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Pretty Bad: 4.28%
Total Crap: 19.57%

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by desdemona

"One of the worst movies I've ever bothered watching."
1 stars

This movie was shit, pure and simple. It's a shame that the less intelligent of the human species mistook lack of depth for meaning. This movie was nothing more than typical Hollywood melodrama built on a somewhat promising pretense that took it to undeservingly high expectations of grandeur.

To waste time explaining the plot of this waste of time would be exactly that--wasting time. This movie has already forced me to throw away nearly four hours of my life; I think that is sufficient. Let's get straight to the point--or rather, the lack of point--of this movie.

To give a general idea of story, I will build on all that has already been said--yes, this movie DID explore the range of human emotions, only poorly and no more than does any other dramatic dribble dished out to the public on a weekly basis. Yes, this movie DID try to make a very powerful point...operative word being TRY. It was about as successful at doing this as Superstar was at elliciting laughs (pardon the weak comparison).

I think what enrages me the most is that this movie was compared to American Beauty. That some idiot would even attempt to place Magnolia on the same plane as American Beauty is both ridiculous and disheartening--I weep for the lack of understanding that is all too present in society. That Magnolia couldn't do in three and a half hours what American Beauty did flawlessly in two is proof enough of which is the superior of the two. However, that apparently isn't enough for some people. To properly rip apart Magnolia and simultaneously elevate American Beauty I think the meanings of both movies should be thouroughly explored.

I can see the point Magnolia was TRYING to make: sometimes the things we think are impossible actually do happen. Okay. And to demonstrate this you give me a storm of frogs? Fucking frogs? Please people, do not mistake lack of creativity for genius. How powerful can a message possibly be when it must be delivered by frogs? Just something to ponder... Now, the other point the movie was apparently trying to make is that people are generally fucked up. Okay. You needed three and half hours to tell me that, and even then THAT was the message I was waiting for??

I will admit, there is a certain amount of entertainment value in the movie. Although it was 3.5 hours long, it did not fail to hold my interest. The first thing that was particularly intriguing was the connections between all the characters. But that connection proved to be part of the movie's ruin. It seemed as if the director's reason for connecting all the characters was to show how entirely and irrevocably fucked up society is. While I will be the first to admit that people in general are pretty screwed up, I will also admit that I know of a lot of good people in this world--people that are connected to one another and AREN'T completely screwed up in the head. By connecting all these horribly deceitful people to each other, it was almost as if we were expected to draw a parallel to society with them, but their problems and faults just aren't necessarily typical of society. And while there were some genuinely good people in this movie, they got so little attention it was almost as if they didn't matter.

Aside from all that though, the movie itself was genuinely interesting. The whole movie is spent building up the tragedies of all its characters. Therein lies the problem. This movie would be nothing if it weren't for the SEVERAL dramatic plots unfolding around each other. Any one taken singularly could have made it's own weepy blockbuster; that doesn't mean any one of them possessed any sort of meaningful purpose. It just means they were depressing enough to draw in hoards of bored housewives. Put together, however, and the separate plots still don't accomplish any more than that. Yeah, death is sad and tragic, but it's sad and tragic in every sad and tragic movie. Yeah, people have problems, but people have problems in every movie. That's what makes the stories interesting enough to be made into movies; there's a reason it's called the entertainment industry. And yes, while the separate stories together take the audience through the spectrum of human emotion, it does so without any seeming point whatsoever. A sad movie does not make a meaningful one. Oh sure, one can assume what the point was probably supposed to be, but that doesn't change the fact that the ending was so poorly done that when the point needed to be showcased and exemplified the most the movie failed miserably and almost sadly--all that talent wasted on absolutely nothing.

And talent there was--incredible amounts of it. Tom Cruise and Julianne Moore deserve Academy Award nominations for their powerful, albeit wasted, performances. The actors were, in fact, the only redeeming quality of this movie. If my time had to be wasted, at least I was entertained in the meantime. Unfortunately, the surplus of talent found in the actors couldn't make up for the complete lack thereof in writing and direction.

The difference between this and American Beauty? American Beauty DID have meaning. It left the audience silent and dumbfounded for several minutes after its powerful conclusion. Magnolia left the audience dumbfounded at the fact that they wasted three and a half hours for THAT. The meaning of Magnolia can be adequately guessed, even if it wasn't adequately represented. The meaning of American Beauty was so profound and so impacting and so subtle that I still today cannot fully articulate or even understand the magnitude of it; it was so beautiful and so powerful words cannot do it justice. Magnolia was ugly by comparison; a jumbled, confused, misdirected mess.

