Reviewed By Thom
Posted 12/16/99 19:09:21

"An early hackersploitation film"
3 stars (Average)

It is always interesting going back and writing about the movies of your youth from not only an adult perspective but as an adult living in a world where so many technological advances made those early sci-fi movies seem hokey. But Tron endures in spite of the then weird idea that you could live inside a computer.

Where are you now?

Jeff Bridges plays a video game programmer that ends up inside the machine itself and must face a series of challenges to destroy the power cone and escape the machine.

Inside, the computer is a surreal fantasy world where game maker Kevin Flynn, who becomes Clu in the computer, wears a cool outfit. Cutting-Edge special effects that still look good today. I like the raw look of the older F/X flix when compared to today's digital artistry. In my memory it was all so slick and cool and special effects were THE magic of movies. None of this transporting story bullshit.

Visually, Tron holds the same place in the Gen-X imagination as Atari 2600, Pac-Man (and we think the Pokeman rage is silly) and Star Wars. Its just one of those movies among a billion bits of pop-cultural effluvia that everyone seems to connect to. But they probably barely remember what it was actually about and if they are like me, they use the video game as shorthand to remember the movie.

It is still worth watching if not just as a study in popular culture or movie making history but because you get to see Bruce Boxleitner in tights. I think though, I was more interested in playing with He-Man action figures than thinking about bulging crotches in the cusp of adolesence. That is why watching it now is different than watching it 1982. Bruce Boxleitner in tights.

It will never be time for the re-release of Tron but watching this movie takes you back to a time when you knew we were moving at the speed of light.

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