I Went Down

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 08/14/98 10:18:17

"A slow-paced, pleasant, funny Irish gangster flick."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Irish movies can either be very tired or very good. This is one of the latter.

"Git" is a decent sort o'lad. He went to jail to protect someone else, and now he finds himself having to work for gangsters to pay off a debt a friend of his owes.

He's lumped together with "Bunny", a mean looking bastard with a bad reputation, on a journey across the country to pick up "a friendly face".

The plot is intricate, the twists are many and the dialogue is very different to standard Hollywood fare. This is The Usual Suspects with an Irish twist and soft-edged characters. It's Trainspotting for an older audience. It's a pleasant, slow-paced gangster film.

This is the real Ireland. No rolling hills of green, but plenty of pubs and nasty streets. No jigs in the local, but lots of real people.

The accents in I Went Down may be tough for some Americans to understand, and the ending may clean up too many loose end, but for mine it's worth a look regardless, especially if you're sick of Hollywood schlock.

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