Brassed Off

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Posted 08/26/98 12:33:26

"A feel-good movie that doesn't insult it's audience."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Brassed Off is set in 1992 in Grimley, England, a fictitious town in the heart of coal mining country.

Director Herman makes an unapologetic attempt to reclaim a humanity the Thatcher Government tried mercilessly to destroy in a political campaign that sought to close coal mines in favour of nuclear power. The people of Grimley are facing total devastation in the face of their coal mine's imminent closure.

The coalminers' wives have been campaigning on the streets for months, and the unions have been trying to negotiate to keep the mines open. The only one that seems unaffected by the impending doom is Danny (Postlethwaite from Romeo & Juliet), the leader of the local brass band. To him, nothing is more important than music, believing it has the power to transform and heal even those in the most desperate situations.

Not everyone shares his conviction, including Andy (McGregor -
Trainspotting) a young trumpet playing miner whose disillusionment with life has arrived way too early. As negotiations come to a head, band members decide to put down their instruments once and for all, passing up the chance to play in the National Finals. No one, of course, dares tell Danny.

Enter Gloria (Tara Fitzgerald - Sirens), a beautiful flugelhorn
player who sweeps Andy off his feet and inspires these blokes to play their music in the face of adversity. She, however, has her own little secret.

Brassed Off is the type of feel-good movie that doesn't insult its audience, but tries to weave a strong political message with the hearts of those to whom it matters.

The result is a warm and poignant exploration of the human fallout caused by inhuman politics. Thatcher, where are you now? ---Paul Garcia

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