stars
8/27/04 American Slasher Goddess Very scary, one of the best horror movies in years 5 stars
8/26/04 Greg Probert IT SUCKS 2 stars
8/16/04 Dallas Moye Exciting 4 stars
8/05/04 bondjamesbond wiiiieeeerd movie kinda cheesy. disappointing that u dont get to see the title character 4 stars
8/03/04 Anthony G this movie is without a doubt the fucking biggest piece of shit ever 1 stars
7/24/04 samir fucking 5 stars
7/20/04 No thanks worst film ever 1 stars
7/18/04 craig varney way overrated not scary a big letdown 2 stars
7/13/04 asina brilliant. 5 stars
7/11/04 gfnhgfn its crazy 1 stars
6/15/04 Daz This movie blows, very, very, crap indeed. 1 stars
6/15/04 earl duron Cheap rip off 1 stars
6/13/04 witch may all who made this film suffer the most horrible of deaths! 1 stars
6/07/04 Ryan Clark Nice concept, awful execution. 1 stars
6/05/04 Monster W. Kung 'If you're not scared, you didn't get it': the most idiotic concept ever. 1 stars
6/01/04 monika god this sucked. 1 stars
5/21/04 T-Shirt Guy Scary, and disturbing 5 stars
5/17/04 FuckJimJRSIandAlan Awesome mother fucking movie. It creeped the mother fucking hell out of me. 5 stars
5/03/04 Jim Film about overpaid actors acting (badly) scared in the woods. Boring as hell! 2 stars
3/31/04 Laura Ward Instant Classic. No blood or guts but damn spooky! 5 stars
3/27/04 Tandaleya Schwartz Good acting! Scary!!!!!!! Scaaaaaaaary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 stars
3/27/04 michowl This movie is a perfect slumber party type ghost story. Falls short of scary for me. 3 stars
3/27/04 Darlene Wright I liked this but alot of my friends hated it. 4 stars
3/26/04 Kimberly Kay Crellin ...don't go out in the woods - alone... 4 stars
3/24/04 Lord Haw Haw Terror at a human level. 4 stars
3/23/04 JRS1 Turds 1 stars
3/23/04 Alan If you find this movie scary, the Rugrats must terrify you. 1 stars
3/17/04 Jamy Williamson Good movie for those with a wild imagination 4 stars
2/19/04 MP Bartley Divorce it from the hype and you've a little masterpiece of horror. 5 stars
2/11/04 Jack Sommersby Adequately done -- though vastly overpraised. 3 stars
2/01/04 Willow brilliant, inovative 5 stars
1/31/04 Ultron Boring. The hype is the only reason anybody saw it. 1 stars
1/27/04 lonesome_whistle A very creepy, scary movie. 4 stars
1/18/04 Stanley Kubrick I'm turning over in my grave 1 stars
1/06/04 George AWESOMEEE 5 stars
1/03/04 J It was confusing and not scary. 3 stars
12/22/03 cradleskid blair witch was FUCKING chilling and Awesome 5 stars
12/20/03 Pigdaddy Truckdriver What kils them why they die why they edit my rusty chainsaw out? 1 stars
12/19/03 Butterfly The only good part was when they talked about deliverance 1 stars
12/07/03 john good idea but I found it not as scary as people seemed to think 3 stars
12/03/03 Mr. Hat (previously Joe Zappa) Surprisingly really effective & scary. 4 stars
11/29/03 Torben Skaaning Hard to belive 4 stars
11/25/03 Thiago it would be the scariest docummentary ever, if it was real. If. 3 stars
11/18/03 emilystrange was it suppose to scare me? 1 stars
11/07/03 dawn marie I THOUGHT THE MOVIE WAS SO AWSOME I LOVED IT 5 stars
10/26/03 Horny mutha fucker just like porn, me and ma mom were wathcin and we got horny!!! 5 stars
10/15/03 jimmy d i saw the blair with and she mutilated me 4 stars
10/13/03 Jim Might be scary to people who've never been in the woods before. 1 stars
10/02/03 geo in two years im going to blair to find out for myself weather or not the blair witch is r 4 stars
9/29/03 Eloise hand held shots are cheap and nasty. so is this film. 1 stars
9/27/03 Alan About as frightening as Spongebob Squarepants, but far less entertaining. 2 stars
9/22/03 Darryl I wanted to bitchslap that stupid girl that was the lead character. Movie blows chunks! 1 stars
9/18/03 Samuel Justus Part 2 is way better! 1 stars
9/08/03 Kyle Didn't live up to the hype. Not EVEN scary. Not in the least. 2 stars
9/03/03 Dawn Best seen late at night in a dark room. 5 stars
8/28/03 anna Movie ended just as really starting. Too much hype killed this beast. 2 stars
7/23/03 Double G stick man hang, swing swing swing swing swing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 stars
7/12/03 Indrid Cold Understandable that some think it's boring, but it's the scariest thing I've ever seen. 5 stars
7/04/03 T3 Screaming in the woods, the only thing missing was the chainsaw.. 2 stars
6/30/03 Dave Hopman This movie is truly scary.... because you see nothing scary! You will be scaring yourself 5 stars
6/24/03 WhiteRabbit Bad Bad Bad 1 stars
6/22/03 cochese I'm a peaceful guy, but I wanted to kill the chick in this piece of shit excuse for a movie 1 stars
6/14/03 Alice Beats all the Hollywood crap we get to see lately.One of the greatest horrors all time! 5 stars
6/04/03 mee crap 1 stars
6/03/03 spankticles Well executed but not really scary if you know it's not real... pretending it is won't help 3 stars
5/08/03 Zillaman2003 Knew the move was invention...thought the legend/history existed...then found out otherwise 4 stars
4/17/03 TheTwiggs Gawd! Shut the f*** up you bad actress! Stop crying and screaming!!! Boring movie. 1 stars
4/16/03 R.A.C. It turned my skivvies into a fudge factory... 5 stars
4/11/03 Ross Bernard Shows what a great critic Roberson is (sarcasm) b-o-r-i-n-g 1 stars
3/29/03 NYTRANSIT417 Ive got plenty of Neurons, and it gave me a headache...but it was a decent movie. 3 stars
2/25/03 Allen I was very dissapointed. Nothing but closeups and young brats swearing. 1 stars
2/18/03 Ubu the Ripper I-I-I c-c-c-can't see wh-wh-where i'm g-g-going! 1 stars
2/01/03 dionwr Okay atmosphere, but they needed an ending 3 stars
1/31/03 Donn Kixote I feel saved cause I watched on TV and didn't pay nothing for this "vidiotic" scholar crap 2 stars
1/08/03 Interrog8 A great flick to snooze to. It really does "suck all ass." 1 stars
1/06/03 Bob Dong The biggest load of monkey turd this side of the panet of the apes 1 stars
1/04/03 EDS great. some people don't have neurons to understand its greatness 5 stars
12/23/02 E-Rock If this is 5 Star Cinema, then I'm the King of Siam... 2 stars
12/22/02 DMS a little scary, but i wish i could kill every dumbass that think it's real 2 stars
12/10/02 Erika Your web page sucks, You are foul, get an education and a new vocabulary! 1 stars
12/08/02 Frank Rayburn Masterpiece of horror; people who didn't like it are nazi's. 5 stars
12/05/02 Gary This film is a bag of shit. A real camping holiday with friends is more frightening. Really 1 stars
11/20/02 rowel i dnt know its just scared me! it seems interested to go there and prove it ! 5 stars
11/04/02 darla fulmer true story! 5 stars
11/02/02 liz lost this just proves that you can go running around a forest with a camara and get famous.. 1 stars
10/31/02 Di I think its alright 5 stars
