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Pretty Bad: 10.44%
Total Crap: 23.27%

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Titanic (1997)
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by Ryan Arthur

"See it a couple of times. But not, like, 50 times, girls."
4 stars

That Leo, he's so dreamy.

Over the course of the last 14 years, James Cameron has continually tried to one up himself. It started with Terminator in 1984, when he turned an Austrian with a thick accent into a killing machine. In 1986, Aliens built upon (some would even say improved) the successful Alien film. Cameron moved to The Abyss in 1989, a sci-fi movie set under water. 1991 brought the return of Ah-Nuld in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and 1994 a third teaming with the future Mr. Freeze, this time True Lies. Somewhere in the middle of all that, he found time to produce a couple of movies with Kathryn Bigelow (now his ex-wife), Point Break (ugh, Keanu and Swayze) and Strange Days. Really, the only thing left was Titanic. It's his biggest and most ambitious work to date.

It's not merely the story of the unsinkable ship and its maiden (and final) voyage. Instead, Cameron gives the best story of his career, in the tale of two young people caught up in the history of it all. Cameron creates two fictional characters and ties their fates to the ship, creating a love story of immense proportions. He blends footage of the actual wreckage with a story set in the present, featuring treasure hunter Bill Paxton (sporting a Godawful hoop earring) and a 102-year-old survivor (Gloria Stuart) with the central part of the story focused on the voyage of the ship featuring two young lovers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, playing the survivor as a young woman). It's a period drama with a budget, a Merchant-Ivory with computers.

Cameron created a digital cast of thousands, created compter generated plumes of breath to simulate freezing conditions in Mexico, and dammit if he hasn't sunk the Titanic on screen. When the inevitable does happen (the collision occurs at around the 1:30 mark in this 3:15 movie) we know what to expect, we know what will happen, and, through some nifty foreshadowing, we know pretty much how it will happen. That's the beauty of the story: despite knowing what happens (hint: the boat sinks) we still have a bit of the edge-of-your-seat suspense most movies are lacking.

Among the cast, DiCaprio and Winslet work well together. Paxton would be a far less annoying actor if he worked only with Cameron, and it's nice to see Kathy Bates in something other than another adaptation of a Stephen King novel. That's not to say the movie is without flaws. The dialogue should be as lush and as romantic as the scenery that frames it, but seems somewhat stilited and more than a little hokey, especially coming from DiCaprio. The line between steerage and first class is so obvious. Poor? Dirty? You're having the time of your life. Rich? Snooty? You're an ass. And Billy Zane is simply a cardboard cutout of every old-time movie villain. He's got the sneer dow, but when he tries to come across as an aristocrat, it's all downhill. You'd swear he got his ideas for the character from watching Snidely Whiplash on all those Dudley Do-Right cartoons.

But the goods outweigh the bads here. Three hours and 15 minutes never went by so quickly.

Not necessarily a classic, but still damn good.

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originally posted: 08/28/98 03:42:56
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User Comments

8/12/19 Piz Recently saw this again with my 12-year olds (edited). Just phenomenal. 5 stars
4/16/19 Jonathan Almgren Still holds up after 22 years. Great movie 5 stars
12/02/18 KWS Ever flummoxed that so many people love this sappy, contrived, flat-charatered debacle 2 stars
9/14/17 morris campbell solid recreation of the ships demise 4 stars
1/03/16 Theresa Miller I loved this movie. Well worth seeing. 5 stars