I'm still pissed about those fucking frogs, and for those of you who have already seen it, don't give me any of that symbolism bullshit--symbolism is the use of red in American Beauty, not the raining down of frogs in Magnolia. I still can't believe that that was supposed to be the climax of the movie; it is no more than laughable, if not worse. And it certainly does not make for an adequate conclusion.

The saddest thing is that this movie could have been at least good. There was a definite promise throughout the entire movie, and although no movie can be truly great when it's based entirely on one tragedy after another, it could have been at least GOOD.

The frogs ruined it, though.

The lack of a meaningful conclusion didn't help.

Basic plot summary: sad, sad, sad, sad, frogs, end.

Just go see American Beauty and don't even bother with the pretentious trash that is Magnolia.

I can't believe I even wasted my time.

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originally posted: 01/17/00 16:14:51
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User Comments

8/23/16 Bents Very good acting performances - and very well made 5 stars
1/18/15 Alan Where's the story? Could have, should have been great, but falls short. 3 stars
9/21/13 Shawn Stylish aspects, but in the end I don't think there's really anything there. 3 stars
6/06/13 Langano Great flick 5 stars
7/24/12 Quigley Some kind of masterpiece, for sure. 5 stars
7/14/12 Mike Shallow and pedantic. Indubitably. Seriously though, this movie blows. 1 stars
5/26/11 chris c Like reading a long book, for those who can stay awake. 5 stars
3/12/10 FRANK TJ MACKEY Oh,your gonna give me that cherrypiesweetmamababy!-Cruise's best role ever 5 stars
12/19/09 DocJ OK, let's have everybody sing the song. Oh, yeah, the guy on respirator too. Crap hell. 1 stars
12/05/09 Selenium Waste of three hours, was a terrible movie. Had potential.. 1 stars
9/06/09 HsvsRsvsesv none 1 stars
6/02/09 PT I'm sorry. It really was a piece of crap. 1 stars
1/29/09 blah blah amazing briliant acting and an emotional rollercoaster 5 stars
12/05/08 K. Sear A rare gem. 5 stars
8/14/08 Claudia This movie reminds me of 'The Emperor's New Clothes', deep down everyone knows it's shit. 1 stars
2/04/08 Chris Really well acted, good movie, I thought Cruise deserved the Oscar for this movie 4 stars
2/04/08 Derek Seriously, this pretentious piece of pure rubbish is the greatest waste of time of all time 1 stars
1/24/08 Scott I just watched it again (this time fully awake) I take it back this movie fucking blows 1 stars
11/28/07 Scott It's a good sign that most of the movies detractors post vulgar nonsese. Great movie 5 stars
11/06/07 Michael "My mind is the thing i miss the most" -Cruise reflecting. 5 stars
10/12/07 Sarah Clark One of the best movies I have ever soon. Real, authentic, heart breaking, affirming. Great. 5 stars
9/27/07 Stalemate wow, never watch this, i mean i lost 3hrs of my life...i have patience but this movie was S 1 stars
8/08/07 Lynn Was good until the WTF? moment with the frogs!!!! 2 stars
6/10/07 matt the most pretentious and useless film EVER 1 stars
6/02/07 Mark D Tom Cruise overacting...again 1 stars
4/06/07 Anthony Great script score and acting. A tad long but worth the effort 5 stars
3/28/07 Double M Cruise was robbed of an oscar, the rest of the cast were almost as good... great movie 5 stars
3/26/07 Eric R Brilliant movie, made before Tom Cruise lost his mind... 5 stars
3/15/07 Sombke Love it or Hate it.... I loved it. Profound. 5 stars
2/28/07 Marcus Dennis Brilliant Direction, Story, and Acting 5 stars
2/01/07 Melissa Tokarczyk Frogs rule! 4 stars
1/26/07 Phil M. Aficionado 7 parts brilliance with 2 parts "huh?" and 1 part "nahh", plus great acting 4 stars
12/24/06 del If you look up "Pretentious" in the dicionary, there's a picture of this film's poster. 1 stars
10/03/06 Lisa Craven Cruise is a POWERHOUSE...never get tired of watching this flick, love Aimee MAnn 5 stars