10/27/02 Matt Neopalitano It will scare the crap out of you 5 stars
10/24/02 Interrog8 Why take sleeping pills when you can watch this? WORST MOVIE EVER! 1 stars
10/20/02 John McKain no point no plot sucked all ass 1 stars
10/08/02 chris finally, a movie to stimulate creativity 5 stars
10/07/02 Celestialalyce *LOL* As a horror flick..just terrible,but if you wanna see a comedy,I heartily recommend 2 stars
9/25/02 Laurian Diaconescu It was pretty scary watching it in a theatre.But the ending is just too dissapointing. 3 stars
9/22/02 Ken Redefines "creepy." If you hated it, it was over your head. 5 stars
9/10/02 JAKE one of the worst films of all time. 1 stars
9/09/02 Movie guy SO VERY BAD 1 stars
8/26/02 Jamie If the ratings went into the negatives, I would have given this heap of shit about a -8. 1 stars
8/24/02 Helen I could have filmed this shit in my backyard! And Jarrod101... you are an idiot 1 stars
8/16/02 MR Production values far too low to realize this unique concept 1 stars
8/14/02 Josh GAY GAY 1 stars
8/14/02 Interrog8 The most boring movie I have ever seen. 1 stars
8/12/02 Cracked head Jarrod, the whole concept that you gotta be smart to be scared by a movie is pure idiocy. 1 stars
8/11/02 Michael Carruthers Loses impact on second viewing, still worthy of your money and time. 4 stars
8/10/02 Jake Next time don't shake the camera and use it instead! Agonizing movie. 1 stars
8/10/02 Jarrod_101 Brilliant. people aren't smart enough to see that it's the scariest movie since exorcist. 5 stars
8/10/02 ZF not scared once 1 stars
8/07/02 Kooze I dig the atmos, but it was a stretch to have basically no story. 3 stars
7/29/02 Jon Only redeeming feature: Camerawork was so vomit inducing that I HAD to leave after 45 mins 1 stars
7/25/02 palaboy101 Rip-off from "Cannibal Holocaust"! Go see that movie instead of this! 2 stars
7/24/02 TheChronic you have to see it, it's one of those. The ending left you wanting more, way more. 3 stars
7/08/02 Girl 9 was I supposed to be scared?! 2 stars
7/02/02 gunter the only thing scary about this movie is the number of people who liked it 2 stars
6/25/02 Brandon Very Original, but kind of boring, not a movie you can watch twice 3 stars
6/25/02 Jiz Worst movie ever made 1 stars
6/07/02 Interrog8 The only scary thing about this film, is how it ever got so much money and popularity 1 stars
5/31/02 I'm in (L) with a Jedi This was one of the few films that scared the shit outta me.when i saw it on the big screen 5 stars
5/25/02 Charles Tatum Scary as the last ten minutes 3 stars
5/19/02 john waite the most original film of recent years.pretty scary stuff..i pood AND wet my pants 4 stars
4/17/02 Veronica Foxx (The Raven-Haired Temptress) Indeed, overrated but entertaining until that ending. Their deaths were very disappointing. 4 stars
4/08/02 stoolie-bird Required viewing for fans of the genre. 5 stars
4/06/02 Junshi well the idea isn't TOO bad but the um...point of it is what? 2nd, me not care! 2 stars
4/04/02 Dave MacDougall ranks up there with the exorcist and texas chainsaw....a gem! 5 stars
4/03/02 girl the unsteady camera made me want to vomit, it wasn't even scary! 1 stars
3/29/02 George Very freakish. Don't listen to the people who think it's "cool" to say it sucks. 5 stars
3/25/02 Jimmy bad movie 1 stars
3/07/02 Jeff Lecky Well done 5 stars
3/07/02 Dave MacDougall This movie is a reminder that what really scares us is the stuff we can't see. 5 stars
3/06/02 lauren mccreight Deadly...plays out like your worst nightmare! A modern classic for the horror genre. 5 stars
3/02/02 Shrike Whats wrong with people? 2 stars
2/25/02 Butterbean This kick ass! Fuck all those who don't like it because it's cool not to! 5 stars
2/23/02 Jenny Tullwartz I'm disappearing without a trace while the damn keyboard won't holdd sttil eouyfgh to tyype 1 stars
1/16/02 David A. Shows that what is not seen is scarier than what is. I really did get carsick watching it. 4 stars
1/05/02 Magnum Craphole The idea was good, but it was very poorly executed. 2 stars
12/31/01 swel maneger 5 stars
12/15/01 Ian Barr Very good. The people who hate it need to justify themselves a little more. 4 stars
12/13/01 Dominik Duprelle Decent Movie. But a repeat viewing would hold zero interest. Curious one. 4 stars
12/02/01 Mike Russell The most realistic, scary SCARY movie since THE EXORCIST. SEE IT!!!! 5 stars
12/01/01 Phoenix Nausiating. The shaky camera movements gave me a headache. 1 stars
12/01/01 Scottish Kilt Really wierd movie, although very original, ending is quite creepy too. 4 stars
11/30/01 Cookie Cutter Brainless attempt at cult classic. Made a lot of money. Who cares? Not good. 2 stars
11/29/01 Jonathen Phrye is this film real or just made by other people? 2 stars
11/27/01 damon_dee This film is rubbish. Sheer and utter rubbish. 1 stars
11/25/01 Smoogles Different, confusing, scary, it doesn't spoonfeed you every detail like usual 4 stars
11/15/01 Caiphn Fresh. 4 stars
11/14/01 Charles Tatum The final ten minutes? Terrifying! The first eighty? Well... 3 stars
11/03/01 Jim MAYBE scary if you've never seen a forest. Note to Heather: Follow the stream next time! 1 stars
10/19/01 rogger buttcrunch its shit 1 stars
9/18/01 ASCII FART Poorly executed idea. 2 stars
9/16/01 Mr. Hat Mental Duck is right yet again. 5 stars
9/09/01 Trashman boring, not scary, but a good idea to base a movie on 1 stars
9/04/01 Butterbean Very original and well put together! 5 stars
8/29/01 Gary Loved the ending. Partly because the actors/characters were so annoying. 2 stars
8/25/01 mn Fuck you, you stupid fucking fuck, oh god, what the fuck was that, oh fuck. 1 stars
8/10/01 Mental Duck (formerly known as King Jackass) Freaky shit... 5 stars
8/07/01 Joe Zappa This is one of the freakiest movies I've ever seen. 5 stars
8/06/01 badfish I saw this movie when it first came out.I thought it was a real documentary.Masterpiece! 5 stars
8/04/01 Ken If you didn't like it, you didn't get it. 5 stars
8/04/01 sarah pay me & I'll run around with people & swear every 3 seconds.It was a yawner 1 stars
7/26/01 Steve Rocks are scary! Saying FUCK every 30 seconds is scary! So is bad acting and filming! 1 stars
7/21/01 Robert Not scary one bit 1 stars
7/11/01 Dom Corleone mind-numbingly boring 1 stars
7/09/01 Caligula what is this A FUCKING COMEDY OR WHAT? 1 stars
7/06/01 Craig Blanchard OMG! This was BAAADDDD! Whom ever was scare by this, should be ashamed. Beyond Bad! 1 stars
7/03/01 TLsmooth I got serious fucking motion sickness from watching this overhyped shit-pie 1 stars
7/02/01 Jonny jayyyyyyyyy eh 3 stars
7/01/01 chels stupid movie!!!!!!! 1 stars
7/01/01 Andreas The blair witch project is fucking funny!!!!! 5 stars
6/28/01 Michael Goldfield This film is a waste of time. No story - no acting -- no nothing! 1 stars
6/14/01 chaz the ones that bash are the ones that watch jackie chan movies,1's that dont are brillant 5 stars
