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Indecent Proposal
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by Slyder

"If married couples were this dumb I wonder how we evolved as a civilization"
1 stars

You know, whenever you read the tabloids or sensationalist magazines, you will probably read some incredible stories, be it true or not, regarding how amazingly smart or incredibly stupid some celebrity married couples may be. We tend to laugh or groan at them mainly because they tend to do things of such magnitude that we would never imagine ourselves doing such things. Not to say that Iím taking a hypocritical stance at it, since there are some every day people that will probably end up doing the same stupid shit. The point that Iím making is that these things that celebrities do are so far-fetched that one usually says that only in the movies could happen. Well, it did happened in this movie, and after sitting through its 120 minutes of hilarious mind-numbing stupidity, I think it would be safe to say that weíd better stick to just reading the tabloids or avoid them all together. There are better things to read out thereÖ or to watch.

Make no mistake, this is one incredibly dumb movie; a poor excuse of a morality play trying to stir up a ruckus due to itís supposedly controversial plot device in which the marketing people jumped all over like flies on a pile of dog shit. Director Adrian Lyne, whom is better known for churning that one reject script called Fatal Attraction into a B-Movie classic, pretty much lays it out on the table what a one-trick pony that movie was and what a fucking hack he ultimately turned out to be with this mess.

Check it out: David and Diana Murphy (Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore respectively) are a happily married yet financially struggling couple that canít seem to get a break. The recession has hit the country hard, and their dream house they were building is now in danger of being lost to the bankers. Davidís profession as an architect hasnít got him anywhere close to getting a job, while Diana is trying to keep the household afloat by working as a real estate agent. In the real world when oneís looking at the shit-end of the stick, you either have 2 options, either cut your losses and start from zero, or fight by getting another better paying job (and yes, you can still get a good job in recession time if you look hard enough; I know, Ďcause Iíve been there before). But of course, in the movies, this is never going to happen, otherwise there wouldnít be a movie. NO! They go to Vegas and try and get rich quick in order to pay of their debts. I mean, if youíre really fucked up economically, you try and gamble your life savings out in Vegas, so of course it makes perfect sense to do such a thingÖ

So David and Diana go, and make their riches, only to lose it later on, but David didnít count on the fact that Diana had met a rich billionaire called John Gage (Robert Redford FFS!), whom immediately falls for her. Gage soon gets acquainted with the Murphys and it is during one o their encounters when Gage drops the gauntlet and makes that already known offer: One million dollars David, if I get to fuck your wife for one night; deal or no deal?

Ah yes, the million dollar question that spurred a national debate during the movieís initial theatre run. Maybe I wouldnít have had a problem with the scenario had there been a little more emotional depth in order to connect myself with David and Diana, but since these two are so shallow, and one-sided and not to mention STUPID, then it makes for a lot less credible scenario. These two people are supposedly completely in love with each other, and the ďHave I told you that I love you?Ē leitmotif of a question keeps on popping up throughout the movie (Why didnít they even add the Rod Stewart song every time they popped that question is beyond me, or maybe its obvious). I was first appalled by Davidís lack of manhood regarding this (and his laziness of not getting a damn job), and Diana is usually the one that ultimately not only puts words in Davidís mouth, but also later on IS THE ONE THAT CONVINCES HER OWN HUSBAND TO TAKE UP THE OFFER!!! Are you fucking kidding me? Arenít these two supposedly in love with each other, and donít they respect their love for each other at all? Is it really worth such humiliation over a couple of bucks? Not according to Diana, because after all sheís doing this for Dave, for his house and his dreamsÖ give me a fucking break will you? Oh, and sheís done it before of course!

And then thereís their lawyer Jeremy (Oliver Platt), whom David talks to, on the speakerphone so that EVERYBODY CAN HEAR LOUD AN CLEAR WHAT A FUCKING DUNDERHEAD HE IS BY ALLOWING HIS WIFE TO SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN FOR MONEY!!! This scene stands out for me for two reasons: 1) It shows what a complete inept job screenwriter Amy Holden Jones did in this movie by writing such atrociously hokey dialogue (ďNever negotiate without me! For a woman like Diana, I couldíve gotten you at least two millionĒ) and 2) It shows the utter cluelessness that Adrian Lyne has regarding his movie as he doesnít know whether to handle this scene as a dramatic one or a comedic one, and yet it ultimately backfires because I found myself laughing at the stupidity of the scene (in fact I was laughing already when Diana brought the offer up again with David in bed a few minutes earlier). I have to say though Iíd agree with Platt on that part nevertheless; if I were a millionaire, Iíd pay two million to fuck Demi Moore. Hell, who wouldnít (are you there Ashton?)?

But this is only the beginning. As expected, it happens: both Diana and John sleep together (no sex scene though; for all you horny teenage boys itching to get off on Demi, prepare to be disappointed in that department!). And then David completely breaks down because he canít hack the fact that heís such a fucking idiot for letting his wife sleep with another manÖ Hang on, scratch that, let me rephrase: He canít hack the fact that heís such a fucking idiot, that he allowed himself to be manipulated by his own wife so that she could sleep with another man. And of course the whole relationship breaks down because of that, because Diana finally confesses to David how much she enjoyed it (whether she said it earnestly or cynically, ultimately thatís beside the point). Diana tries to fight John because he ended up buying their dream house, and she still wants to get it back for David, and win his heart back. But ultimately she ends up falling for Johnís manipulative charms and money, making her of course nothing but a money-loving whore. In the meantime, David continues to pay the consequences for being such a fucking idiot, but at least he finally smartens up and gets a job as a teacher. So, will these two ever get back together? Will love ultimately conquer over money?