11/05/15 David Hollingsworth Overrated, but still worth watching. 4 stars
8/30/15 victor diaz I absolutely love this movie 5 stars
2/20/15 DrRyAn i still wonder why so many people hate this film????? 4 stars
2/20/15 Chris Jarmick too long, utterly manipulative, engrossing, entertaining 3 stars
11/02/14 Mario is the Best What are the ways a movie can suck? This crappy movie has them all. 1 stars
7/14/14 Roy Hicks It's sad but true but also an amazing and emotional. 5 stars
12/16/13 Vicki R the best movie ever! 5 stars
10/29/13 Ja Nevertheless too long and well too long 2 stars
8/29/13 Tammy Woodall This movie was epic. In my top 10 favorite movies. 5 stars
5/19/13 Sherly Very sad. I cried a lot. 4 stars
2/10/13 Lindsey Kleinjan Saw this THREE times in the theater! 4 stars
1/19/13 Marguerite Eustace Historical Value 5 stars
11/07/12 Lia M Amazing but sad movie. 5 stars
10/18/12 Ben H So sad, but a classic 4 stars
9/30/12 VLTampa I actually liked City of Angels better than Titanic 4 stars
9/03/12 Courtney One of the best dramatic movies ever, period. 5 stars
5/04/12 Mark Roth Saw it againg in 3D and it still holds up 4 stars
2/16/12 stanley welles thank god they all die, mostly! 1 stars
1/18/12 Marc DC still touching after all these year, also still too damn long after all these years! 4 stars
10/10/11 ashley rexrode this is a classic!!! great love story! 5 stars
9/30/11 Todd Teghtmeyer Spoiler - the ship sinks... 4 stars
9/11/11 Dorothy Rozdilsky Sad but well directed film 5 stars
8/21/11 jack tirko would have been better if fictional characters were not used. sell-out for $$$$$$$$ 4 stars
7/03/11 art Two ASSHOLE's in love with each other,then the boat sink's! 1 stars
6/18/11 Jennifer Barr loved it 5 stars
4/18/11 Tom D I enjoy this movie. My wife says she hates it but I don't believe her. 5 stars
3/14/11 Katie Fogle Loved this movie! 5 stars
2/27/11 Stephanie Bondlow I want a Jack and Rose love life of my own before I kick the bucket. 5 stars
1/17/11 nash Titanic is all about a romantisation of Adultery: A satanic plot! Our Lord forbids adultery 2 stars
1/17/11 chaotik tom The titanic never snapped in half. 1 stars
10/31/10 the dork knight You'll feel it's length at times. 4 stars
10/17/10 Julie Lutz very nice movie a wonderfullove story and some of the facts are even correct. 4 stars
9/11/10 Barbara Leaf I thought it was lame that hero knew just where to stand and what to do to stay alive 2 stars
8/12/10 Peri Ann what i REALLY wanted to see was a movie about the special effects 4 stars
6/19/10 Heather love this movie, hurt my butt though sitting in the theater that long 4 stars
5/17/10 Edwin great music but poor performance 3 stars
8/03/09 Rachel still one of my all time faves 5 stars
7/11/09 michael mann no way this movie sucks 1 stars
6/01/09 Jeff Wilder Great technically. But suffers from a bad script and awful dialogue. 2 stars
3/23/09 eidy V great love story and historical tragety mixed together to produce a fantastic movie. 5 stars
2/23/09 Ryan Lopez I frlt that the movie "Titanic" was a very good movie. 4 stars
1/29/09 akomolafe dare daniel awesome 5 stars
1/24/09 Pleasure fuck the haters, salute the appreciators 5 stars
1/08/09 Amanda i can't believe anyone would give this one star, that's insane. 5 stars
12/19/08 action movie fan slugghis ob story decaprio vehicle a night to remember was so much better 2 stars
12/06/08 Michelle Watch this one a couple times a year 4 stars
11/22/08 the titanic is my favorite movie in the world<3 i would watch it 24/7 5 stars
11/08/08 Abby Meyer Wow what a love story! 4 stars
10/31/08 tiffany pettey historical drama and sad but good 5 stars
10/13/08 LC I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Leonardo DiCaprio's so hot! And it's so good! 5 stars
9/01/08 lola this movie is AFROTASTIC!!!!!!!!! They got it goin on like donkey kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
8/28/08 Shaun Wallner Ugg boring!! 1 stars
5/11/08 Tabitha Rabisa great movie, but really long! 4 stars
4/25/08 Dennis Frierson A great movie to watch with your girlfriend 5 stars
4/25/08 frieda moudy awesome filming and beauitul story! 5 stars