6/08/01 Serial_Monk_the_Jawbreaker Unscary tale of 3 idiots who wouldn't put down the camera to save their lives 1 stars
6/07/01 Dean Sure Ken, it's hard to 'get' such an insightful and complex movie... gimme a fuckin' break! 1 stars
6/07/01 King Jackass Quote Cletus Klump: THIS IS SOME REALLY, SCARY, SHIT!! 5 stars
5/30/01 Ken If you didn't like it, you didn't get it. 5 stars
5/29/01 crazylikeafox see what happens when you let a woman navigate 1 stars
5/28/01 Crisis Management Some people were even tricked to believe this was scary. What a joke!!!!!! 2 stars
5/18/01 Incubator Agreed 2 stars
5/17/01 brad sucks 1 stars
5/16/01 Turtle Very stupid, but actually a bit scary. 3 stars
5/13/01 The Moorhen I liked them trekking thru the woods - but then it just went shit and tried to be scary. 1 stars
5/08/01 Rodney Muterspaw not bad...if you dont have an imagination, you wont understand it 4 stars
4/24/01 Luke Nothing special. Maybe worth trying as sequel though. 2 stars
4/24/01 *~Danielle*Ophelia~* (formerly KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi) Okay, we need to stop equating "low budget" with "good"...because this was NOT good... 1 stars
4/16/01 Tam Overrated, with maybe one or two chilling parts. Heather started to irritate after a while. 3 stars
4/10/01 muneer78 This movie was not scary at all and was popular as a result of all the hype surrounding it. 1 stars
4/10/01 Gary The movement of the camera made me sick, but I slept with my parents that night. lol 3 stars
4/09/01 ChErRyRiPe Not many movies scared me, but this one scared the FUCK out of me 5 stars
4/08/01 Andrew Deikun Just average, don't believe the hype 3 stars
4/01/01 amy totally like, sucks 1 stars
3/26/01 Monster W. Kung Over-hyped joke that could have been decent as a student experiment. As a movie, it blows. 2 stars
3/22/01 Thomas J. compare this movie to a babys diaper, and Id say this movie is SHITTIER! What a waste! 1 stars
3/21/01 M.C.A The MOST overrated movie ever! 1 stars
2/25/01 Nick Berger SHIT it sucked say no more 1 stars
2/24/01 Marie Very very silly. Did this actually scare people way back when? 1 stars
2/23/01 Mart Dawg This fuckin movie sucked nuts, you gave Menace II Society 1 star and you gave this 5?FAG 1 stars
2/07/01 Macarthur Student I hereby thank all the folks who gave this 1 star. 1 stars
2/06/01 John Lyons Stupid, stupid movie! 1 stars
2/06/01 Classicdog Dumb piece of shit!!!! 2 stars
2/06/01 Turtle Scary? Check. Okay acting? Check. Actually worth watching? Uh, no. 2 stars
1/21/01 James Quinn Let's run maniacally for our lives while looking through a camera viewfinder. Duh. 1 stars
1/21/01 dog great 5 stars
1/19/01 skip That girl was SO obnoxious. The last 5 minutes can't redeem 90 minutes of painful viewing. 2 stars
1/14/01 Matt69 ending really fucking bugged me out. 4 stars
1/13/01 Avenger Girl Pure shite, I want my money back-what a scam. 1 stars
1/05/01 GTC Bugged me out, and a movie hasn't done that since "The Shining". 5 stars
1/04/01 Jane Doe 4 stars
12/31/00 kevin Not even scarry, i should have gone out in the woods, so fake it made me want to cry D- 1 stars
12/20/00 Al FREAKY 5 stars
12/02/00 Mitja Podgajski One of the best horror movies I have ever seen ... really great!! 4 stars
12/01/00 Aaron C This movie totally blows. No reason for the damn thing. 1 stars
11/30/00 Zipperneck Still gives me the creeps. 5 stars
11/29/00 SP realistic characters in a clunky if original attempt 2 stars
11/15/00 R.W. Welch Unless you are dumb enough to think this thing is real, it's a total dud. 2 stars
11/13/00 The EVIL Penguin deliberately and technically crude 2 stars
11/09/00 Lordscrumpy damn wish i had come up with a scam like this 1 stars
11/09/00 viking Don't waste your money on this amateur effort. See the "Sixth Sense" instead !!!! 1 stars
11/02/00 JOHNNY scariest part was that i paid for this shit//// 1 stars
10/29/00 Big Al should be blair bitch project i hate that girl in that stinkin retarded movie 1 stars
10/29/00 steven hargreaves GIVE ME A CAMRA I COULD MAKE A SCARY FILM. LOAD OF SHIT 1 stars
10/29/00 whatson great idea, but low budged actors and production... 3 stars
10/18/00 dan audacious and original, but... it just isn't scary! 4 stars
10/16/00 Dan Letdown. Initial impact wears away as you realise how thin the movie was. Scary trees, tho. 2 stars
10/15/00 Jason what can i say? it sucked all ass 1 stars
9/29/00 Bender Not scary at all. Plus the characters are as dumb as any typical slasher movie characters. 2 stars
9/20/00 Jeff not that my vote makes a difference at this point 4 stars
9/18/00 Paul What was all the hype for? Where was the scarey part???? 1 stars
9/14/00 PJ It's called backlash you morons, trying to sound cool, one of the best horror movies ever 5 stars
9/06/00 Boy In The Designer Bubble Hey morons! Rewind the video camera! 1 stars
9/02/00 Rosalie Coleman Absolute disapointment! I felt betrayed. 1 stars
8/27/00 Pastor Angry Shane Z This move was BAD. It had no plot or tension. I was weeping from the stupidity of it all. 1 stars
8/13/00 Cidec Stark the worst movie that I've seen in my whole life 1 stars
7/21/00 Dimlight MST3K are you paying attention? 1 stars
7/18/00 Elvisfan either i am a moron or this is the stupidest movie ever made 1 stars
7/14/00 mark nairn This is the crappiest movie of all time! 1 stars
7/13/00 Tom The ending was quite disturbing. 4 stars
7/08/00 Kevin I would have killed those bitching mother fuckers too. 1 stars
6/29/00 PJ Masterpiece in horror, I feel sorry for those that didn't really see it, scary as hell!!!!! 5 stars
6/20/00 Ulatekk Liked the ending, but it was SOOOOO s-l-o-w.... 2 stars
6/19/00 Matt Basically "gonzo" porn without the porn 1 stars
6/17/00 Roger Clemente I had to pay the video store $110 because I took it out of my VCR and shot it afterwards. 1 stars
6/13/00 Dasha Boring, lame, scare-free piece of trash. 1 stars
6/12/00 Micah S. People that say this is film is crap are lame o's. have any spoofs been funny? Hell no. 5 stars
6/06/00 Bender Interesting, but not at all scary. Plus the profanity is hilariously overused 3 stars
6/03/00 danilo this movie is boring and unscary. And the story didn't make any sense 3 stars
5/29/00 Ken I you didn't like it, you didn't get it. 5 stars
5/26/00 LoonyGoon Way more hype than it was worth, but still good. Should be seen on the small screen. 4 stars
5/21/00 mellemel I was extremely frightedened. And it wasn't gory. 4 stars
5/15/00 PJ One of the greatest Horror movies ever, I feel sorry for those who didn't REALLY see it!!!! 5 stars
5/15/00 Bruce Not as bad as I thought it would be but it is not scary 4 stars
5/08/00 lucas jackson Fucking original maybe, crappy original at that 1 stars
5/03/00 cort major I wish I had thought of the concept first..good movie. 4 stars
