Coyote Ugly

Reviewed By PyThomas
Posted 08/12/00 14:54:28

"It ain't as ugly as everyone wants you to think."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Scantily clad women dancing on the bar and a sucky plot. That's generally what the majority of the critics summarized Coyote Ugly. And having the word "ugly" in the title made it an easier target for the headline writers. While Coyote Ugly is nowhere near perfect, it's still an enjoyable film.

Violet (Piper Perabo) is an aspiring songwriter trying to make it in the big city. Her efforts at getting her submissions noticed are futile as usual, so to pay the bills, she lands a job at a rough-n-rowdy bar called Coyote Ugly. She also meets a guy who helps her out with her stage fright. Much bar antics ensue.

No, it's not gonna win any awards... but Coyote Ugly is not that ugly a film either.

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