Metro (1997)

Reviewed By Ryan Arthur
Posted 10/13/98 01:09:26

"My eyes still hurt from reading that movie."
3 stars (Average)

Formula. But respectable formula.

Roper (Eddie Murphy) is a hostage negotiator. We meet him early, establish who he is and what he does, and then we're off. Roper gets a new partner (Michael Rappaport). It's a cop movie, so either he's going to get a new partner, is just about to retire, or both. There's also a homicidal jewel theif (Michael Wincott, creepy as ever) on the loose, and he's got a thing for Roper. Chases and violence follow.

Metro is solid in terms of action, including a scene involving a classic Cadillac and a streetcar and an old-fashioned damesl-in-distress sequence, complete with a sawblade setup. It's pretty much wall-to-wall. But the characters are left dangling (along with a bunch of plot points, some essential, some not). Murphy's fine, as is Rappaport.

But the action's not really enough. You leave wanting more: more explanation, more character and plot development.

I guess if you take it for what it is, Metro's good entertainment.

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