5/02/00 lucas jackson whats so fucking scary about kids screaming and tents shaking, fuck all who like this 1 stars
4/25/00 John Lyons Stupidest movie I've seen in years. 1 stars
4/21/00 Danny Sykes Very good conecpt and filming 4 stars
4/19/00 perverted pixie Refreshingly original, artistic realistic- I was spooked! 5 stars
4/16/00 Thor-Leo Couldn't suspend my disbelief with a crane 1 stars
4/11/00 freddy the ending was dumb 3 stars
4/11/00 Waffa THE WORST EVER ! its not even a film , pure shit.its 1 stars
4/09/00 EMagGaRony whoever didn't think this was freaky as anything doesn't understand it... kick ass movie 5 stars
4/03/00 PJ You jealous morons, this movie is to smart for you idiots that need special FX to get off 5 stars
3/19/00 Richard Wright Not scary,but good as a documentry.If MEANT to be a horror film,its not very convincing. 3 stars
3/15/00 Chloe Sesta Jacobs Blair Witch was soooooo scary, and really great. 10/10 5 stars
3/11/00 tasha too much hype. 2 stars
3/07/00 J. Alán Blankenship Creepy... 3 stars
3/04/00 Pizaster creepy and absorbing...sure to get thousands of rip-offs 4 stars
3/03/00 Megalishious Watt so bad it doesn't even have the teeth to bite 1 stars
3/01/00 k.tomkowski I do not complain, an intelligent psycho-thriller. And very cheaply done too. 4 stars
3/01/00 Mic zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 1 stars
2/29/00 Rachem what the motion sickness, bored, and charged way too much for this flick. 1 stars
2/22/00 toneely we all know this movie SUCKS CAT don't pretend that it's good 1 stars
2/13/00 Richard Wright Very good as a documentry and experty acted and edited, but IT'S NOT SCARY AT ALL!!!!!! 3 stars
2/12/00 Sabe THIS was supposed to be SCARY??? It sucked shit! 1 stars
2/06/00 Kyle Broflovski Ummm...after all the frigging HYPE one would hope something would actually HAPPEN!!!! 1 stars
2/02/00 Joel Harwood YAWN how shit is this movie it sucked the big one 1 stars
1/21/00 Hangman no words can describe how shitty this movie is. 1 stars
1/21/00 Donna Starnes what a rip off 1 stars
1/19/00 Add I heard the whole film but only saw bits (poxy motion sickness) was not as good as expected 3 stars
1/18/00 k.tomkowski A bit disappointing, but good. 4 stars
1/15/00 Margaret Demeye Found the film to be very believable and scary to the max 5 stars
1/10/00 Daryl Bruce It's was alright, but knowing it isn't a true story kind of dampens the thrill 4 stars
1/10/00 Greg James Total Crap, the worst film I have seen in a long time 1 stars
1/10/00 Will not horrible... I just wish I could have been scared some. 3 stars
1/06/00 LJB ..... well they can sure hear you scream in the forest...... 5 stars
12/30/99 Truth Man Should have been called 3 dickheads and a camera. A piece of overhyped shit. 1 stars
12/29/99 S. L Boring, no content 2 stars
12/27/99 buck crap 1 stars
12/23/99 Wafer very original flick 5 stars
12/22/99 Lex original, but the camera angle were a bit sickening. the last scene was chilling. 4 stars
12/20/99 Aris Skarpetis The disturbing thing about this movie is that many people actually found it disturbing 2 stars
12/20/99 mr magoo it should be rated g 5 stars
12/19/99 Pix And the operative word here was BOREDOM. 2 stars
12/19/99 Jennifer Hunter Didn't get this movie? You've been watching too much TV. Develop your imagination a little. 5 stars
12/16/99 brentorama After all the hype, I was very disappointed when I actually saw it. 2 stars
12/14/99 yuni very very good and scary 5 stars
12/14/99 Frank Curigliano An astonishing and, dare I say it, undeserved success. 3 stars
12/14/99 Mic I'm buggered with this one. What's all the fuss? Not ONE scene was the slightest bit scary. 2 stars
12/14/99 WILBER ASSE TOTAL CRAP 1 stars
12/13/99 Dave Not even remotely scary. The horror was that I paid to see it. Plus what a crappy ending! 2 stars
12/12/99 Joe Shaver Someone sometime somewhere will believe anything! 2 stars
12/12/99 Tyson Stewart Bad film making! Great ending terror! (**1/2 out of ****) 3 stars
12/10/99 Lucas Jackson yeah, what Fenris said 1 stars
12/10/99 Sin I saw this movie yesterday and I'm telling you it scared the crapper out of me. 4 stars
12/09/99 Duck Not that scary, but sticks with you. 4 stars
12/06/99 MR HOLLYWOOD!! DISTURBING.....not scary.a bit repetitive aswell,stays in ur head though. 4 stars
11/27/99 Gary Durso I have never been so dissapointed.......Give me Halloween anyday. 2 stars
11/24/99 I just got to this site and I hate Fenris That review was as fun as being gang raped by moose on an exploding caousel. I hate you! 5 stars
11/19/99 It's OK. I don't see what all the hype is about with this movie and the 6th sense. 3 stars
11/17/99 VK plz.. what a piece of crap 1 stars
11/10/99 strike Not that scary, but it was strangely unsettling, which was good. 4 stars
11/08/99 Matt Possibly the worst PIECE OF SHIT I've ever sat through 1 stars
11/08/99 Nat This movie SUCKS BIG TIME!!! Rolling Stones rated "Scary as Hell". I rate it chicken shit. 1 stars
11/07/99 Deadly Dennis The only thing scary about this Turkey is how it grossed 30 Million at the box office. 2 stars
11/06/99 Tommy Simmons reminded me of being in a slow nightmare 5 stars
11/06/99 ave-- I really can't imagine that someone is able to say the movie is scary.. booring 2 stars
11/03/99 Chris Marshall I tried to go to sleep but couldn't as my friend was snoring too loud. 1 stars
11/01/99 Weird Andy The Sci-Fi channel fake doc. was a lot scarier. 3 stars
10/31/99 Hollywood Hulk Hector It's funny on some parts and the last few minutes of the movie will freak you out 4 stars
10/29/99 rocketdoc Left me wishing they had all been killed earlier in the film. 1 stars
10/27/99 Daniel If you possess an imagination and have EVER been lost in the woods, you'll love it. 4 stars
10/27/99 pipeman It's not a horror movie. It's a horror of a movie!! 1 stars
10/26/99 elfpunkt I've shit scarier pieces of crap than this movie. MTV realworld meets bad camera work 1 stars
10/25/99 will achieved its purpose, but im still not sure if it was really "all that" intriguing though. 4 stars
10/24/99 Jeff Jones WORTHLESS, I wanted my money back! 1 stars
10/24/99 C Dub beyond horrible 1 stars
10/21/99 jeffirish excellent low budget filmmaking! 4 stars
10/17/99 JimBob Worst piece of shit to ever hit the silver screen. Dont ever insult me like this again 1 stars
10/15/99 Mark zzZZ ... bouncing camera headache zzzZZ oh cool, josh bits in a bundle... zzZZ The End. 2 stars
10/13/99 JonnyAngel boo (get it?) 2 stars
10/12/99 Jon "Oh it's so cool, dude, like you've just gotta see it, ya know" 1 stars
10/12/99 Jared i can't put into words how bad this film was, people can be convinced that anything is good 1 stars
10/12/99 Matt Hotujec A better title would have been "Three irrational people in the woods." 1 stars
10/12/99 Shawna Great idea but in the! 1 stars
