Godfather, The

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 10/02/98 12:42:16

"Required viewing no matter how stupid you are."
5 stars (Awesome)

Francis Ford Coppola's all-time mafioso classic has a big rep for a reason. It's just unbelievably good. Brando, Pacino, Caan, Duvall, everybody is on fire in front of the camera, everybody is sheer perfection behind the camera, and the original source material, Mario Puzo's novel of the same name, is a classic in itself.

No punches are pulled, no gory scenes dodged, nothing smoothed over into nice happy finishes. It's just start to finish, balls-out brilliance.

Heck, even the score is the stuff of legends.

The mark of just how good this film is and how important it was to the film industry, can be seen in the sort of films that it was up against on its original release. Deathwish, Shaft, Doris Day rom-coms, Return to the Valley of the Dolls, there was very little on the radar that connected with people, educated people and enthralled people all at the same time.

Then The Godfather came along and it all went to a new level. After The Godfather, every film had more to live up to. After The Godfather, budding careers were turned into legendary careers.

There's no sense in me going into the storyline in great detail. Film fuckin' rules. On all levels. If you haven't seen it yet, go see the movie that saved the film industry in the 70's. Observe the quality, on every level, and compare it to what comes out today.

Leaves Goodfellas for shit, brother man.

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