Cheech & Chong's Next Movie

Reviewed By Rob Gonsalves
Posted 04/04/07 04:25:42

"Not bad."
3 stars (Average)

Chong's directorial debut (he would direct most of the subsequent C&C films).

It's not as bad as some have said and features early appearances by Paul Reubens (who has two roles, as a desk clerk and as Pee-wee), Phil Hartman, and Edie McClurg (who's funnier here than she ever was in her John Hughes films).

The familiar Cheech & Chong team don't actually share many scenes. Instead, Chong spends most of the movie with Cheech's wild cousin (also played by Cheech), while Cheech stays home and fantasizes about his girlfriend (C&C regular Evelyn Guerrero). Chong gets sucked up into an Albert Whitlock-designed UFO and comes back with "space coke," which Cheech snorts, making him go nuts.

Listen closely and you'll notice that in the opening scene (when C&C siphon gas into a trash can), Chong speaks in his normal voice for some reason; after that he goes back to his usual druggy voice.

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