Virginity Hit, The

Reviewed By William Goss
Posted 09/18/10 04:37:40

"Hormonal Activity"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

It feels like the first time (and buffers like it’s 2.0) as writer/directors Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland bring a high-tech touch to low-brow teen humiliation in 'The Virginity Hit'.

The title comes from the tradition four New Orleans teens have of taking a bong hit each time one of them pops their cherry. As it turns out, Matt (Matt Bennett) is the last one standing, reluctant to lose it with long-time girlfriend Nicole (Nicole Weaver) until things are just right. On the verge of their big night, though, Matt hears that Nicole’s been cheating on him with a college guy, and the camera-wielding Zack (Zack Pearlman) encourages Matt to transform the special date into more of an ambush for her rumored transgressions. That doesn’t go quite according to plan, leaving Matt heartbroken and Zack determined to help his friend get laid with all of YouTube watching. “I’m going to do to your virginity what Alfred Hitchcock did to birds,” the budding filmmaker assures/threatens.

From there, feasibly screwy shenanigans arise in the form of online offers to do the deed, strict wardrobe and pubic grooming requirements as part of said offers, strippers that won’t leave, porn stars that can’t stay, adopted sisters that are off-limits and estranged fathers who are off-reservation. It’s all convincingly amateurish and cleverly crafted, with welcome doses of dramatic leverage worked in among the chuckles. The entire cast shares a credibly crude rapport, but Matt and Zack do carry the burden with their realist/opportunist partnership. “Strangers kill other strangers,” the former stresses. “Strangers also blow other strangers,” the latter retorts.

Even if Bennett didn’t look just like Jason Biggs and Pearlman didn’t sound just like Jonah Hill, Botko and Gurland (The Last Exorcism) don’t deviate much from the path laid before them by American Pie, Superbad and countless other losing-it romps. However, they do lace the laughs with some surprising poignancy, bearing in mind the consequences of public humiliation at an especially vulnerable age, in an especially voyeuristic era. Matt’s friends and even, to an extent, the whole World Wide Web are taking his virginity from him, whether he likes it or not, and the amplified attention makes this whole “doing the right thing the right way” mission harder for all involved than they and we might have predicted.

Worry not; the hangdog aspects are countered well by the horndog antics. 'The Virginity Hit' doesn’t reinvent the teen sex comedy, and the fact that it really isn’t trying to only makes its deceptively slapdash proceedings all the more endearing.

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