3/31/08 kelsey lee this movie is amazing! tragic ending though 5 stars
3/03/08 Mike Great movie. Very haunting. 5 stars
3/02/08 Jackie Very entertaining and visually awesome 4 stars
2/16/08 Tracey Pounds good movie. I've watched it a couple of times. 4 stars
2/11/08 Mark Sorry guys, but this one is a great "Hollywood movie" 5 stars
1/19/08 Cheri voigt Great acting and wonderful sturcture of the titanic 4 stars
1/12/08 Tiffany Losco awesome movie. favorite of all times. 5 stars
11/27/07 sarah hagerty loved it made me cry though 5 stars
11/18/07 marina I hate this movie so much! 1 stars
11/12/07 beau LOL, the review by smalltown is hilarious!!! its so spot on though! 2 stars
11/01/07 Total Crap Read the 1 star reviews. They are so dead on. Thinking back on this, the movie is an insult 2 stars
10/30/07 hank3395 not abig fan but my friend loves it 3 stars
10/29/07 DaLinda M GREAT Movie! Loved it - cried and laughed and it was a GREAT watch! 5 stars
10/15/07 fools&#9835;gold pure Cameron, I can't really get bored of it. 5 stars
9/20/07 Lisa K One of my favorite movies. 4 stars
7/11/07 Hello Stranger ithe inevitable plot is revealed 20 minutes in. we know what happens. but thrilling action 3 stars
6/04/07 John Bell what's so great about this movie? 2 stars
5/23/07 Donna Carnahan Me and my family liked ia our favorite movie. 5 stars
5/08/07 David Kimble The music = haunting and Leonardo and Kate were great! 5 stars
5/07/07 Cindy i love it, favorite movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
5/01/07 Aaron Johnson i thought it was a really good movie, and i really thought that the score was enjoyable 4 stars
4/25/07 gopal exllent 5 stars
4/18/07 Tracey Chambers didnt live up to the hype. leo cant act. 3 stars
3/20/07 dude best movie of the year 5 stars
3/20/07 ash kate is great L. DeCaprio (hes so hot hes a great actor) i cryed its my # 1 favorite movie 5 stars
3/01/07 Stephen Press 111 if you cried because of this movie very sad but good 4 stars
2/26/07 SCOTTT The Best 5 stars
2/18/07 Sara this movie is a classic 5 stars
2/16/07 Vip Ebriega Overall, a real masterpiece. 5 stars
1/31/07 Albert Stone Great visuals (both the ship, and Kate Winslet's breasts), dialogue needed a bit of work. 4 stars
1/31/07 Sepi53 One of the greatest! 5 stars
1/23/07 Matt Flawed, yes, but visually stunning. The bloopers are easily forgiven. 5 stars
12/06/06 Sharon Very sad, but awersome movie! 4 stars
11/23/06 Tiffany Losco Awesome, i loved it, cried, I love kate winslet 5 stars
11/15/06 KC People call it cheesy, but I think it doesn't get much better than this. 5 stars
11/14/06 Sugarfoot They might as well have given the oscar to Raise The Titanic! Dull and overbloated, good fx 2 stars
11/05/06 Anthony Martinez It was the best movie I have ever seen I did not like the part when Leonardo Dicaprio has t 5 stars
11/04/06 Gail everything about the movie was perfect, stars and all rapsnvp1 3 stars
9/25/06 David Pollastrini classic 5 stars
9/22/06 elleeboo I FUCKING LOVE IT 5 stars
8/17/06 Mary Beth bad character development and acting; good footage of boat breaking in 2 3 stars
8/14/06 Sharon umm...this movie was overall okay billy zane is nice too look at thats about it 3 stars
8/09/06 Dragon The Artist One of the best, slightly sappy&depressing,but was worth my 3 theater trips. 5 stars
8/07/06 seeth cool 5 stars
7/28/06 Lizzie enjoyable 5 stars
7/27/06 Sandy + Stephanie (twins) the movie was so dramatic 5 stars
7/21/06 Anthony Feor The greatest movie ever made! 5 stars
7/19/06 Joanie Love it because of the attitude! 5 stars
6/18/06 jcnice Holds your attention for three hours, and that's saying something,but poorly written. 3 stars
6/06/06 Mike Too long/sappy. Poseidon whoops this movie! 3 stars
5/23/06 ricky wonderful 5 stars
5/20/06 chienne Think u could get 2 t'point John? Your review was as longwinded as t'film. Great detail. 4 stars
5/06/06 Ashley Hinz Kate is the best thing in this movie, to be sure. Sets were good. 3 stars
5/05/06 ES An excellent movie, but a terrible choice for leading man. 4 stars
