Hercules (1997)

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 04/08/99 23:58:01

"So far as the whole Disney animation thing goes, this is up there"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

The praise heaped on this flick made me want to find reasons to dislike it. Sue me. It's my natural reaction. I only found one, and it's the same reason I always find for hating these kind of flicks. Musical numbers.

But hark! Humour! Fuh-nee stuff! And while there's loveable wacky sidekicks aplenty (as the formula Disney uses demands) they're actually good. You can't go wrong when you have Bobcat Goldthwait doing the voice of one of them.

And speaking of voices, James Woods is a man who, if he wasn't a big ass star, could have made a substantial living doing voice-overs. The guy just fills the role of Satan oh so well.

And what's up with Disney making Satan into a cool guy? Where were the outraged mobs demanding Michael Eisner's head? That would have made the line outside this flick a lot more fun to endure.

So Hercules is the son of Zeus, taken down to earth as a babe, quickly grows into a mondo strong ass guy, but he's simple as two short planks of wood. Satan and his minions are out to get young Herc, Zeus is kind of aloof, Herc goes from zero to hero and sings a lot.

The lesson learned by kiddies? The action figures are on sale at McDonlads for $1.99 each. And isn't that the kind of thing the world needs more of?

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