Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Reviewed By Thom
Posted 12/14/99 10:50:14

"Right ON! Funk it up."
5 stars (Awesome)

Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow play dimwitted best friends Romy and Michelle who want to go back to their ten year high school reunion and show everyone up. In the course of trying to figure out what is wrong with their life they figure out what is so spectacularly right about it and the universe tilts on its edge to give them the fairy tale finish to an almost mythic tale.

I give the casting 5 stars. My 10 year was the year this film came out and I didn't even know if were having one. But the telling of the tale reads like Romy and Michelle.

The film is unrelenting in its portrayal of what we think life will be like when we are 18 and what it turns out to be when you are 28. All the illusions of high school are shattered in the grown up world. Those best 4 years of your life, aren't. You should be so lucky to know this before you begin so you can cut through all the bullshit high school propoganda and really sink your teeth into living. Of course, those who do are marginilized and alienated because they are living in a whole different frame of mind. Romy, Michelle, Heather Mooney and Sandy Frank are all outsiders because of their genuine understanding that the four walls of the school gym are hardly even the beginning of the story of their lives and they are not going to wait until graduation to live them.

Romy and Michelle escape the hokey dorkiness of bum-fucked Arizona to live fabulous, fashion ridden lives in LA. They have no other direction than that. No plan how to get it. The movie, in fact, is the practical working out of teenage high school fantasizing. "When I grow up and get the fuck out of this town I'm going to LA (Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Austin - you name it) and I'm going to be ME to the hilt and fuck all these brain-dead cro-magnons." And you thought you and the three other people in your school who listened to the Cure were the only ones. I guess those three people grew up and started making movies.

Alan Cumming plays the awkward geek, Sandy Frank, who becomes a multi-millionaire based on a scientific patent and Janeane Garofolo, as Heather Mooney is the brooding, black-cladden, world-hating introvert who probably secretly writes sensitive love poems about her wounded heart but has a razor blade tongue and steel spiked armor 30 feet thick and who ironically, also made a fortune off a scientific patent.

Romy and Michelle is a movie that I would bet money on started out as a conversation about "I wonder whatever happened to". It hits all the nostalgia buttons for anyone who remembers being shunned because they didn't listen to Debbie Gibson.

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