4/20/06 Becky Zane, Garber, Hill are best performances. Bad dialogue, great everything else 5 stars
4/11/06 Justin My favorite movie - EVER. At least when I was in middle school. 5 stars
4/11/06 kenzie i can't stop wacthing the first part but the last part was not good 5 stars
4/04/06 JRE Dicaprio can't act 4 stars
3/28/06 Brian Meyer If you took your girlfriend to see this and you didn't get screwed. You Got Screwed! 1 stars
3/18/06 Elizabeth It is a good drama. Worth a look even though everyone knows how it ends. 4 stars
3/08/06 myzzy Bring the tissues. Its a classic of a movie and a must see 5 stars
2/28/06 Anthony Feor One of the greatest films in the WORLD 5 stars
2/27/06 Steven Lewis Leo is bad but the whole story is well done. 4 stars
2/10/06 Carolyn Rathburn wonerfully done, I enjoyed the film, regretable ending, but that is history 5 stars
1/09/06 Jim I wanted to drown both of them in the first 10 minutes 1 stars
12/23/05 cody a overated movie with good characters , effects, but first part was slow and boring 3 stars
11/25/05 Idiot_for_LMP Watch Again and Again! Great Film Every Time!! 5 stars
11/14/05 Lanie Richardson I cry everytime i see it... 5 stars
11/12/05 Jim sleeth Spell binding, draws you into the story. You will feel the chill of the water and fear 5 stars
10/23/05 cooler very fucking overrated pile of steaming dog shit movie 1 stars
9/29/05 Jodie I absouloutely love this film. Beautiful 5 stars
9/23/05 orson wells this film was bland and unrealistic take on a tragety i wouldn't even wipe my bum with it 1 stars
9/20/05 Michael Good Movie 4 stars
9/13/05 parth heart-touching movie 5 stars
9/12/05 Total Crap Was this Movie supposed to be sad? It was "saucy". 3 stars
9/05/05 Ric Mediocre script at best, but it's still a timelessly romantic, thrilling, and moving epic. 5 stars
9/02/05 Zack hey i like it 5 stars
8/30/05 LS Galvin If only more people would actually admit to liking this movie! 5 stars
8/28/05 D Buckley If it hadn't become so popular, it would be adored. 5 stars
8/23/05 Quigley totally overrated. if you want a how-to movie on adultery, watch it. if not, don't. 2 stars
8/14/05 Victoria Marie Celeste Leonardo was at his best. He's the one who made the movie a hit. 5 stars
8/12/05 ES The first half is for the ladies, the second half for the men= excellent date material 5 stars
8/08/05 *Jena Marie* I like it. I think it's a great love story. It did win all those awards, so i'm not lying! 4 stars
7/27/05 Ivy LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! 5 stars
7/25/05 Indrid Cold Absolutely spectacular, gold-standard visuals. Oh yeah, there's a story too I guess. 4 stars
7/24/05 C Vega a good movie minus all the soppy scenes and the crap one liners 4 stars
7/23/05 Legendkilla Good drama...plot..bit to soppy for my liking though 4 stars
7/19/05 Brandy Harrington Hurry up and sink already. 4 stars
7/02/05 Eddie So damn boring! 2 stars
7/01/05 Becky This movie was the best movie ever! It was the sweetest romance! I love it! 5 stars
6/14/05 Manu Ginobli Fantastic film, I can't understand why it gets so much backlash. 5 stars
6/07/05 Anthony G finally that faggot dies! 1 stars
6/06/05 Daniel Myers I love it! Beautiful Ship, short life, little too long, good orchestra, dramatic sinking!! 5 stars
5/30/05 tony This was the greatest drama film ever frekin made. AWSOME EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
5/19/05 wendy rogers This is a really great movie! Left me wanting more! 5 stars
5/18/05 Cindy Lovell way way too long 3 stars
5/04/05 Greg Plank As the 5000th version of the Titanic story it is sure to sink. 1 stars
5/01/05 tootie1961 Love it!! 5 stars
4/29/05 Valerie Furr Wonderful movie, great actors. 5 stars
4/24/05 Quigley not my type of film. i was tired of decaprio and seeing Kate Winslet portrayed naked. C'mon 2 stars
4/23/05 Indrid Cold Surprisingly, it seems to justify its budget it's absolutely gorgeous. But thin as a story. 3 stars
4/17/05 sidman656 it was a craze back in the 90s, looking back on it, it's just a movie 4 stars
