Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams

Reviewed By Rob Gonsalves
Posted 04/04/07 04:31:48

"Average C&C fare."
3 stars (Average)

Cheech & Chong sell dope out of an ice-cream truck. Two bumbling narcs try to stop them.

Stacy Keach, the uptight narc in Up in Smoke, here plays a narc who gets high on the dope he confiscates. He smokes some strange weed and turns into a lizard. Evelyn Guerrero returns as the nympho druggie Donna. Paul Reubens runs a nuthouse and steals C&C's money. One of the nuts is Sandra Bernhard in her film debut! Other interesting cameos include Linnea Quigley, Michael Winslow (as Jimi Hendrix in Cheech's hallucination), and Timothy Leary (who inevitably had to be in a C&C movie) as the doctor who gives C&C "the key to the universe."

Some funny bits, but not essential C&C.

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