Bringing Up Baby

Reviewed By Carina Hoskisson
Posted 05/19/99 05:23:17

"A sparkling comedy"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

When you think classic Hollywood, Bringing Up Baby should be at the top of your list.

Susan Vance (Katherine Hepburn) is out to get her man, absent minded professor, David Huxley (Cary Grant.) Only problem, David is already promised to someone else. So Susan decides to plot & scheme her way into David's heart. However, since the tale is told from David's perspective, all we see is the constant reappearance of Susan from one situation into another, to the extreme frustration of David. And is she ever persistant, even bringing along a baby for the ride (in the form of a delicious leopard named "Baby".)
Bringing up Baby was remade into Who's That Girl, the 80's Madonna flick, but please don't let that stop you from renting this hysterical comedy.
I thoroughly recommend "Baby." Not only are the performances vintage but the storyline is as fresh today as when it was first released. Thanks to the perfect comic timing and on the money directing from Hawks, don't think yourself a film buff if you haven't seen this one.

A marvelously smart film, don't call yourself a film fan until you've seen "Baby."

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