4/12/05 Ronin Not as bad as many claim and deffinitely not as good as many claim either. 3 stars
4/05/05 nastya dietze i really like this movie. i ried so hard at the end of the movie. it is sad 5 stars
3/28/05 Emma A wonderful love story and beautiful film. 5 stars
3/23/05 clinger26 oh god no, no, no ahhhhhhhhhh...... 1 stars
3/23/05 Undoomed IMHO, it sucked 1 stars
3/18/05 Sheila excellent 5 stars
3/09/05 Los Daddy The boat sunk the end...whats with the least dicaprio died YAY i got Mail YAY 3 stars
3/05/05 kimerie jones this movie was well made it was sad but I enjoyed it 5 stars
2/25/05 Jen L Excellent Movie. Long, but worth it. Sad... very sad! 4 stars
2/20/05 craig varney titanic in length 3 stars
2/20/05 David Siegel This is 2 films: part 1 is love-story; part 2 is the sinking. See part 2. 4 stars
2/18/05 Movie Queen Great underwater photography and sweet story! 5 stars
2/17/05 Jay Fuit Excellent Movie! 5 stars
2/10/05 Colleen Goldrick A true love story 5 stars
2/07/05 Jeff Anderson OVERHYPED & OVERDONE AD NAUSEAM! Great special effects can only do so much. A BIG LETDOWN!! 2 stars
2/05/05 Susan Chamberlain I loved it the first time. After that, it was boring. 4 stars
2/05/05 Pam Shue One of my all time favorites 5 stars
1/31/05 Carl Gorney Just a love story combined with a disaster epic. It should have been one or the other. 3 stars
1/31/05 williamwar This movie was a bad experience for me. 2 stars
1/30/05 Dawn "yawn" I'm sorry, this bored me to sleep 2 stars
1/30/05 dana hammell epic movie, must see 5 stars
1/14/05 Turtle Overblown, sappy, and badly-written. The ship isn't the only thing that sinks. 1 stars
12/27/04 mjoc Too long! Lose the love story and you have an interesting historical film. 1 stars
12/08/04 Kristina Williams stop with the love story and KILL KILL KILL! 5 stars
11/20/04 Mark Titanic sucks, Disney Dinosaur is way better than this gay movie Titanic is the worst movie 1 stars
11/19/04 Rodney Hale Technically superb, but somewhat stale acting prevents greatness. 4 stars
11/01/04 Dan PLEH 1 stars
10/28/04 Desperado People who dont feel anything for this movie either dont have a heart or r blind idiots A+ 5 stars
10/25/04 Arne This movie is brilliant in its category - so dont expect anything else from it 5 stars
10/23/04 ODH Most overrated movie in the history of cinema. 2 stars
10/15/04 Pete I didn't care for Kate or Leonardo. It was old couple in bed and the mother with 2 kids... 2 stars
10/14/04 Vince Another masterpiece from Cameron. 5 stars
10/10/04 Sheraz Ahmad Onething is clear in the movie..Love has nothing to do what is happening in the SuroundingS 5 stars
10/08/04 random* So tired of Hollywood thinking they can write a better story than reality- siiiiigh 2 stars
9/29/04 Nur Amalina Ahmad Sabki Very nice! 5 stars
9/26/04 Lindsay It is based the movie on two characters.What about everyone/ the children and their parents 2 stars
9/26/04 Tor Honolulu SO sorry you all have to live in a world where this movies still holds all box office recs 5 stars
8/30/04 Emmy Titanic is a true story....its like dancing on the dead's grave...i stand by ALDO 1 stars
8/28/04 G-man totally awesome 5 stars
8/13/04 Elena I think you're just an idiot if you say it's crap. 5 stars
8/07/04 ALDO How many people died....Have some respect...don't add a stupid love story to it 1 stars
8/06/04 Anthony G dont complain bitches, we get to see kate winslet titties 1 stars
7/23/04 JASON FISKE Give me a new and different ending 4 stars
7/21/04 Patjng crap 1 stars
7/20/04 Valerie White Like a dream--seeing the ship come to life. 4 stars
7/19/04 Karla I enjoy Titanic, it has a little bit of everything in it. 4 stars
7/01/04 Feliciano piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
6/28/04 Alex THIS IS THE 500 RATING 5 stars
6/25/04 Ray Excellent 5 stars
6/15/04 Daz Its a good movie, don't bag it. 4 stars
6/15/04 T. Maj Worst "Best Picture" of all time --and 4 HOURS LONG!!!! 1 stars
5/17/04 Pinkline Jones Great entertainment but not a great film 4 stars
5/10/04 TonyMontana Cameron was cooler when he did Aliens/Terminator 1 stars