8/28/06 David Corneillie Mesmorizing stuff. Great character and scene elaboration. 5 stars
6/26/06 MP Bartley Self-indulgent? Sure. But there are so may stretches of brilliance here you can forgive it. 5 stars
6/06/06 William Goss Remarkably potent and rather uncontrived, although slightly self-indulgent. 4 stars
1/29/06 Magnolia sucks Vomit-inducingly bad shit from a fucking idiot of a director, fuck. 1 stars
1/17/06 Jared Wilson My favorite movie. period. 5 stars
1/02/06 harry crap shit film.Cruise sucks 1 stars
11/01/05 -CUJO- Amazingly intelligent movie, if you are an idiot. 1 stars
10/22/05 Marcia Gebhardt A spell binding movie. Does anyone know the connection between Magnolia and the movie ? 4 stars
10/16/05 Luca That proves anybody who thinks Magnolia is a piece of shit is one stupid fucka. 5 stars
10/14/05 Fucka I really don't understand how anybody could think Magnolia is not a piece of shit. 1 stars
10/08/05 Mr. Durden Amazing, A true work of art. 5 stars
10/05/05 Leo An intelligent and powerfull film whose disparate parts become a cohesive structure 5 stars
8/23/05 Luca I really don't understand how anybody could think Magnolia is a bad movie. 5 stars
7/25/05 JFK WOW 5 stars
7/11/05 Pablo Esto film es mierda!!!! 1 stars
6/28/05 R a big cane should've pulled the actors off the screen at the end of the big music number. 1 stars
5/27/05 Jake Brilliantly superb, well acted, and breathtaking. At 3 hours long, it goes by quick. 5 stars
5/13/05 Indrid Cold Like Boogie, has nothing profound to say, but unlike Boogie, there's no colorful spectacle. 3 stars
5/03/05 Naka I pity the "Total crap" foilks, not intelligent enough to enjoy things like this... 5 stars
2/22/05 ELI Sad to say, if you think this movies bad, you're kinda...retarded :( 5 stars
12/26/04 Faceslapper Probably the worst movie ever made. An insulting, idotic piece of shit with morons screamin 1 stars
12/16/04 Andy Quirion makes you think, maybe I am having a good day 5 stars
12/12/04 Charlene Javier Didn't know Tom Cruise can act! 5 stars
12/06/04 Jimmy Kustes Listen to the soundtrack from Aimee Mann 5 stars
10/07/04 kentukey i hate it 1 stars
8/22/04 Peter James A great film 5 stars
6/25/04 DAVE SOLID 4 stars
6/14/04 MyGreenBed A great artistic leep (think Beatles, Help-to-Sgt.Peppers/Boogie-to-Magnolia). 5 stars
5/01/04 the bride Emotionally exhausting. But an incredible achievement too. 5 stars
4/27/04 Logan Well, I don't really know what to say about this one. 5 stars
3/24/04 George Jung Perfect. 5 stars
2/23/04 Naturezrevenge A brilliant piece which dissect the interlaced microcosmos of life. "Happiness"w less pedos 5 stars
2/13/04 Kai Excellent. A film which actually has substance and meaning is a rare find. 5 stars
10/24/03 laurabetty great but what's with the fucking frogs? 4 stars
9/09/03 Buck one of the most original and exhilarating movies ever 5 stars
8/05/03 Dirk Diggler An unbelievably perceptive and hypnotic film about real, actual human feelings. 5 stars
7/31/03 Kooler Mann' song says what the viewer feels: It's not going to stop, it's not going to stop! 4 stars
7/21/03 Monster W. Kung Amazing what they try to pass as 'intelligent' these days. T-R-A-S-H 1 stars
6/07/03 George Jung I have lots of love to give. 5 stars
6/01/03 Jon Lyrik Brilliant. 5 stars
5/13/03 MAnda Who do you think you are Anderson?! 1 stars
4/29/03 Lea Antonopoulos It was crazy, different but I liked it! 4 stars
4/13/03 Jack Sommersby Bloated, pretentious and trite. A failed venture into Altman country. 1 stars
4/04/03 Jack Bourbon Waaaaaaahhhh! Boo hoo hoo!!! Sniffle, sniffle. OK, now you've seen it. 1 stars
3/20/03 sunshine A bunch of horrible &or unrealistic guys and fucked up women. boring! 1 stars
3/18/03 WestcoastPunk Speachless 5 stars
3/17/03 Robbie Banfitch nothing to say 5 stars
3/02/03 johan Great! 5 stars
3/02/03 Monster W. Kung One of the most pretentious, most irritating, and worst written movies ever. 1 stars
