Private Parts

Reviewed By Ryan Arthur
Posted 09/05/98 00:58:55

"For this movie, you gotta suspend disbelief."
4 stars (Worth A Look)


You don't really have to be a fan of Howard Stern to enjoy the movie (I've never heard him on the air). You didn't even have to read the book to understand the film (I've read the book, though).

Basically, it's Stern's life story, told through flashback as Stern is on a plane talking to a beautiful woman (Carol Alt). We see Howard as he goes off to college, meets his wife and gradually breaks through in the radio industry, becoming the shock jock that he's known as today. But that's almost on the back burner. At it's core, Private Parts is a love letter from Stern to his wife Alison.

Yes, Stern has a thing for lesbians (who doesn't?) and talks about his sex life (or occasional lack thereof) on the air, but when he gets home, he dotes on his wife, and later his children. He may be the King of All Media in public, but at home, he's just a regular guy.

Occasionally offenseive (referring to his wife's miscarriage) but often quite amusing, Stern works his way up to WNBC, where he beats Imus in the ratings and enrages his bosses, most notably Kenny Rushton (played by Paul Giamatti, in his breakout role), referred to by Howard as "Pig Vomit."

Painfully funny at times (such as when Howard drops a stack of carts onto a record player, scratching the record and causing him to squeal) and other times quite charming, Private Parts is surprisingly good.

Without a doubt, one of the funniest movies of 1997.

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