X-Files: Fight the Future, The

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 08/14/98 10:06:52

"FBI. Move along. Nothing to see here."
3 stars (Average)

The truth isn't out there. It isn't. The chance it might be is what makes you want to see this movie, but it's not gonna happen, bucky.

Last year every X-Files watcher thought it was all coming to a close. And at the very end, the truth would be revealed in a feature film.

Well, Duchovny got the production to move out to LA so he could be close by his gal-pal, the fans and networks got another season squeezed out of the XF rock and... somehow nobody remembered to postpone the film.

So what we have here is simply a two hour TV episode without commercials. Lame. We get this for free every week, well an hour of it with some ads thrown in at least.

The story? A continuation of the "bad oil" storyline from last season, Duchovny and Anderson threatening to get down and get dirty naked (which, sorry to spoil n'all, they don't do), and the odd subplot.

Duchovny is as normal. Anderson is the same doe-eyed, tilt-headed student of the Clooney Acting Academy as she always was. Landau tries, but has little to work with. Mueller-Stahl appears out of nowhere as one of the "world-steerers", looking all the more out of place being as he's surrounded by faces familiar from the TV series.

It does look good, but only as good as it always has on TV. The final scenes are much alike the Borg ship scenes in Star Trek and there's a lot of snow which, inexplicably, presents no problem for Mulder in his Oxfords.

Trust no-one. Especially the people who tell you this movie is good.

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