Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Reviewed By Erik Childress
Posted 02/15/00 10:00:46

"Deuce isn't the only whore associated with this movie."
3 stars (Average)

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (**) – Mose Persico of CFCF Ch. 12 Montreal describes Deuce Bigalow as “insanely funny”. To me, anything insanely funny seems like a week away from a mental ward. But in the world of film criticism or film reviewing, a term like “insanely funny” is just one of many lines a “quote whore” can pull out of his or her bag of quips in order to get their name in the print ads for a film and continue to get invited to the private screenings.

In the case of Rob Schneider’s new film, the advertisers could only find a single positive quote from all the critics and quote whores out there. Not even the guy from Sixty Second Preview got mentioned. Only Mose Persico. Doesn’t say much for credibility does it – especially when he’s been recycling blurbs from other quote whores on a certain radio show. Well, from one whore to another. Basically what you have here is an Adam Sandler movie without Adam Sandler. Gross-out jokes and literal toilet humor are abound in this film. But when a joke falls flat, like every scene with William Forsythe’s cop character, it falls dead flat. Rob Schneider has either been very generous with giving most of the best moments to his co-stars, or the writers didn’t bother to give his character much of anything funny to do or say. But his co-stars do have their moments, most notably the Tourettes Syndrome woman who is extremely funny and provides the most creative date. Eddie Griffin does some nice work too as Deuce’s pimp, but the rest of Deuce’s dates most amusing moments have been seen in the film and TV trailers. A scene where Deuce fights a female prostitute was handled better and much funnier in Kingpin, but a couple of Matrix-like homages get big laughs. Unfortunately a movie like this sometimes forces itself to half a plot, when a string of laughs would serve just fine. So, when Deuce finally meets the girl of his dreams, what could have been a sweet-natured romance with a lovable loser the likes of The Wedding Singer, turns into just a plot element to steer us closer to the end. Even Howard Stern’s movie showed a number of rejections before finding his lady. Here we’re given mainly his blow-offs by a snotty fish store clerk until the girl with the heart of gold, which provides next to nothing in terms of laughs and merely eats up clock time.

While I can’t recommend Deuce Bigalow, and whore myself out to the nation’s newspapers, I didn’t feel it was a complete waste of my time as we only spend a mere 84 minutes in the theater during it’s running time. I did laugh. Occasionally loud. Insanely funny it is not. But it does have its moments.

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