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Flowers in the Attic
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by Thom

"More incest, less violence, please"
2 stars

Aryan incestoids escape torture and neglect through murder and revenge and discover that keeping it in the family really is the best policy. V.C. Andrews book comes to life on the big screen in this remake of the eponymously named film.

The books were rumored to have been ghost written. The movie is rumored to have been a good adaptation. I liked the gothic intensity of the Flowers series and the movie was not a disappointment.

Of course, the book will always have more detail and you will notice that your imagination had different ideas than the director. Taken on its own, though, the movie covers some of the general creepiness and betrayal of the book but doesn't give as much play to the themes of incest and homicide as the book does.

Sure you get to see the gut wrenching and pitiful punishment of 4 innocent kids by an indifferent mother and her downright scary parents. But the minor details that really bring you to the edge in the books are lost in the film that can only suggest with broad sweeping strokes.

The characters in the film just don't come off as cruel or victimised or sick. Intensity is the very thing missing from the movie that made the books so popular. If you are going to whip an old bitch to death, do it like you mean it.

"oh. oh, darling, that hurt. yes I know I tried to kill you, but could you pour me some tea. oh ouch". no way. blood curdling screams. blood. welts. If christ were crucified in this movie, you'd get lots of screaming and crying but you wouldn't be convinced that this was the son of god who had just redeemed all of mankind in one brutally agonizing and supernatural moment. That was the extra oomph that would have made this movie what the book was.

But what can you do when your audience is not ready to be freaked out with graphic intensity? proceed with caution, I guess.

Aryan Gothic Horror Tale that works better in print than on the screen. Not a bad romp through the fallout caused by the twisted logic of the deranged and depraved.

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originally posted: 12/10/99 16:08:00
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User Comments