2/11/03 The Man Well done, Tom Cruise is great but no sympathetic characters, and the frogs bothered me. 4 stars
2/02/03 Sarah ***** 5 stars
1/14/03 Vince the acting makes this one. 5 stars
1/13/03 Stevo Every single second of this snoozeathon is totally boring with no decent moments 1 stars
12/12/02 Gruther Quality, intelligent film making 4 stars
10/20/02 Paul pointless crap 1 stars
10/11/02 Uncle Salty What a boing, drawn out, pointless movie. Beat me over the head next time. 1 stars
9/17/02 The Truth Every single second of this masterpiece is absolute brilliance with no boring moments 5 stars
8/26/02 bonnie blue Length was PERFECT, and I avoided movies for years for fear of being trapped in seat. 5 stars
7/24/02 TheChronic Loved the sofa moving black lady, the ONLY movie I ever walked out on. NOT Tom Cruise! 2 stars
7/23/02 Bueller Enough talent for three really good films. The storylines gave me nothing to care about. 2 stars
7/13/02 Edfink Lombardo Always engaging with interesting characters that pop from the screen. Brilliant. 5 stars
6/25/02 Robbie Banfitch The best yet from a brilliant director 5 stars
6/04/02 I'm in (L) with a Jedi well, very good, sadiefuls, moving 4 stars
3/25/02 Tomper If you're into movies that make you uncomfortable this is it.Shows our dark side very well. 4 stars
3/21/02 lucy fur utter waste of your brains cells 1 stars
3/12/02 James Lindstrom see it 5 stars
3/02/02 Tiffany Thunderhurst Never a good sign when it needs to rain frogs to see who's still awake! 1 stars
2/26/02 Nick Anderson does it again, simply beautiful 5 stars
2/17/02 Clarance AMAZING..Great directing/music/acting and plot! What a piece of work! 5 stars
2/12/02 john james a boring piece of shit. i wished all the characters would've died of cancer! 1 stars
1/11/02 Robert This movie is genius, plain and simple. You who dislike it simply refuse to understand it. 5 stars
1/11/02 Geo7654 One of the biggest Piles of shit ever made. 1 stars
1/08/02 Spyguy2 Too long? Yes. Aggravating? Yes. Confusing? Yes Brilliant? Hell Yeah, Motherfucker!! 5 stars
12/30/01 Monday Morning Just slightly better than "Ishtar". 1 stars
12/15/01 Cracked head Lesson for moviemakers make a fucking soap opera, and disguise it as 'art'. Pure bullshit. 1 stars
12/02/01 BlueDog Great movie 5 stars
12/01/01 Phoenix A brilliant work of art. Terrific direction by Paul Thomas Anderson, and great acting too. 5 stars
11/29/01 Cookie Cutter The only "movie" I walked out, EVER. An insult to anybody's intelligence. 1 stars
11/03/01 Andrew Carden Too Many Sub-Plots Going Around, With No Point At All. 1 stars
10/25/01 Kat Don't think what Hollywood tells you to. 2nd worst movie ever. 1 stars
9/30/01 daniboy this is just great. One of my favorite movies of all-time 5 stars
8/26/01 Gary Emotional, torrid, touching and powerful. Immaculately drawn characters and superb acting. 5 stars
8/09/01 E-Funk Beautifully written and directed...everyone is on-target in this odd look at life. 5 stars
8/01/01 Terrie Smith Has its moments but far too long & exasperating to watch. Cruise is something else. 3 stars
7/27/01 Rolling Thunder Tried to like it, but I just couldn't. It's so arrogantly horrid it makes me sick. 1 stars
7/26/01 Caligula Awful. Overlong, overacted, self-indulgent, full of idiotic deus-ex-machina (live TV show?) 1 stars
7/26/01 Crisis Management One of the worst movies ever made. 1 stars
7/20/01 Gus It has to be in the top ten movies ever made. 5 stars
7/03/01 fysl Incredible pice of art 5 stars
7/02/01 Tracy If you didn't understand its depth, then you obviously were not the intended audience. 5 stars
6/12/01 Rac So bad I was forced to cut my own throat 1 stars
6/03/01 Del the Funky Homo sapiens Kold Kickin' it live with the KKK! 5 stars
5/26/01 Dean's twin brother, Dan I don't like thinkin'! Why movie no spell it out for me? Ooh, my head hurts! 5 stars
5/23/01 Dean 3 and a half hours of boring film to see the most pointless ending ever. 1 stars
