Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 03/31/99 03:49:08

"The longer it goes, the more you want to scream."
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

A great example of why 80's retro flicks have never really taken off. The 80's was simply a sucky, self-indulgent era, and this is a sucky self-indulgent film to match.

Great clothes, though.

Whatever starts well. It's icky enough and teen angst enough to hold your interest, but the longer these loathsome characters go about their self-abusive, self-flagellating behaviour, the more you lose touch with the heart of the film and wish it would stop.

Anna is a Jersey shore chick who wants to go to New York for Art School (big fuckin' whoop - it's hardly a long journey). Her friend is a skankyho, back before the term was invented. The film is basically about Anna sulking, her friend fucking, and Anna letting herself become her friend, then sulking some more, then the movie ending.

Oh joy! Teenage girls welcoming abuse. Just the thing to pep up your Sunday. Way to role model, gals.

Debutant director Susan Skoog relies on loathsome characters and the gutter end of adolescence (heads jobs and vomit, the drinking of loogies for $20, bobbing heads, ugly sex and jocks 'pulling a train') to make her point. It's like having someone drag you into a bathroom to look at someone's turd - yeah, okay, I'm shocked, I could have done without seeing that, why am I here exactly?

If the film offered an answer to the gals' malaise, or even an interesting take on their sad state of affairs, it might be worth a peek. Sadly - no, frustratingly - there's no end in site. In fact, there's no point in sight. In fact, there's nothing other than some head-shaking, some woeful parents, some amply filled bras and de ja vu New Jersey locations. (A scene at Red Bank Station spun me out momentarily - I slept on that bench once!)

The lead, debutant Lisa Weil, is good. She makes a few scenes more than bearable, but in the end her talent exposes the weaknesses of the rest of this crappy cast.

There's nothing here. Move along. And take your vomit with you. I don't feel your pain and resent the fact you want me to.

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