9/28/12 jcar not good as the book but still a soild movie with good acting and suspense. 4 stars
9/17/12 VLTampa Disappointed in the end. If done better, they could have made sequles from the other books. 2 stars
10/14/11 ashley rexrode i love this movie!!! the grandma is pretty crazy 5 stars
5/30/11 Dorothy novel was better 2 stars
6/19/10 Heather i really like this movie 4 stars
4/24/10 art DOESn't HOLD a CANDLE,to the NOVEL! 1 stars
4/13/10 Trisha Movie SUCKED book was good.The book was about how cathy and chris end up falling in love... 1 stars
7/11/09 Larry H. This film had a great plot but was so poorly excecuted that it is among the worst ever. 1 stars
1/21/09 Psychotic angel Entertaining Gothic with old dark house and evil Christians. 4 stars
11/08/08 Abby Meyer gave me nightmares! 3 stars
9/24/07 Lilly If u like Bad "B" Movies - this one is a winner! The theme music is beautiful! 4 stars
4/04/07 brent gerald mejia sr. A family favorite. 4 stars
2/25/07 Danny I liked it. 4 stars
11/13/06 JM Synth Silly, depressing, poorly written + acted but excellent gothic atmosphere sustains interest 3 stars
10/17/06 nweze calista it is intersting 2 stars
10/01/06 Stephanie The movie was such a let down after such a fantastic book 2 stars
9/18/06 Paris It could have been way BETTER, but what can you expect from films in the 80's? 2 stars
8/17/06 Isabelle This film was horrible, the book was excellent 1 stars
7/12/06 David Cohen "Eat the cookie, eat the cookie!" Man that was one silly movie 1 stars
1/03/06 cody a good movie based on v.c andrews novel , good performances and great story, but slow 4 stars
12/06/05 Mandy Movie itself is superb, one of my all time favs!! 5 stars
10/09/05 Kristin Fort The book was the best but they should make the rest of the movies and remake the first one 3 stars
9/28/05 Andrea Good to watch to put you to sleep. Although the book was fantastic 1 stars
9/02/05 Liza Good, on it's own, covers the genreal idea but is a letdown in comparison with the novels 4 stars
8/19/05 Lena What happened to Jeb Adams? So HOT, yet this was his only film. 4 stars
6/26/05 Tina Good ,for it's day.Remake it closer to the book 4 stars
5/29/05 Rachel Brown "good movie but shitty actors" 5 stars
5/21/05 Emma A horrid film, but wonderful book 1 stars
5/06/05 Colleen Goldrick not as good as the book 2 stars
3/24/05 Emma This film is absolute rubbish!! 1 stars
3/24/05 Colleen Goldrick good book, bad movie 1 stars
3/15/05 Elaine Jeb Stuart Adams was so hot - I wish he had been in more movies! 5 stars
3/15/05 brody sinner 3 stars
2/05/05 Susan Chamberlain I liked the book better. 3 stars
11/27/04 Talon This movie is one of the worst book-to-film adaptations ever. 1 stars
10/23/04 Tim great movie, morbidly fascinating 5 stars
10/20/04 gayle goins excellent read 5 stars
10/15/04 Chris needs more detail and more incest.... 1 stars
10/05/04 Ramona It's only good for putting a face to the characters. 2 stars
9/30/04 JoJo Watson it was boring 1 stars
9/30/04 kez good film.but not as good as book, also not true to book, ending has been changed 4 stars
9/15/04 Emma This movie was rubbish, it does not serve the book justice. 1 stars
9/13/04 DeJhanee I think who ever made the movie need to read the book again a figure out what he did wrong 1 stars
9/03/04 inlovewsa eh......... 3 stars
8/29/04 Tiffany Myers was an alright movier 4 stars
8/26/04 Doris Williams It was the best suspence and Drama movie that I have ever seen 5 stars
8/12/04 Claudia This Movie was Disapointing..Many important parts wer missing and the ending was wrong 1 stars
7/31/04 Leigha Horrible, horrible adaptation. Screenwriter must not have read series before beginning. 3 stars
7/06/04 Angela a beautiful gothic story 5 stars
6/13/04 PB Hi. I need english subtitles for "Flowers In The Attic". Please help: 4 stars
6/10/04 Nicole I am a huge fan of V C Andrews novels ... the books are way better than the movie 4 stars
5/20/04 Fernando hell, the incest is the only thing that held this this picture together...No coo coo nest 3 stars
5/14/04 Rebecca It was OK. But the mother wasnt supposed to die until the 3rd book. 3 stars
5/06/04 Jennifer Book is way better. If you read books, you find out the grandmother is not Corrines mom. 3 stars
5/01/04 john allan this film did not reflect the book 1 stars
4/14/04 Allison Great movie, but a little less incest, please. I SWORE that was Ricky Schroeder! 4 stars
4/04/04 nicole This movie is really good, not as good as the book, but still good! 5 stars
3/26/04 natalie not as good as the book.the film needed more of the detail that was captured in the book 4 stars
3/15/04 emma warrington fantastic, truly memorable 5 stars
3/13/04 jILL GOOD 5 stars
3/07/04 Daniel Whatever happened to Jeb Stuart, he acted well in this movie 4 stars
3/06/04 kevin cool movie 5 stars
3/04/04 Al It resembles/represents real life in a lot of ways. The evil that some are capable of. 4 stars
2/26/04 summer incest was what we all wanted, and not so much as a kiss in this movie from the bro and sis 2 stars
2/24/04 geoff really enjoyed it 4 stars
2/01/04 Lorraine Totally different from the book! 1 stars
1/29/04 melissa it was a very freaky movie- it gave me chills and made me want to read the more scary book 5 stars
1/04/04 Mrs. Assetou Soares Jr. Great Classic Movie 5 stars
12/29/03 Steve Sucked bad 2 stars
12/28/03 ? I hated the film 1 stars
12/17/03 Allison The worst example of incest, but one of the best horror films I've ever seen!!!! 5 stars
11/20/03 cristina fantastic tale 5 stars
11/20/03 Mike Fairly inoccuous 2 stars
11/13/03 Jennifer Director needs to reread the book and then try his hand at filming again 2 stars
11/09/03 Alexandra I thought the book was way more intense, but the movie was alright.Very,eh.kinkyish gnarly! 4 stars
11/08/03 wickednar movie was shitty,needs the incest parts in it 1 stars
10/31/03 rachel the book is great but they should remake the movie better! 2 stars
10/13/03 jaylee poole Very interesting story and maybe they should do the movie again 4 stars
10/10/03 rachel armstrong SUCKED ASS!!!!!!! book gold, movie shit 1 stars
9/29/03 Kyle Intriguing story. This could've been some better, but still pretty good. 4 stars
8/23/03 venecia the worst fim in History 1 stars
6/22/03 nicola harrison not to great in V.C.A style 2 stars
6/16/03 Lesley it should be truer to the novel 3 stars
6/16/03 Laura The book is definately much better, but I love the creepy music in this film!! 4 stars
5/17/03 Diane Loved the movie but where to find a copy of the soundtrack is impossible. 5 stars
4/15/03 Debi This movie leaves alot to be desired by true V.C. Andrews fans. They really butchered it! 1 stars
4/10/03 Carol Summers Not at all faithful the the themes and issues of V.C. Andrews. 1 stars
2/07/03 Kara Wow 5 stars
2/02/03 Piper A remake should be made, a good one. Too much content was left out. 3 stars
3/21/02 Crystal Delgado I think threre should be more content to it and it should be redone the book is awesome 4 stars
3/15/02 Iris Dementia Praecox Awesome was to get scared spitless. 4 stars
2/19/02 xena excellent soundtrack 5 stars
2/02/02 Max Kristy could prompt incestuous urges even in an Eskimo 2 stars
1/17/02 candace was disappointed 2 stars
11/10/01 Daniel It was a good movie 3 stars
10/22/01 Andrew Carden Extremly Chilling and Well Done Movie...I Enjoyed It. 5 stars
7/15/01 Basil One of my all time favorites. 5 stars
6/29/01 Bill Really liked the movie, but it needed to follow the book a bit better 4 stars
3/17/01 Katie It would have been better if it would have followed the book, but Chris was HOT! hehhe 3 stars
2/23/01 Nick Absolute Cinematic genius.....spectacular stellar cast !!...the best movie ever!!!!!!! 5 stars
2/21/01 monique not nearly as good as the book 1 stars
1/26/01 Manda The book was better and more descriptive. The movie was very pitiful. 2 stars
1/16/01 Kylie Chicky Poo The Best Movie Ever 5 stars
10/31/00 Charles E. Chapman Jr. How can anyone like this piece of crap? 1 stars
10/14/00 Abby Can we say B-movie? The book is way better. Couldn't they have been more true to the book? 2 stars
9/10/00 barbie balciar had to read book if did not would not know what was going on. 1 stars
7/11/00 Gunter Gebhardt a VERY underrated film 5 stars
5/07/00 perverted pixie I saw this film when when I was 7 and at that time it shit me up good and proper! 4 stars
4/27/00 Joseph P. Ulibas I want to see the full length version!! It's coming soon on DVD, 1/01 2 stars
4/14/00 Rob Louise Fletcher should have sued her agent 1 stars
1/20/00 Rachel this MOVIE was the devil's spawn 1 stars
12/10/99 TheAngryJew One of the worst movies ever made, seriously. 1 stars
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  02-May-1987 (PG-13)



Directed by
  Jeffrey Bloom

Written by
  Jeffrey Bloom

  Victoria Tennant
  Louise Fletcher
  Kristy Swanson
  Jeb Stuart Adams

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