Prince of Egypt, The

Reviewed By Thom
Posted 12/28/99 23:23:46

"Impoverished retelling of a classic Hebrew myth"
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

So gimmicky its almost a waste of time. It will definitely hold the attention of young ones who have been conditioned by the Disney formula. It glosses over the real structure and meaning of the Moses story and we get some pithy cartoon version instead.

For a story that is the cornerstone of three of the world's major religions you would think they would have given a little more attention to meaning. Instead they focused on formulas and gimmicks and left the force of the story in the catering truck.

There are two good reasons to see this film. The tenth plague of the death of the first born and the parting of the Red Sea.

One last thing. Ra isn't even that important in Egyptian mythology. And Pharoah's wife is his sister. That is why he is the pharoah, because divine rule passed through the female, not the male. In order for Ramses to become pharoah, he must marry his mother's daughter, his sister. Not be crowned upon the death of his father, as Prince of Egypt would have it be told.

Get the facts right. If you are going to try to be historically accurate, make sure you get the whole story.

Some of the plot embellishments do nothing to get the emotional buy-in they were after.

One thing I did think was interesting about Moses in Prince of Egypt is how multi-cultural he was. Ethnically Hebrew, culturally Egyptian and married to a Midianite. Politically, he was several millenia ahead of his time.

Prince of Egypt is a bad batch of cultural mythology cut with a large percentage of airy embellishment. It won't get you high and is just a waste of money.

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