10/05/99 rob The worst piece of garbage I have ever seen, and I saw Howard the Duck. 1 stars
10/01/99 calaroque sucked eggs, waited entire movie to be frightened, wife scared me more on honeymoon nite 2 stars
9/29/99 Weezal316 The most mentally disturbing Film since The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5 stars
9/25/99 Josh Graves Overhyped horseshit. Psychodrama. Not horror. 1 stars
9/23/99 Timbo This movie is cool but it's best with a blow job 5 stars
9/22/99 incongruity 87 minutes of shaky-cam followed by 15 minutes of hurling...need i say more? 1 stars
9/21/99 Tristynn This movie is NOT scary.. last 5 mins thats all...pretty good though for a 1st flick 4 stars
9/21/99 Hadean Dragon The only good part was the soliloquy (which was way over advertised) 2 stars
9/20/99 f*r*o*s*t*y Was. Not. That. Great. 2 stars
9/19/99 Aaron White Clever use of formal cinema elements and ambiguous ending enrich a standard campfire tale. 4 stars
9/18/99 Melissa Original story, good improv from actors, but overall it's overrated. Still good, though. 4 stars
9/16/99 Ratso The only thing that scared me was that chick's big ass! WOO! 1 stars
9/13/99 K Pillsbury gave me pleasant nightmares 5 stars
9/13/99 Mr Showbiz This film puts your inner child through a nightmare like no other film has done before. 5 stars
9/11/99 Demure33 Worst movie I've ever seen. 1 stars
9/09/99 Maricon blows chunks..the walk from car to theatre was more frightening! 1 stars
9/08/99 Elijah Interesting in its genre, but not a masterpiece; slightly overrated 4 stars
9/06/99 cdudka Booooooooring 1 stars
9/06/99 BBReBozo The end is the scariest thing I have ever seen. 5 stars
9/05/99 Weird Andy Well made, but unsatisfying. I didn't find it all that scary. sorry. 3 stars
9/04/99 agustin when the sequel comes I hope we don't fall for it again 2 stars
9/04/99 Andel Crodo Lives up to the hype! End was flat, like having phenomenal sex, only without the orgasm. 5 stars
9/03/99 John Roberson Gets more frightening the more you think about it, which you cannot help doing. 5 stars
9/02/99 Biter Light-hearted beginning, engrossing middle, tense climax, bone-chilling end 4 stars
8/26/99 Ami the Wonderbread Though not totally Hitchcockian, my imagination still got the best of me 5 stars
8/26/99 Azimat Even if somebody hate it...they can't BECAUSE IT DOESN'T FOLLOW THE FORMULA!!!!! 5 stars
8/26/99 Ah Dooey Of all the hype, this was much better than The Haunting. 4 stars
8/25/99 Scott M. Not "jump out of your seat" scary, but nice, residual scare... triggers your imagination. 4 stars
8/24/99 Michale H. A lot of hype. Even more disappointing than "candyman" was! 1 stars
8/24/99 Miguel obvious fraud, good enough for "kewl" teens 1 stars
8/24/99 The Graduate A rare film where you see PEOPLE rather than just characters. 5 stars
8/22/99 the head of Alfredo Garcia Sometimes the simplest idea is the most effective. Way to go Heather et. al 5 stars
8/21/99 Tristynn NOT that scary (last 5 mins only).very good for a indep. filmLIGHT A GODDAMN CAMP FIRE KIDS 4 stars
8/21/99 nototis Amazing performances when you consider the actors did everything in one take. 5 stars
8/20/99 psychobubba Let's go camping. 5 stars
8/19/99 Geoff What a piece of shit! Only the last 30 seconds saved it from a 1-star rating. 2 stars
8/18/99 The Ferrett An perfectly nice student film backed up with hype that would put the Second Coming to sham 4 stars
8/18/99 EdwardC Watching 3 people yell at each other in the woods. 1 stars
8/17/99 Rick I'd have liked it more if it hadn't been hyped all to hell. 4 stars
8/17/99 LanceA First movie that I absolutely regret spending any money or recreational time on. This movie 1 stars
8/17/99 Obi Wan Holy Shit! I kept thinking shit was gonna happen and that scared me even more! Great Flik 5 stars
8/17/99 lysergic Scariest movie ever (if you have an imagination). 5 stars
8/17/99 Scott A pile of rocks is supposed to scare me? Forgive me if I don't scream in terror. 1 stars
8/16/99 Gary ( A boring ripoff -- the ad's scarier than the movie 1 stars
8/16/99 Kenyata Made by and for young white suburbanites; most others will hate it. 1 stars
8/16/99 Gamma Terrific Movie. If nothing else, worth seeing because everyone else has already! 5 stars
8/16/99 Scott P. Great movie. All you need is an iota of imagination. Picture yourself there. Bwa ha ha! 5 stars
8/16/99 Stephen Cook if it were real, would be cool, but uhh it sucked 2 stars
8/15/99 Keith It does what it set out to do; make a fakeumentary. Nothing more & definitely nothing less. 4 stars
8/15/99 Jackiieo If you don't have a big imagination, you wont be too scarr Cant expect TV to do everything 4 stars
8/15/99 John M You really should see this movie 5 stars
8/14/99 Spookman (SS) Seriously Sucked...hint-Bring Dramamine... 1 stars
8/14/99 XenoWolf This was acually one of the least scariest movies ive ever seen 2 stars
8/14/99 JimBob I just saw a 30 second TV commercial that was more entertaining 1 stars
8/14/99 Vercingetorix I'm ashamed I paid for this movie 1 stars
8/14/99 jeff call Great--saw it in the daytime so I wouldn't have to walk home in the dark 5 stars
8/14/99 Matt A serious brain-fucking. It works its way into your mind and lets you scare yourself. 5 stars
8/14/99 mramespn if you know it's fake and low budget going in, you'll hate it even more 1 stars
8/14/99 Deanna Long I could not sleep for 3 days. Not a movie to "love" but a classic nevertheless 5 stars
8/13/99 Brian Morrison I was sickened by the stupidity, not scared by the bumps in the night. 1 stars
8/13/99 cody good movie for how short it is 4 stars
8/13/99 Salt Shaker It's pretty good 4 stars
8/13/99 NoneOfYourBusiness Giving most of the audience motion sickness is not the way to engage them! 1 stars
8/13/99 Elizaveta A truly original chilling film, excellent acting, so INCREDIBLY different! 5 stars
8/13/99 Barking Moose I had a physical reaction to this film even though I knew all about it before I got there. 5 stars
8/12/99 gingrgrl The acting was nothing less than first fucking rate but it wasn't as scary as I expected. 4 stars
8/12/99 Steve Kelley It only works if you believe it really happened. Sorry. 3 stars
8/12/99 Doug Pike Most original film of this decade! 5 stars
8/12/99 jeff wood best horror movie of all time!! 5 stars
8/12/99 jason I dont care what anyone says, if you get into it you'll piss your pants 5 stars
8/12/99 zonker incredible. I've seen every horror movie going, and this scared the living crap outta me. 5 stars
8/12/99 Greg L. Best fuckin movie of the summer. Best horror movie of ALL TIME! 5 stars
8/12/99 Michale H. One of the biggest disappointments in cinema history 1 stars
8/12/99 barbiedoll The scariest thing about it is the people who thought this was such a great movie 1 stars
8/12/99 john gotti movie is pure undergraduate quality crap 1 stars
