Barry Mackenzie Holds His Own

Reviewed By Filmnet
Posted 12/20/99 14:17:34

"Ockers invade Europe."
5 stars (Awesome)

Bazza’s Aunty Edna is kidnapped in gay Pariiis and Bazza and his Ocker mates invade London and then a Transylvanian castle to rescue her.

It is full of hilarious jokes and most open-minded people won’t stop laughing. Its full of racism though so if that offends you then don’t go. This is billed as the only film in Australian with subtitles and they were bloody useful as I couldn’t understand half the slang that was constantly used. The script was very well written by Barry Humphries and director Bruce Beresford and the cast and crew included a number of Oscar winners. There seemed to be an inexhaustible supply of Fosters spurting about and its easy to see why the brand is more popular overseas than in Australia. Seeing Clive James with hair is almost worth the price of a ticket.

Overall a film, not to be emabarrassed about but to be seen as a part of Australia’s cultural past. (Gawain

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