Dirty Work (1992)

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 08/19/98 12:24:10

"A guilty pleasure, but nothing of merit"
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

If you liked Porky's, you might like Dirty Work. If you loved Porky's, you'll really like it a lot. But if you want storyline, plot, drama... what the hell are you thinking looking at a Norm McDonald movie?

Here's the skinny.


Are we getting it yet? Come on. It's a no-brainer. Yes! This is aSaturday Night Live fest. The humor is the point. No highbrow here. No heavy thinking.

It's titilation, and you know what else? It's kinda funny. Forget the storyline. They could be running a ship into an iceberg or fighting an animatronic snake or being a stripper not a dancer... it doesn't matter!

You got SNL guys, you got Saigon whores, you got a spare few hours... you got Dirty Work. It's no epic, but what do you want? DiCaprio?

If it's running at your local $2 cinema, go get some. But don't tell anyone. They just wouldn't understand.

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