8/12/99 raf SUCKS COCK. This is not art this is CRAP 1 stars
8/12/99 Ripped Off Boring - not the least bit scary. Way overhyped. 1 stars
8/11/99 Ernie Boring 2 stars
8/11/99 Jenny This project was quite possibly the best movie I've seen simply because it seemed so real. 5 stars
8/11/99 Linda Blair The most disturbing final scene in any movie I can remember. Should, but won't, win Oscar. 5 stars
8/11/99 Costars Very creative, kudos to our fellow Floridians but too many leaves 4 stars
8/11/99 Glitter Berry Makes you...*gasp* actually think and IMAGINE fo yourself...heaven forbid! 5 stars
8/11/99 Andy Scared the shit out of me!!! It was great to see no special effects for a change. 5 stars
8/11/99 Out $7 This is probably one of the most overhyped movies I've seen. Producers know how to work it 3 stars
8/11/99 pat I, along with Angry Jew, will never sleep in a tent again. 5 stars
8/11/99 JaneDoe I wish as much planning had gone into the movie as what went into the marketing 2 stars
8/11/99 rageoveride absolutly fucking incredible 5 stars
8/11/99 very good film...I will go back at least one more time...probably more... 5 stars
8/10/99 Chad Christensen very original, lesson learned too late Hollywood! 5 stars
8/10/99 Brandon Zdun It was a great movie, though it was as it says here "disturbing" and not horific. 4 stars
8/10/99 Everclear Ty You start to hear things in the dark after this movie 5 stars
8/10/99 Arsenal Wow, COPs meets Unsolved Mysteries! 1 stars
8/10/99 Keith Griffith The best marketing job in years! 1 stars
8/10/99 Laura Awesome!!!!! 5 stars
8/10/99 elfpunkt Boring. I hated the MTV show Real World, and that was all this film reminded me of. 1 stars
8/10/99 Brian It's alright, good to see once, not a second time, been scarier if it was real. 4 stars
8/10/99 Tracy Is that all there is?? Would be better if they showed more. 2 stars
8/10/99 Gini Other than wanting to hurl, my reaction was, when does it get scary? 2 stars
8/05/99 Randall I wouldn't call it the best, that would be stupid, it was good 4 stars
8/05/99 David Michaels THE best horror film ever made 5 stars
8/05/99 chris stinson very good film if it is real 4 stars
8/05/99 Tony Daquano I agree with Matthew no morre camping 5 stars
8/05/99 Shaun Nelson Well done flick, quite un-nerving 5 stars
8/05/99 Matthew No more camping for me. 5 stars
8/05/99 Aislin Reynard My imagination has always worked way to well, this movie took full advantage of that! 5 stars
8/05/99 lovedoll brilliant and scary , robbed my jaded 30 year old ass of some sleep 5 stars
8/05/99 Emily Smith Great it based on real events? need to know.. 5 stars
8/05/99 Veronica Lawton I thought it was extremely unsettling, not scary just extremely disturbing. 2 stars
8/05/99 KPJake It is definitely scary. When you leave, you begin to face your own fears.. 4 stars
8/04/99 Old Mose Noyhing scary here except that I spent my money on this piece of junk. 1 stars
8/04/99 Ax2 Finally.. A good horror flick other than Friday the 13th! 5 stars
8/04/99 JD Keats About time somebody did something original...and actually kinda scary. 5 stars
8/04/99 Exhibit A The last shot seen in this film will burn into your brain and you'll be forced to relive it 5 stars
8/04/99 Dave Hill This movie sucks a fat cock....I don't know what all the hype is about 1 stars
8/04/99 GDB black suburban kids are named kenyatta 4 stars
8/04/99 Flinchy Greatest movie ever made? No. A little gem, definitely worthwhile? Yes. 5 stars
8/04/99 john coles Intense 5 stars
8/04/99 hammer mind-boggling,stellar 5 stars
8/04/99 Abbakil It's nice to see a movie this good get national distribution. 5 stars
8/04/99 opinionator Kenyatta is white. We all know it. He goes to the community college. 5 stars
8/04/99 ken denecky i dident like it made and nearly put me to sleep and just wh 1 stars
8/04/99 Vampyre9mm A thinking man's scary movie. If you had half a brain, this movie scared you. 5 stars
8/04/99 Mariel Villanueva The Blair Witch Project is in a class of its own--an instant cult classic! A must see! 5 stars
8/04/99 Kenyatta White suburban kids will love it. 2 stars
8/04/99 Raj The only thing frightening is the way people are raving about this piece of shit. 1 stars
8/04/99 c790 Film was not scary at all. Jingling camera will make you motionsick 2 stars
8/04/99 swiggy I'm glad that I did not know the whole thing was frekin fictious hoaxh 4 stars
8/04/99 chowser i slept with my mommy for 2 nights after 5 stars
8/04/99 Gregor Draco Not at ALL scary. A waste of time 2 stars
8/04/99 russell breen good idea could have used some more development 4 stars
8/04/99 record rover I appreciated the originality of the premise, and the scary experience. 5 stars
8/04/99 jay scholler I needed a little more closure 3 stars
8/04/99 EE Where is the Q&A web site about the facts on how the movie came onto the screen? 3 stars
8/04/99 Maggie Andrew Not the least bit scary! Reaction from audience was what a lot of bullshit! 2 stars
8/04/99 YIKES! holy shit...could I get more scared? 5 stars
8/04/99 Lynnaea AelCaymarth Gripping, but I think I knew too much about it because it never quite made my heart race. 4 stars
8/04/99 John Gotti Stank 2 stars
8/04/99 Wafer's Dipstick This movie fucking ruled. Eerie and such great acting 5 stars
8/04/99 Jai Escott I want to fucking kill myself 5 stars
8/04/99 sydney I nearly soiled myself! 5 stars
8/04/99 Martin....[] Are you fucking kidding me? This movie is shit! 1 stars
8/03/99 Daling It could be better if it's "REAL" 2 stars
8/03/99 Pete prison guard pacheco Holy shit man! run run run don't look back! 5 stars
8/03/99 jason word up. 4 stars
8/03/99 BIG J It scared the shit out of me 4 stars
8/03/99 Trixie Cole This movie had me on the edge of my seat!! 5 stars
8/03/99 Mr. Koz Very intense, creepy film! And that ending!!! 5 stars
8/03/99 Stephen Ratings tell you nothing. It's what's inside you. 4 stars
8/03/99 Don Absolutely incredible! Thinking about the ending will give you chills for days. 5 stars
8/03/99 StillQuivering Scarest Movies I Will Ever See! 5 stars
8/03/99 Chris Beaver It was an awesome movie, it seemed so real, and it kept me on the edge of my seat 5 stars
8/03/99 Underbedbeast like watching 'roadrules' drag a camera through sticks. It's just a premise, not a film. 2 stars
8/03/99 josh good, but could ahve been great if ending didn't suck 4 stars
8/03/99 ChetBaker Scariest movie I've ever seen 5 stars
8/03/99 Dr. Meyer Not traditionally scary; it built huge tension until the END! 5 stars
8/03/99 Colin Goodman Badder than Mister T. 5 stars
8/03/99 KC scariest film i ever saw 5 stars
8/03/99 Jay Teller 82 minutes of 3 kids arguing and 5 minutes of what I paid for! 2 stars
8/03/99 Jason I'm not sure what to think, but all that i know is that is was scary as hell. 4 stars
8/03/99 keith kicked more ass than Jackie Chan has in his life 5 stars
