Hard Core Logo

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 08/14/98 07:53:50

"The funniest Canadian film since Strange Brew. Find it. See it."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Sometimes a great movie is missed by the masses, because the corporate eggheads assume they're not going to have the mental facilities to get into it. Hard Core Logo is a prime example.

This is the tale of a reunion tour of HARD CORE LOGO, Canada's most famous punk band. The members of the band, Joe Dick, Billy Talent, Pipefitter and John Oxenburger, jump in the van to raise mney for Bucky Haight, a big influence of theirs who has been shot in both legs by a crackhead.

Though it's a punk movie, non-fans of the music wont have to sit through much. In fact, other than the first five minutes, there's not much music in the film. But there's a lot of laughs.

Filmed as a black and white behind the scenes documentary of this fictitious band, it's easy to see why the studios and distributors missed this one. It doesn't fit into a category. It's a road movie, it's a buddy movie, it's Gen X, it's comedy, it's drama, it's documentary.

Mostly, it's hilarious. It's done huge biz at film festivals, but distributors ignored it. That is until Quentin Tarantino finally put his Rolling Thunder label to good use and brought the film out of hiatus and into general release.

Put simply, go see this film.

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