Personally, I wouldíve been happier if these two had jumped off a cliff into their deaths.

Robert Redford tries to come off cool and suave, and actually it comes off very well. However, what I found really laughable about his character is that heís supposedly this very sinister and manipulative guy, yet he ultimately ends up having a heart of gold? What the fuck is it with that? I thought millionaires were supposed to be these merciless and soulless pieces of shit. They have to be, otherwise their credibility goes out the window, and a guy with his stature cannot afford that. Not to mention the denouement of his relationship with Diana has to be one the most pathetic ways out of a clichť towards a happy ending that Iíve seen in along time.

Demi Mooreís Diana is pretty much the most manipulative and utterly repugnant character in the film. She keeps on repeating and repeating how much she loves David and yet ends up becoming this shameless gold-digger who apparently seems to have erased her supposed ďlove of her lifeĒ the moment that John pulled out his charms on her, making her reek of blatant selfishness all over. It also doesnít help the fact that Demi makes herself a block of granite in the portrayal of the character. Her icy-cold facial features even give the impression that her character is even more sinister and repulsive than what she already ends up being. Woody Harrelson isnít even much better, and tries to compensate for his characterís lack of depth and self-worth by wailing and screaming his guts out on several scenes; I just canít believe somebody could just be that fucking stupid to allow himself that much humiliation. And I feel sorry for Woody taking part in such a piece of shit of a movie, but not to worry, Larry Flynt was just a few years away!

By the time both of these two bozos get back together again, Iím just amazed at the utter hypocrisy of the entire scene. How can true love prevail if these two never trusted each other in the first place and they never respected each other at all? How can they get back together again if they willingly betrayed their vows to each other and submitted themselves to the lowest forms of degradation of character? I guess this a question that screenwriter Amy Holden Jones never asked herself when she sat down to write this piece of trash; though it might have looked good on paper (this was adapted from a novel by Jack Engelhard), it certainly doesnít wash on screen. Welcome to screenwriter hell Amy! Adrian Lynne, also deserves a chunk of the blame because the guy tries to go for style over substance and it fails miserably here, not to mention heís never able to set the right tonality for the movie, because it ends up being unintentionally laughable in places where it should be taken with a straight face, and what little credibility the story had, he simply doesnít do an ounce of effort to boost it back up.

Sure people are going to accuse me for standing in my moral soapbox because we know how money is so tempting for people and they think they can get away with it. If people want to be sluts and whore themselves for money under the excuse that theyíre doing it to make their situation better, thatís their problem and they better be prepared for the consequences and not act all hypocritical about it later on in life. One can have his kinks and some dark features in oneself, but when it comes to the person that you love, you canít just do such horseshit; you have to treat that with respect. And thatís not being politically correct or taking a holier-than-thou position, thatís having standards.

Regarding this movie, forget it. Itís a complete waste of time; itís nothing but a balloon with hot air. All flash and zero substance as well as boatloads of daft stupidity. And not even any decent nudity or sex scenes as well! DAMN IT! I wanted to see Demi do it! What a rip-off!!! Avoid! 0-5

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originally posted: 07/14/08 04:10:28
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User Comments

1/29/09 Phil M. Afficiando Insipid. Redford's next million should go toward getting his name off the credits. 2 stars
7/29/08 mary mcmuray Interesting idea but it never really got believable. 2 stars
7/20/08 Jayson Sexploitation flick with (then A-list) stars. 2 stars
7/17/08 Vickie Couturier I liked this movie,made you think,what would you do? 4 stars
7/17/08 Eloise Carlson I absolutely loved this movie! Demi Moore was brilliant. 4 stars
3/30/08 Kimberly Once in a while, a beautiful movie comes along. Hypocrites are those who say it's crap. 5 stars
6/10/05 Indrid Cold Supremely velvety and atmospheric, but also supremely stupid. 2 stars
10/20/02 Charles Tatum You'd have to pay me a million dollars to sit through this crap again 1 stars
7/12/02 KMG Okay, eventho Redford is baggy I would sleep with him for is money! 3 stars
6/02/02 Tiffany Faye Hawthorne Woody his usual so-so;Why'd Redford stoop to this? Demi Moore sucks her own turds. 1 stars
4/28/02 Butterbean Strong beginning, but deflates as it went onward. Another case of a misfired plot. 3 stars
1/08/02 Andrew Carden REALLY Overrated and Disappointing Flick. 1 stars
5/31/01 Arber D This movie is very disappointing ! Raises expectations that cannot meet! 2 stars
4/01/01 Jesse L The most indecent proposal was the one to make this picture... UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH - 1 stars
2/14/01 Jake I was shocked that I actually enjoyed this and found it to be a good fable. 4 stars
9/02/00 Rosalie Coleman Good concept for movie, but it could have been done much better. 3 stars
8/02/00 Sully a total waste of time. Even Demi's tits can't save this movie. It blows. 1 stars
10/07/99 sophia962 Indecent waste of time talent and money. 1 stars
7/07/99 Ben Leostein Rating: *Ĺ (out of ****) Category: "Below Average" 2 stars
6/15/99 Dylan Very fucking over-rated. 1 stars
5/09/99 The Bomb 69 I lost alot of brain cells sitting through this crap 1 stars
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