Bagdad Cafe

Reviewed By Thom
Posted 03/17/00 08:31:59

"Just wonderful."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Shakespeare, who knew everything, would begin his comedies by removing the main characters to a remote and unfamiliar site. The break in the patterns would allow for everything to get fucked up so it could come back together again in a new improved way. That is why they are comedies and not tragedies. Imagine getting stuck in that remote location and calling it your home instead of reassimilating back into the social structure you came from.

Bagdad Cafe is that place. Everyone is from someplace else. Some have been there long than others. They all have a story but for some reason, this time around, the characters engage each other and the chaotic systems of life repattern themselves into their collective story.

The movie is a beautiful portrait in the middle of a desert where flowers bloom. Flowers blooming in the desert is the overall theme of this film, literally and metaphorically. The particular alchemy of coincidence causes a chemical reaction that forges something new out of the seperate elements that maintained their inertia. Everyone gets what's missing in their life and their affect on each other challenges each other and makes them grow into more well-rounded people. The Motel where this all takes place is like a hospital where nobody knew they were sick until wellness begins to spread.

The characters are so off-beat, you'd expect this to be an Australian film.

You'll see some familar faces in this film in some unfamiliar roles. But a regular gig on ER certainly pays more than an obscure independant film produced in another country, yet filmed in English.

A wonderful film about making friends, crossing boundaries and discovering how much of our life is other people.

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