5/22/01 MeatFlute AB is tripe. Watch the intro of Mag again and maybe you'll understandthe frogs, Desdemoner 5 stars
5/03/01 Bueller A 3 hour ensemble peice that doesn't feature even ONE compelling character! Boring as hell! 1 stars
3/28/01 Jesse L Like Thanksgiving Dinner at my mom's house....long boring depressing 1 stars
3/21/01 Monster W. Kung Boring, self-indulgent crap. 2 stars
3/12/01 Your Mom Read Exodus, you ignorant fuck! 4 stars
3/11/01 zeitgeist first two hours were great, then it draaaaaaged 4 stars
3/04/01 za one of the few films that live up to its audaciousness. PT took a huge risk and won!! 5 stars
3/01/01 Gray Amazing movie. PTA is a great director and the scenes with the singing &frogs are brilliant 5 stars
2/25/01 Wilson Robinson GREAT MOVIE 5 stars
2/20/01 The Frogurt Messiah Holy shit--I think i swallowed my gum. 5 stars
2/10/01 No Way This movie blows. Too hard to follow, and disgusting ending! 2 stars
1/18/01 Lisa this movie rocks my world all over again, every time I see it 5 stars
1/12/01 Matt69 An ambitious thought provoking film. Respect the cock. 5 stars
1/10/01 Rob Banfitch The people in this movie stay with you. 5 stars
12/21/00 Markus Larsson Incredible... This movie has everything. Great cast, direction, music, cutting... and so on 5 stars
12/20/00 David Very entertaining but there seemed to be no point. 4 stars
11/21/00 The Bill Head Great acting, directing, and writing!! Cruise is a standout..wonderful score. Must see! 5 stars
11/20/00 Jeremy Rumsey I thought it was awesome until the frogs came down but then it all made sense. 4 stars
11/18/00 Juanfer It analyse the guiltyness in the human beeing, shown in a lot of people. It's great. 5 stars
10/20/00 hum interesting but somehow not as engaging as it should be 3 stars
10/01/00 JS Very, very, very.... very goood 5 stars
9/06/00 Monday Morning Great acting, pointless story, wasted money. 2 stars
8/15/00 Clarance By Far! The best movie I have ever seen!!! 5 stars
8/12/00 Yassen Roussev Makes you think 5 stars
8/10/00 Todd J An awesome display! Didn't get the "82" connection 5 stars
8/01/00 God Heartbreaking and magnificent, a towering achievement. Made me cry and re-think my life 5 stars
7/11/00 Jami One word- BREATHTAKING 5 stars
6/24/00 Aaron White Alman meets Tarantino meets Days of our Lives. Stunning plate-spinning. Flawless acting. 4 stars
6/05/00 Blubberbot It looked great but what was the story about? I've never seen a great movie suck so bad. 2 stars
5/31/00 Bruce This is a great one, awesome!! 5 stars
5/21/00 mellemel Interesting. A tad long, but the frogs made it worth it. 4 stars
4/12/00 K.B. P.T. does for emotional scenes what Tarantino did for violent scenes. Amazing! 5 stars
4/12/00 Sasha Amazing tapestry of a movie done with superior skill 5 stars
4/11/00 kohawk I don't know, the frogs may have been worth the price of admission...Maybe. Overrated 3 stars
4/10/00 punkass Thought provoking & interesting if your heads as far up your arse as mine 4 stars
4/05/00 P! You jerks that didn't love this movie- Your all Fucking Morons, stick to Armageddon, idiots 5 stars
4/02/00 Kriperace What about the biblical allusion to the 10 plagues? 5 stars
3/31/00 Arnaldo Cruz great direction,great editing,and great acting, the best movie 5 stars
3/29/00 Matthew Bartley Staggeringly well done. Only about 15 minutes superflous stuff 5 stars
3/23/00 Zander McGill The best film of the year by far. Although simple-minded moviegoers seem not to like it. 5 stars
3/23/00 Laura the good part was the frogs. the ONLY good part 1 stars
3/23/00 jim rice Rambling load of BOLLOCKS ! Pretentious load of CRAP! Surprisingly Cruise is good 1 stars
3/23/00 Pierce Lanson Missed the frogs, -walked out . Awful people, awful stories, awful film. 1 stars
3/17/00 Aaron Amazingly good - can't wait to buy the DVD. 5 stars
3/16/00 Justine Briggs I want my three hours back. Borrrrrrrring!!!!!! 1 stars
3/13/00 Willie Rose Without a doubt the best movie of the last five years - "Brilliant" 5 stars
