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Lost Highway
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by Chris Parry

"Avoid unless the walls are breathing. In that case, trip out."
2 stars

"Fred Madison, a saxophonist, is accused under mysterious circumstances of murdering his wife Renee. On death row, he inexplicably morphs into a young man named Pete Dayton, leading a completely different life. When Pete is released, his and Fred's paths begin to cross in a surreal, suspenseful web of intrigue, orchestrated by a shady gangster boss named Dick Laurent."

Now that's what the IMDB plot summary on this movie says, and I've got to say I'm glad I found it because after sitting through this movie I didn't have the slightest fucking idea what the hell I had just watched.

I mean, what the fuck?!

Okay, so this guy, a saxophonist (i don't mean to blow my own horn but.. never mind), is accused of murdering his wife. Okay, I got that bit. Someone's making video tapes of these people as they sleep, then leaving the tapes outside the house for them. Then the missus is killed and Bill Pullman is blamed. He's in jail. Then he's a completely different person altogether. Um.. how? Why? Gurgle?

So he's this other guy and he wants to screw this gangsters wife, who just happens to look like his wife in his other life, only she has different hair and.... gurgle?

I'm sorry. It's all too hard. Tim Allen never had this effect on me.

To compound matters, when I saw this movie I was sitting barelt ten feet away from a couple of folks hunkin' down into a crack pipe and yelling strange sentences at the screen that had no meaning to anything. Like...

(suck, suck, suck) "I NEED SOME APPLES!" (suck, suck, suck) "WHY IS THE DOOR CLOSED? I'M NOT AN ARMCHAIR!" (suck, suck, suck) "GIVE ME CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!"

And so on. That was weird, and kind of added to the overall confusion of what was on screen, but I didn't mind. Then they threw up. That's when I minded.

Life had got all surreal very quickly. On the screen was a really bright white light. So bright I couldn't look at it. I had no idea anymore what the hell was happening, all I knew was there was this extremely bright light. My girlfriend said "ouch" and shielded her face. The crackheads sucked down another rock. Patricia Arquette's hair changed color again. The light burned brighter still.

I htought maybe that I had died and this was what happens when you are dead. You trip out and the white light comes for you.

Then the credits rolled, as did the crackheads, the lights came on and I left - very wobbily.

So... Lost Highway. My advice: Don't start the tape until the acid has started to make it's way to the front of your lobe. Fight the urge to put it on until you're sure you've had a great hit, then sit back and let it work it's eery subliminal paranoia on you.

And don't even try to work out what it all means. It's just bizarre. It's Lynch. It's pointless.

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originally posted: 08/28/98 15:03:22
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User Comments