5/08/04 Daveman James Cameron's defining moment. The big, dumb film that is still moving and spectacular. 5 stars
5/07/04 B. Kenton The Titanic is overrated as a historical event 1 stars
5/03/04 Pretentious Idiot YAWN 1 stars
5/01/04 Read it, Seen it, Done it Understandable that it won every Oscar EXCEPT screenplay and acting 2 stars
4/23/04 Elena Anyone who thinks this is bad is a pretentious idiot 5 stars
4/18/04 Zach This movie was so well put together,I hate high school boys who hate itcuz the girls loveit 5 stars
4/18/04 Father Merrin Over-long, over-hyped, over-sentimental - get over it! 1 stars
4/03/04 FatCrapStinks If I were to take a dump, it would come out looing like the Titanic 5 stars
3/31/04 sansho Silly, manipulative dialogue and central love story, but magnificent effects 3 stars
3/29/04 blue good movie but the hype before and after stunk it up 4 stars
3/22/04 Jeremy Smith One of the Best movies I have ever had the plesure of seening 5 stars
3/17/04 Jamy Williamson Great movie, long, but worth it! 5 stars
3/06/04 Jaco Visser Warm tragedy. 5 stars
2/29/04 Shelby Robertson Pretty good movie since its real... 5 stars
2/19/04 MP Bartley Just hit the damn iceberg damnit! 2 stars
2/10/04 Dr.Lecter Spent so much time on gooey romance, the sinking felt like an afterthought 2 stars
2/06/04 x-nonymous This film sucked a big one. Seriously. 1 stars
1/30/04 Kyle Evans A great representation of the tragic day that even more tragically is put second to romace. 3 stars
1/27/04 Carl Henry This is a great movie and it won a lot of awards so screw you all. 5 stars
1/24/04 Elena You clearly can't say this is a bad film. That makes NO sense. 5 stars
1/17/04 I Would A timeless masterpiece, doesn't deserve all this criticism. Pearl Harbor is the real turkey 5 stars
1/16/04 Gecko Fanfoot Most overrated movie of all time. Kate Winslet puts the tit in Titanic 2 stars
1/06/04 beautie oooh? and i thought it was a classic 1 stars
12/25/03 name withheld kate winslet doesn't look nearly as good without all of the makeup 4 stars
12/20/03 Pigdaddy Truckdriver Leonardo DiCaprio come to pappa, oh where are those tissues!! 4 stars
12/19/03 Butterfly The only thing good about this movie was see that chicks tits 1 stars
12/18/03 * An Idiot Who Watched The Titanic* it was ok i guess too much love not really about titanic but it was worth a look 4 stars
12/14/03 movieman aaah im in heaven. lemme suck ur pussy and tits, kate 5 stars
12/10/03 Samuel Decent film, not what the critics made it out to be tho.. 3 stars
12/03/03 Agent Sands (previously Mr. Hat) Just b/c it's a big-budget smash-hit doesn't mean it sucks. It's actually an art film. 5 stars
12/02/03 matt i cared more about the boat than the stars! 2 stars
11/27/03 John it's pretty good but I don't see the cause for the mass hysteria 4 stars
11/22/03 ross hendrick good effects, good acting, unnessarcy love story 4 stars
11/19/03 Buck It has indeed become very popular to pretend to hate this. A great filmmaking achievement. 5 stars
10/18/03 u r fuzzy!Cat Blues It was kinda good but kinda bad the effects were horrible but sounds were great 4 stars
10/04/03 John Bale Despite high budget mainly forgettable, poor casting and story line. Pity. 3 stars
9/30/03 jimmy d fuck this was bad i walked out of the theater crying in pain. 1 stars
9/28/03 Redpajammas great 5 stars
9/21/03 Darryl Can't deny it's a good film, even though the Rose/Jack storyline is very tired. 4 stars
9/17/03 Alan The '53 version was probably no more accurate, but at least it was a good movie. 2 stars
9/07/03 Eric Best PArt ((((Boob PArt) :) 5 stars
8/26/03 I Would A classic! You all like it really! 5 stars
8/21/03 Matt It's become so popular to pretend to hate this movie. I liked it. 4 stars
8/13/03 lm too long by atleast an hour and jack looked as if he could be rose's son!!!!! 2 stars
8/05/03 Piz Are you people retarded??? 5 stars
7/30/03 Jake It's like Cameron's finally flipped! Did he think this was realistic? 1 stars
7/28/03 Ghetto Smurf Why recreate teh exact events of the Titanic when it's just a stupid love story? Boring,too 1 stars