3/13/00 Matthew Smith a devestating masterpiece, brilliantly acted. 5 stars
3/06/00 Captain Highcrime Pretty damn good, but way too fucking long to see again. 4 stars
3/04/00 Pizaster engaging, absorbing...very well acted, could've been trimmed though 4 stars
3/04/00 Mic One of the most boring movies ever made. How it ever made the IMDb top 50 is beyond me. 1 stars
2/25/00 Zaren Absolutely compelling in voice- Pure genius in vision, one of the best films in years 5 stars
2/15/00 theguy 1/10th as good as PT Anderson thinks it is. 1 stars
2/14/00 natasha not predigested for public consumption-- really challenging in the best way 5 stars
2/12/00 Skye Chapman excessive. anderson needs a slap, but i admire his guts 5 stars
2/07/00 Morgen Wilson A unique work of cinematic genius. 5 stars
2/06/00 Reed Rothchild Paul Thomas Anderson is one fucking talented director! 5 stars
2/05/00 Bueller Not even ONE compelling character in THREE hours! Don't ever waste my time like this again! 1 stars
1/29/00 Ami the Wonderbread I was truly awed by Tom Cruise for maybe the first time. Bring on MI2 4 stars
1/23/00 Brian P. Hanley This movie was riveting. A joy to watch. 5 stars
1/21/00 jvt Hardly "average" but some of it's great while some just sucks 3 stars
1/20/00 MAXOMENOS This movie blew me away. Wonderful characters and full of surprises. A modern parable. 5 stars
1/19/00 k.tomkowski An interesting movie. Cruise is an average actor and privately an arsehole. 4 stars
1/18/00 commando_337 I'm still wondering about this movie, and I get almost anything, CRAZY!!! 1 stars
1/17/00 Pearl Very Deep. Did anyone else relate this to the Ten commandments in Exodus where it rained f 4 stars
1/17/00 BBReBozo Amazing. I'm still thinking about it one week later. 5 stars
1/15/00 Kevin Cho Bizarre -brilliant. I hate Tom Cruise - he's a terrible person - but the movie was GREAT. 5 stars
1/15/00 The Voice of Reason Movie Freek, way to be subtle (opening paragraph). You should be arrested. 5 stars
1/15/00 Heather P.T. Anderson pulls off another masterpiece, didn't like the movie? then you didn't get it! 5 stars
1/14/00 Monkey'sUncle you better listen to albert u dumbasses! this movie was pointless! why the hell the frogs?? 1 stars
1/14/00 Albert This movie was just a collection of opportunities for actors to try and win an award. 1 stars
1/14/00 mosch disjointed, depressing, yet compelling? 3 stars
1/14/00 TheOnlyOneWithSomeSense are u people fucking retarded? this movie was complete shit!! it was over 3 hours long! 1 stars
1/14/00 shanababana Truly brilliant. Long, but worth it. 4 stars
1/12/00 majawat industrial 5 stars
1/12/00 Podbrey MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE 5 stars
1/11/00 ashton fastecf 4 stars
1/11/00 Laura Petermann Fucking Phenomenal - Absolutely riviting! 5 stars
1/10/00 epowell Felt like an acid trip and EVERY scene was too damn long. 2 stars
1/10/00 sherrie much like an Altman film 4 stars
1/10/00 Jim Russo A waste of $7.50!! I should have tossed it in the sewer - - where this movie should be. 1 stars
1/10/00 PurityJustBegs Tom Crusie doing a self-parody? are you sure you saw Magnolia? Brilliant film, by the way.. 5 stars
1/09/00 E. David Sheldon I've got nine words for you... what the fuck is the deal with the frogs? 4 stars
1/09/00 jenn "Blu Smrf" This movie could not have been better, amazing! totally awesome!!!! 5 stars
1/08/00 Adam Ouch, my head hurts. Don't go in expecting a light movie, but don't expect a bad one eithe 4 stars
1/08/00 Rue the Whirl PT Anderson is a fucking madman genius!!! 5 stars
1/08/00 Malbert Could have been *really* good-poor directing, great score, awesome acting, *way* too long! 3 stars
1/05/00 tim francis very altman, very good. 4 stars
1/01/00 Tyson Stewart FOUR STARS (out of four) The second best film of the year; #1-Eyes Wide Shut. Excellent!!! 5 stars
12/24/99 abby heart wrenching and insightful 5 stars
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