8/03/99 Lola Jones It scared the hell out of me. I don't think I wanna see it again. Great film. 4 stars
8/03/99 nestor luis 4 annoying Anglo nerds who ripped me off for $15 bucks 1 stars
8/03/99 Nya The film's infomercial-esque mockudrama on sci-fi channel is much better....and it's free. 2 stars
8/03/99 Tonja This site doesn't offer a rating low enough to express the utter crappiness of this film. 1 stars
8/03/99 DiDaDaDan This movie rocked. 5 stars
8/03/99 'Huru White kids w/ camcorder scream their heads off in the forest; bad acting; not scary. 2 stars
8/03/99 Will G This movie has the greatest acting I've ever seen that has branded "BLAIR WITCH" in my mind 5 stars
8/03/99 Trevor Snow I can't go camping any more 5 stars
8/03/99 VioLenT BoB The most original Idea in Years, those that said it was ass are idiots. I've seen it thrice 5 stars
8/03/99 melissa f this film is a very poor excuse for a horror. I was left extremely disatisfied. 1 stars
8/03/99 Jenn This movie kicks ass. They did a great job of making it very believeable. 5 stars
8/03/99 Jesse Diaz Great acting and suspense. The best scarry film since the Exorsict!! 5 stars
8/03/99 Tony Best horror movie I've seen by far. Makes everything else look like a disney flick. 5 stars
8/03/99 Shannon Reid All the hype about being so terrifying is BULLSHITE . don't waste your cash at the cinemas. 2 stars
8/03/99 Adjovi this is the kind of movie whose real effectiveness comes 2 hours after the credits roll, an 5 stars
8/03/99 Derek It builds you up for an hour and a half ... drops you in 5 minutes. 2 stars
8/03/99 Badi Klem Scared the shit out of me. I will never go into the woods alone again. 5 stars
8/02/99 Router Even my suspension of disbelief couldn't help this film. Not worth the price of admission 2 stars
8/02/99 Jody Butler Incredibly Amazing~I can't stop thinking about it. 5 stars
8/02/99 Amanda "Realistcly Scarry" 5 stars
8/02/99 Skippy the wonder moose Finally a move that doesnt have some jack ass jumping out at you with a bloody knife 5 stars
8/02/99 beachlovr9 Great acting, Great idea, but not that scary 4 stars
8/02/99 Greg Armstrong This is the real shit 5 stars
8/02/99 Harald Ankro "The Blair Witch Project" can become the center of conservation and debate. 5 stars
8/02/99 Michael Venniro The last 10 minutes is all this movie is worth! It sucka all ass otherwise! 1 stars
8/02/99 A-Dawg I'll never go into the woods again 5 stars
8/02/99 Vampyre9mm A thinking man's horror flick. No blood and guts, just scary. Wonderful 5 stars
8/02/99 Jeffro This movie scarred the crap out of me, especially the ending sequences 5 stars
8/02/99 Dino The previews were way scarier! 2 stars
8/02/99 Aaron i wanted to see more 2 stars
8/02/99 disappointed viewer I expected a scary movie and was very disappointed! 3 stars
8/02/99 Daddy Rich The last scene was scarry as hell! It makes you think these kids really got lost. 5 stars
8/02/99 louie the weasle faced dog boy one of the best movies this year. grest premise and ideas. i loved it! 5 stars
8/02/99 JimBob a worse piece of film tripe I,ve never seen...I want my money back...hollywood is lost 1 stars
8/02/99 Ron 3 gen-x losers get stoned on a camp out 2 stars
8/02/99 Bryan Great movie 5 stars
8/02/99 Arkansas Jon Unique, creepy, claustrophobic. You are there, getting scared senseless. 5 stars
8/02/99 Kristi Rated "L" for LAME 2 stars
8/02/99 Jeff EXTREMELY intense. This is the ultimate psychological thriller 5 stars
8/02/99 eric peters does anyone else think mike was in on it with jeff 5 stars
8/02/99 Heather It Freaked the SHIT out of me, especially at the last scene! It was so damn scary. 5 stars
8/02/99 jeff It was something that was new and not the traditional special effects movie. It kicked ass. 5 stars
8/02/99 Tommy_D Not bad ... I think its better if you go in to the movie thinking that it's real ... 4 stars
8/01/99 bug They could have told Heather to wipe her nose..I perfer gallons of blood 3 stars
8/01/99 Jen This film was not frightening, it only left a sick, empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. 2 stars
8/01/99 Jen Blackford The scariest movie I've seen in 5 years (and I've seen a lot) 5 stars
8/01/99 CreamCorn Decent. WAY overhyped. WAY friggin overhyped 3 stars
8/01/99 Debra Strutz Great idea! Had creepy parts that made my heart race. Camping will never be the same! 4 stars
8/01/99 Roy Lee I was scared at some points during the movie, but overall i think i enjoyed its originality 4 stars
8/01/99 Chad Sweeeeet! 5 stars
8/01/99 Geve THIS is supposed to be the scarriest film ever! 2 stars
8/01/99 Ashley oh my God this is the best movie ever 5 stars
8/01/99 JR Schumacher Best fake documentary since Orson Wells freaked everyone out on radio 60 years ago 4 stars
8/01/99 Grubgoat I don't think I've ever been that wigged out by a movie. The whole thing seemed real... 5 stars
8/01/99 Kristi Rated "L" for LAME! 2 stars
8/01/99 Josée I would give a "best actor Oscar" to the 3 main actors! What a fantastic movie!!! 5 stars
8/01/99 Celine Lomez incredible performances 5 stars
8/01/99 EVIL DEAD Hello? Jennifer Love Hewitt? THIS is a HORROR film!! 5 stars
8/01/99 Kristen I loved every minute of it! I want to go back and see it again! 5 stars
8/01/99 Drive In Blues Something new for a change...a flick that delivers! 5 stars
8/01/99 Kristen I loved every minute of it! I want to go back and see it again! 5 stars
8/01/99 Cor25 Way dissapointed. i expected to be scared shitless, instead barely raised an eyebrow. 2 stars
8/01/99 Zoit What a mind fuck! I was completely terrified! 5 stars
8/01/99 Cage The single worst film I have ever seen. 1 stars
8/01/99 Kristen The only thing I was scared of in this movie is that I would vomit from motion sickness 1 stars
8/01/99 Mike Davids All the hype ... reminds me of an old fella named Geraldo opening Al Capones vault ........ 1 stars
8/01/99 Blue sky It wasn't all that scary, just realistic. 4 stars
8/01/99 GT great acting, good idea, but needed SOME kind of ending, even though we knew how it ended. 4 stars
8/01/99 xntrik Great premise; lame execution-read the website 2 stars
8/01/99 buddy interesting, although I could have done without the motion sickness 4 stars
8/01/99 Jim Curry I'm still throughly creeped out...never wanna go camping again 5 stars
8/01/99 Shano Definitely worth seeing. A true effort by young filmakers. 5 stars
8/01/99 Randall The ending rocked, but couldn't they have sprung for a steadicam 2 stars
8/01/99 Doris Bennett THE MOVIE WAS HORRIBLE a waste of time 1 stars
8/01/99 bliarboy ok why cant i sleep i have to work monday i need sleep i no its fake but i could happen i 5 stars
8/01/99 Josh Berry A Brain 5 stars
8/01/99 Rachel Brown I have never seen such a mass exodus of people leave a movie in the middle since Ishtar. 1 stars
8/01/99 Obi Wan Paranoia!! Best Describes this Flick. I need my security blanket!!! 4 stars
