Lost Highway

Reviewed By MP Bartley
Posted 03/07/03 02:46:14

"All the answers you need are contained within this review..."
1 stars (Total Crap)

Read on gentle reader...

A hole. A black hole. A black hole that cries out for the light, that brings with it the truth that can't be denied. Go on through the hole. Go on, it won't hurt. The black is your friend. The hand you feel clasping yours? That's yours on my arm.

A face in the distance. A pinprick of possibility. Getting closer, moving forward like a dog chasing a midget. It gets closer and louder, until it's screaming, a screaming face shrieking at you "You belong to me!"

Do you have a face? Or is it a reflection of the brother you never had? Watch the midgets dance. Look at his feet they move, but are standing still. They look at you. Yes they do, don't argue. Get in the car. It's always been there. Make love to the woman. You've always been married to her. The wine trickles down the stairs into a huge reservoir, where swans play. They're looking for you. They need to give you your book back. You wrote the book, although it's not your name. Touch the wine, it'll tease you further.

Testing, testing the blackness. Don't worry you're nearly there. The car is speeding now. Faster and faster. Towards the wall that hangs in mid-air. It's ablaze. The midgets point and laugh. You're hurtling now, faster and faster and faster and faster until you hit it........ the point. Page 73. Jam.


Told you it all made sense.

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