7/16/03 Fred Sucks 1 stars
7/06/03 sharon loved it....was sad when jack died...i wanted them survive and have babys 5 stars
6/29/03 John Aster Habig overhyped, ultimate hallmark chic flick pourly acted and hokey script 1 stars
6/27/03 Loceeauxwoblx It's amazing how this is the highest grossing movie (without inflation). seems just average 3 stars
6/24/03 Pete B Improved when Leonardo died! His death could have been messier!! 2 stars
5/19/03 Jack Sommersby Waterlogged story and characters. 1 stars
4/24/03 GWB overated crap 1 stars
4/18/03 Matt Thiel Saw it once in the theater, twice on video. James Horner has done better. 5 stars
4/17/03 Jon "Thumb the Toad" Lyrik At times I love it, and at other times I hate it. 3 stars
4/13/03 WestcoastPunk I new the ending before the movie started 1 stars
4/13/03 Quick Draw LD IS a bad actor ... boring and irritating / turned it off after 30 min 1 stars
4/09/03 The Velcro Warlock Watchable soapy flick about the world's most famous unintentional submarine. 4 stars
4/03/03 Mr. Do beautiful movie 5 stars
3/17/03 G-man anyone who hates this movie needs to watch it again 5 stars
3/03/03 John hate it, love it, it's still a great movie 5 stars
2/23/03 Damien I looooooooooooooooooooooooved this movie!!!! 5 stars
2/19/03 Matthew Jones I give this 5-stars because I loved thesoundtrack and the visual effects during the sinking 5 stars
2/11/03 Ubu the Ripper The Ultimate Downer. Not the "best movie ever made" by far, but worth watching, once. 4 stars
2/08/03 Steve Daumer We havent done anything evil enough to deserve Titanic! 1 stars
1/30/03 whoever good film-making? give me a fucking break here! 1 stars
1/24/03 sjdhfd Totally atrocious. I HATED this movie. 1 stars
1/22/03 Pinkline Jones Not worthy of 11 Oscars but well played. Very moving. 4 stars
1/07/03 me really good. and i'm a liar. 2 stars
1/06/03 Bob Dong crap, unless you collect films with small tit scenes (not size!) 1 stars
12/29/02 Jack Sommersby Underwritten, Overscaled Fiasco. A cinematic disgrace. 1 stars
12/28/02 Ally Gator Bad bad script and the special effects already look dated. What a bore! 1 stars
11/23/02 Kyle Awsome visuals, but too much emphasis on the Jack/Rose thing. Too long. 3 stars
11/22/02 adele ryder the updated one is really good and is great 5 stars
11/17/02 Jenna Ok. Way too emotional for me!! 2 stars
11/07/02 The Quirkfetch Kid Watchable soapy flick about the world's most famous unintentional submarine. 4 stars
10/27/02 Matt Neopalitano Way too long. Overhyped. It sank: get over it. 3 stars
10/18/02 Titanic A.E. Masterpiece Theater production values with Romper Room acting and script. 3 stars
10/08/02 chris stupid unbelievable, crap. good for teenagers who need excuses to screw 1 stars
9/29/02 Fuze44 Leonardo should have gone down with the ship. 5 stars
9/29/02 Peter Sherlock Another marketing triumph. Merely bad boredom. 1 stars
9/25/02 snowconehead its fun, just picture a Terminator stalking Kate & Leo, then runs off-set to impale Cameron 1 stars
9/07/02 Jesus Boring! 2 stars
9/05/02 I Can't Swim You miserable assclowns wouldn't know a good movie if it fell on you 5 stars
9/02/02 Interrog8 A real snoozer. Don't waste you're money. 2 stars
8/26/02 Martin Improvement: Sink boat more quickly and keep Celine Dion on it till its at the bottom. 1 stars
8/25/02 Turkish this movie blows, jus see fear and loathing instead 2 stars
8/25/02 Justin Cottingham It was a great movie 5 stars
8/24/02 Movie Expert T2 is Cameron's most emotional movie because Titanic is too cheesy and sentimental 4 stars
8/23/02 nemasis this movie is fucking crap..the only good part is when jack sinks into the the water 1 stars
8/16/02 Feathers McCoy Most over-rated movie of all time. 1 stars
8/11/02 Michael Carruthers sheeps dont like this movie. real movie-goers do. 5 stars
8/05/02 somesh chaturvedi it's se4snnjsnlkl 5 stars
8/03/02 jdajd review of review: The movie was called Johnny Got his Gun moron 4 stars
8/02/02 Iris Dementia Praecox ( Kristen (pcp472830pcs) 3rd best movie of all time. What're the first two, Kristen?!? 3 stars