8/01/99 dbx hold me 5 stars
7/31/99 Joel Schwartz Best modern horror movie...better than Halloween and Night of the Living Dead. 5 stars
7/31/99 Lourdes Evans Scary 5 stars
7/31/99 Malbert Well done&creative, but not very scary...only creepy part was the ending 4 stars
7/31/99 jenn "Blu Smrf" this is an awesome movie, it got to me ways i never thought a movie could, killer!!!! 5 stars
7/31/99 JKLaFemme "Jaws" forever changed my swimming habits. The woods are now forever more forbidding to me 5 stars
7/31/99 billybob 1 question, wheres the witch? 3 stars
7/31/99 El Brioni Scariest movie ever. Period. 5 stars
7/31/99 Gregg I was speechless and mindfucked at the same time. 5 stars
7/31/99 Daniel Gray The fear was so intense, I was forced to close my eyes more than once. 5 stars
7/31/99 Kevin O'Brien It was much scarier than I expected, but dont look for great dialoge in this flick. 5 stars
7/31/99 Breeze scared me so bad i crapped my pants 5 stars
7/30/99 Kevin This movie is truely scary -- I am hesitant to go camping for awhile after seeing it 5 stars
7/30/99 Stooooo Go See it!!!!! 5 stars
7/30/99 AMC worker You owe it to yourself to be scared $#!+less 5 stars
7/30/99 Merrideth Jiles Simplicity and Brilliance at its best!!!!! 5 stars
7/30/99 John Sproull Insanely Scary! It Made me pee my pants! 5 stars
7/30/99 Mitch Heinemann Don't sit close to the screen, the camera motion made me sick. Creepy 4 stars
7/29/99 Anthony Colella The only horror film that shows REAL Terror 5 stars
7/29/99 Damien My balls shriveled up, i was scared 5 stars
7/29/99 agsmith Definitely the movie to see this summer.. I hate spooky movies because they tend to be dull 4 stars
7/29/99 Sheila Anthony The best horror film ever. I don't ever go to see movies unless I feel they are going to b 5 stars
7/29/99 Richie Rich Frickin Disturbin 5 stars
7/29/99 andie Sherman SCARE-A-LIOUS! 5 stars
7/28/99 Alex Patino IT SUCKS ASS, I Totally agree with Cybersyd, he nailed my opinion 1 stars
7/28/99 Daisy Newman Not scary at all!! 1 stars
7/28/99 Tammie Allen it's the only movie i've ever had nightmares about 5 stars
7/28/99 David Gilmour It's OK don't know exactly what all the hype is about. 3 stars
7/28/99 Brian Smith You will not want to go camping for a while after seeing this 5 stars
7/28/99 Paul Rivers It was OK. Not that scary. The acting was good, but the characters where stupid. 3 stars
7/27/99 Tadish Durbin Cuuuhhhhreapy!!! 5 stars
7/27/99 Tom Davis Fascinating, original and creepy -- the best horror movie I've ever seen, EASILY. 5 stars
7/27/99 Tinymogul Don't buy into the hype, even "Haunting" was scarier than this low budget piece of crap 1 stars
7/27/99 Jimmy-Bond Oh my god, I got lost in the woods, I'm a retard! 1 stars
7/26/99 R.E. Peck terrifying to the very last scene.. 5 stars
7/25/99 Shiv-Dude FUCKING YEAH! 5 stars
7/24/99 Bryan Pretty Tame, Halloween H20 was scarier! 2 stars
7/24/99 JumpinJoe Outstanding....This movie tapped into my "fight or flight" reflex like no other. 5 stars
7/24/99 iyu What he said 5 stars
7/23/99 Tommy Amazing! My blood ran cold! 5 stars
7/22/99 Bill best originality of horror ever and in no way is it anything like cannibal holocaust... 5 stars
7/22/99 jason hansen The only movie that has made me scared to go home 5 stars
7/22/99 Cybersyd The web site and sci-fi channel special were far superior to the movie. What a letdown! 2 stars
7/22/99 Emilie At first I felt it was a load of crap, but I woke this morning scared out of my wits. 4 stars
7/21/99 Curly BY FAR, the very best horror film ever made!! 5 stars
7/21/99 liz this movie kicked major ass! 5 stars
7/21/99 Pam So simple it's frightening. Innovative filmmaking based upon primal fears (& a tiny budget) 5 stars
7/21/99 Lyric Three days later and I'm still scared. Best movie I've seen this year. 5 stars
7/20/99 CreamCorn Good movie, but way too over-hyped. 4 stars
7/20/99 Todd Very intense 5 stars
7/20/99 Andy van der Raadt Most of it was copied from 'The Cannibal Holocaust' which did a better job, 30 years ago. 2 stars
7/20/99 J.P. Szambelan Great concept with no payoff, definetly creepy though 4 stars
7/20/99 Ron Myroup What a waste of good film. You wanna a real horror film. Rent The Haunting. The Original. 1 stars
7/19/99 Steve Mullen I think half of my heart no longer works ... 5 stars
7/18/99 bridgette not as scary as it was made out to be, but still chilling. funnier than i expected. 4 stars
7/18/99 jbag worthy of the buzz and your 9 bucks. cast a spell on me i still haven't shaken. 5 stars
7/18/99 doc rogers Funny for 40 minutes, then boring. Non-scary. A big disappointment overall. 2 stars
7/18/99 Quy "AIR" Tran Scared the f**k out of me 5 stars
7/17/99 Filmeister Awesome, scared the shit out of me 5 stars
7/17/99 Kyle As frightening an experience as you'll ever have in a theatre. 5 stars
7/17/99 Eileene "Iko" Coscolluela A fascinating experimental film that isn't so much scary as disturbing, haunting. 5 stars
7/16/99 Jason Colliver Meow? Worth a half a dog and perchance 3 pence more then thou! 5 stars
7/15/99 Henry Rollins Blair Witch is uneven, but effective. A good, creepy movie. End of film is amazing 4 stars
7/15/99 Mike Bederka Chilling... 4 stars
7/15/99 Roddy Beaumont I literally had to sleep with the lights on after seeing this movie. 5 stars
7/15/99 Brant Grant This true-life story is a trip into the dark fear of the wilderness. 5 stars
7/14/99 Joey Reinartz AWSOME 5 stars
7/14/99 Greg Takacs I didn't know it wasn't real. I just learned that today. It scared the crap out of me!!! 5 stars
7/10/99 Chuck masterful....the whole theater was dead silent. 5 stars
7/09/99 Discriminating Filmwatcher I can't believe I wasted that much time on such garbage. You people just ate up the hype. 1 stars
7/08/99 Jason S. This movie does for camping what Jaws did for swimming and Psycho did for taking a shower 5 stars
7/04/99 Fork Absoultely excellent... best movie all year. 5 stars
7/03/99 PurityJustBegs Brilliantly executed, and easily the most frightening film of the last 20 years.Pure genius 5 stars
7/03/99 Steven Nix real or not, it's a truly frightening film. fuck all the Scream clones!!! 5 stars
7/02/99 Freyja People, IT'S NOT REAL!!! Bunch of sickos. It's an amazing movie though. 5 stars
6/26/99 Tim B. Easily the most frightening film in years. Brilliant. 5 stars
6/25/99 Scott Machunski The best horror movie to come out in an awful long time. 5 stars
6/22/99 Anna Miner Realistic and Truly Scary 5 stars
6/19/99 Jason Bell An amazingly scary, brilliant film 5 stars
6/18/99 Jacob L I will never go camping again 5 stars
6/18/99 SeanCrouch This film will scare even the most jaded 5 stars
6/17/99 Scott H. Bracken The most terrifying experience I've ever had in a theatre. 5 stars
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