Reviewed By spork-girl
Posted 08/30/98 12:01:48

"Who wouldn't want to nail Gina Gershon?"
3 stars (Average)

"Ok guys, let's do a flick where we just let John Travolta and Nic Cage do whatever they want"

The above was overheard at the pitching table when they proposed this movie, I swear. Ok, maybe not, but that's how this film came off.

Summary: John Travolta is good. Nic Cage is bad. They hate each other. They switch faces, fight a lot, and in the end John Travolta gets his face back and is happy.

Oh, and everyone nails Gina Gershon.

It's wonderful as an acting exercise, and these two really do a good job. Bbut the plot is flimsy, the direction is wayyyyy overdone. Apparently seeing Nic Cage do everything in slow mo is a big draw at the box office.

The dialogue is... what is it? I don't understand if he was going for stylized or just stupid. The effects were... well let me sum up with what I thought during the key "face-switching" scene. They point a pen laser pointer at Cage's face, then they peel it off (like a fruit roll-up, really) then they cut off Travolta's face they same way, and just plop nick cage's face onto John Travolta. Haha. They call it the "fruit roll-up technique".

To really enjoy this movie it requires incredible suspension of disbelief (this from someone who saw Armageddon 4 times) or a complete lack of knowledge of human anatomy.

But after that, it gets pretty cool. Mostly because we enter act 2, entitled "everybody nails Gina Gershon". Ok, I'm being misleading. Only Nic Cage's character really nails her, but everyone makes out with her or kisses her, including her incredibly-large-headed brother.

Then, act three, or, "men who move faster than bullets". That pretty much sums it up. John Travolta is pretty damned fast. All those years as a dancer really paid off in his staying alive for this flick.

In the end, the scores are evened (John was all mad because Nic killed his son), and the good guys win, and everyone is the better despite this sick and twisted turn of events.

3 sporks because I have to admit it's ok as an action flick, and the acting is pretty damned good.

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