National Lampoon's Animal House

Reviewed By Brian McKay
Posted 07/22/01 16:40:36

"Just like me, it's still a classic after 30 years"
5 stars (Awesome)

What's not to love about this movie? Its got frat parties, beer, good music, full frontal nudity, and John Belushi dressed like a pirate. It's Animal House, and it's as fucking funny now as it was when I saw it at 14.

Set against the backdrop of early 1960's Faber University, Animal House is the classic "Snobs vs. Slobs" tale, as the snobs, along with the scheming Dean, try to oust the slobs. But the slobs aren't going down without a fight, oh no.

So many hilarious performances here, especially Belushi as "Bluto", Tim Matheson as "Otter", Bruce Mcgill as "D-Day", and
John Vernon as "Dean Wermer". Oh, and Donald Sutherland as a stoned college professor who boinks student Nancy Allen.

It is certainly the inspiration for a legion of other films, from "Meatballs" and "Porky's" to "Road Trip", only it's better than all of those. It was also one of John Belushi's finest comedic moments. Maybe it's best that he checked out early. At least we can remember the good times, like when he played Bluto, and not have to watch his downward slide into an aging has-been like his colleagues Akroyd and Chase.

This movie is an honest to God classic. It's a bold statement that says "We're Americans, we're fucking slobs, and we love to party!" It makes me proud *sniff*.

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