2/21/17 Dave An utterly ridiculous nightmare, but an effective one if you don't take it too seriously 4 stars
10/30/16 morris campbell strange surreal but if this is ur cup of tea check it out 4 stars
8/10/10 Chad Dillon Cooper Time travel,mutating into someone else. WOW! 4 stars
7/04/10 brian Wha? 3 stars
12/24/09 Jeff Wilder Great score but incomprehensible. Lynch's weakest effort. 2 stars
11/26/09 Artemis B Gone Brilliant film. One of my favorites of all time. Did MP think he was being clever? 5 stars
1/06/09 FrankNFurter Yikes!Sad to see Lynch parodying himself unintentionally.Mediocre excrement! 2 stars
10/01/08 Shaun Wallner Awesome story! 5 stars
12/24/07 mr.mike just watched it a third time , i am adding a star 3 stars
10/13/07 Ronald Newbold Not a film everyone will "get" but if you do it will always remain a favorite 5 stars
7/31/07 William Goss Two barely compelling halves come to little fruition. More watchable than satisfying. 3 stars
7/22/07 ben dover very strange great rammstein music though 4 stars
6/10/07 Bob Greatr Lynchian mindf*ck. Incredible flick. 5 stars
6/02/07 fools♫gold I didn't especially love it; hell, I even like "Eternal Sunshine" JUST A BIT better. 7/10 3 stars
12/31/06 mr.mike my least favorite lynch film 2 stars
10/27/06 Isaac Baranoff My favorite Lynch film. 5 stars
2/23/06 jp with love from david lynch 4 stars
10/25/05 ShadowFace5 It's a thinking man's movie and a damn good one. 5 stars
8/13/05 ES Lynch the man who still, somehow makes movies despite this 1 stars
6/21/05 R god forbid you fill in the fucking blanks. "i have to participate, so it's amateurish!" 5 stars
6/10/05 Indrid Cold All the atmosphere with no substance; Lynch at his worst. 2 stars
5/24/05 Mike Lynch disappearing up his own ass or a timeless avantgarde masterpiece? I can't decide. 3 stars
2/13/05 Mike Lynch a talented director doing the same, surreal style with no substance every time. 1 stars
1/05/05 dave t anyone else feel like the main character at the end? extremely interesting film from lynch. 5 stars
9/26/04 Naka Lynch tries waaaaay too hard with this pretentious, overly-surreal nonsense. 1 stars
8/15/04 jmsynth there was a time when Mr Lynch made clever films... that actually made sense 1 stars
6/18/04 Aftermath3.14 Lost Highway = $h1t 1 stars
6/05/04 MyGreenBed Makes "Mulholland" look like the joke that it is. Still has it's flaws. Interesting. 3 stars
5/28/04 Guido Egas Brilliant movie, but too gloomy and surreal for some people. This is D. Lynch at his best! 5 stars
1/17/04 John a good set up and eerie as you'd expect from Lynch but what does it all mean? 2 stars
12/06/03 Brian great film, this movie opened my mind to what movies CAN be, unbound and amazing 5 stars
10/14/03 John Linton Roberson How you feel when you finish a jigsaw but the last piece is deliberately missing. 4 stars
8/29/03 dtom challenging...not for literalists. 5 stars
5/26/03 .Choadushouse. Made me want to kill myself, and thats a GOOD THING! 5 stars
5/25/03 John40 Only Mulholland Drive tops this masterpiece 5 stars
5/05/03 Freddi Only Lynch can make nonsenses look great 5 stars
3/07/03 y2mckay Whether you understand fuck-all about it or not - still an awesome movie 5 stars
3/07/03 Dr. Bitterpants Too bad Lynch doesn't care about his work or the audience. Never did, never will. SUCKERS! 1 stars
1/01/03 Jack Sommersby A fine beginning gives way to a pretentiously obscure follow-through. A real disappointment 2 stars
5/29/02 T-Money visually stunning. even better after you figure out what its about. not for all audiences 5 stars
5/15/02 SIGB just watch it - nothing I could possibly add to that 5 stars
4/18/02 Film Dude Made me want to kill myself. 1 stars
3/09/02 fi0na one of my biggest favs. I love it to death. 5 stars
3/07/02 ZenMasterFlash Took two tries to understand the story, but that's OK. A dark and surreal delight. 5 stars
11/27/01 Ian Barr Gets better on each viewing 4 stars
11/04/01 E-Funk Lynch's best since 'Peaks'. This movie is stimulating in every fashion and quite scary. 5 stars
11/03/01 Spankachu this movie is weird, really fucking weird 1 stars
6/07/01 King Jackass WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!?!?!? 1 stars
5/26/01 Basil One of my favorite movies. 5 stars
5/08/01 weird v2.0 Mind-blowing, turns your brains 'on'. 5 stars
5/01/01 Morgie huh? 2 stars
4/15/01 Fafafoey Underrated mastpiece. Lynch is master of mood and environment. Underrated. 5 stars
3/24/01 Jay Gunn Bizzare, but intriging. A must see 5 stars
3/08/01 Jason Butler An eastern mythic take on true punishment. 5 stars
3/07/01 Mike Most people like shit like American Pie before art! 5 stars
2/21/01 Rocket Boy Another underappreciated Lynch film...Excellent, yet hollow. 4 stars
10/17/00 Jorn L Excellent movie... requires a brain or an open mind to enjoy. 5 stars
5/31/00 the Grinch "Dick Laurent", Fred, and Pete are same person. Crone, Mother, Daughter. A logical nightmar 4 stars
12/26/99 katsumi puerile 2 stars
6/09/99 Elizaveta I don't really feel like trying to understand...indifference... 3 stars
5/27/99 GothamDK Typical Lynch. 2nd viewing is the charm. Better than Stone's U-Turn crap. 4 stars
5/26/99 iyu Boring, pretentious bullshit. At least Blue Velvet made you uncomfortable. 1 stars
4/15/99 Jon Jackson If David Lynch was a rapper his name would be the Genius-psyche this movie sucked hard! 2 stars
2/18/99 Bishop What is wrong with David Lynch here? This film has no meaning, is it supposed to? 1 stars
1/22/99 TB David Lynch confuses "artsy" and "bad" frequently..... this ones a piece of shit 1 stars
11/24/98 Fred Sex galore, but what the hell was Trent thinking to bless this ... God knows what it was? 2 stars
11/15/98 Barrie Best film of 97. It has shitloads of meaning and metaphor. Incredible visuals. 5 stars
10/18/98 Tuxedo Steve I understand it. Email me - for the solution. Loved it, BTW. 5 stars
8/23/98 Mister Whoopee I sont comply with this "it's Lynch so it's ok" theory. I *WANT* to understand it. 1 stars
8/23/98 Superfly I give it this rating simply because it's different... very different. 4 stars
8/17/98 Johny Lynch rules, just watch and don't look for linear plot 5 stars
8/17/98 Miss Stress david lynch confuses the fuck out of me again, no big whoop! 3 stars
8/16/98 {{{OZ}}} Very Lynch. Very weird. Completely lost. Beat head on desk. Me die now. 2 stars
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  21-Feb-1997 (R)
  DVD: 25-Mar-2007



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