7/31/02 I Can't Swim Its corny, its stupid, its also fantastic. Leo & Kate have unparalleled chemistry 5 stars
7/31/02 The Truth Not Cameron's best but it can't be bad movie because Ebert and others gave it great reviews 5 stars
7/27/02 sdjfsdkjf for all the pissing and moaning of this film, it's not that bad. There's fucking worse. 3 stars
7/19/02 artemishia@aol leo is great in this film. kate pised the hell outta me, though 5 stars
7/17/02 John Stupid love story ("Rose!""Jack!""Rose""Jack!") but oscar-worthy dramatic sinking sequence 5 stars
7/02/02 Shodan Let me weep at the folly of man! 5 stars
6/11/02 qtpie More like Leonardo Dicraprio! :) 2 stars
6/04/02 Veronica Foxx (The Raven-Haired Temptress) ( Too damn sappy. Only good part,the iceberg, looked cool & made the ship sink so movie ended 1 stars
6/04/02 Iris Dementia Praecox What're the first two, Kristen?!? 3 stars
6/02/02 Chris A few flaws aganist a breathtaking, beautful, and outstanding film. 5 stars
5/31/02 I'm in (L) with a Jedi ill neva let go, ill neva let go 4 stars
5/25/02 Charles Tatum Silly but exciting 5 stars
5/20/02 Kristen 3rd best movie of all time 5 stars
5/15/02 haha noting 5 stars
5/12/02 jack i dont 5 stars
4/25/02 Butterbean I can certainly see why it cost so much and took so long to make this great movie. 5 stars
4/19/02 Me This movie rules..simply breathtaking...gotta love it. 5 stars
4/18/02 Movie Expert It sparks so many human emotions inside you that it's no mystery why it grossed so much. 5 stars
4/17/02 Veronica Foxx (The Raven-Haired Temptress) Too damn sappy. Only good part,the iceberg, looked cool & made the ship sink so movie ended 1 stars
4/15/02 Film Guy One of the best flicks ever made 5 stars
4/10/02 Hayls "The Best Of The Best!" 5 stars
4/10/02 Haylz "It rulz!" 5 stars
3/30/02 Paul Meade Sappy, way overrated 1 stars
3/24/02 Jake Hell of an ordeal, sinking for HOURS.....I didn't see any greatness. Very clean Ocean! :P 1 stars
3/09/02 NWO4LIFE The first half okay, the second half stunning. 4 stars
3/08/02 RAGU The story unfolds very nicely. 5 stars
3/08/02 Mo Anand I think this movie is long, but moves fast...and it's a great story 5 stars
3/02/02 Alan Smithee Possibily the most overrated film of the last 20 years. 2 stars
2/26/02 Hewrd Frost Got my but rooted to the seat for 3 hours! 5 stars
2/26/02 Butterbean A good movie, but not good enough to generate billions of dollars. Billy Zane is a turn-on! 4 stars
2/21/02 Bertha Venation Loved it .... Loved it.... 5 stars
2/17/02 ACBCorp What a load Di Caprio can't act and looks like a kid just about to sprout his first pubes 1 stars
2/16/02 Sharlene I loved it! 5 stars
2/05/02 April Semi-interesting through half the first viewing, after that Sucks All Ass!!!! 1 stars
2/03/02 Tiffany Thunderhurst ******WARNING: Spoilers***** The Titanic sinks. 3 stars
2/03/02 Erikoll The first half is juvenile shit, the second half can't quite redeem it. 3 stars
1/24/02 Flick Chick no masterpiece - no piece o' shit either. 4 stars
1/23/02 Doug Not bad once, tryd watching it a second time, Blah. 4 stars
1/22/02 eeeel You'll watch this and just think "Sink!!!" 2 stars
1/17/02 Piz Beware the bandwagon critics, this is a great movie 5 stars
12/31/01 Mr. Hat (formerly Joe Zappa) As cheesy as cheesy can get! Fuck Leonardo DiCaprio and everybody that looks like him! 2 stars
12/23/01 Monster W. Kung I finally saw this on cable. And it sucked. 2 stars
12/06/01 Bada Bing Crosby Line is forming; you can lick my balls if you hate this movie 5 stars
12/03/01 Alyssa A great movie 5 stars
11/30/01 The $1.98 Pyramid It wasn't the movie itself... that stupid song, those trailers, the popularity!! Stop it! 3 stars
11/28/01 KMG Good movie....except for that fucking twit DeCapriho 4 stars
11/25/01 Smoogles Too LONG, die 12 yr old looking Leo and take Dion with you already 2 stars
11/14/01 Ass Wipe lick me, you all want to lick me now 1 stars
10/31/01 Sumixam If you can get past the dreary love stroy the sinking sequence is brilliant 4 stars
10/29/01 Paul It has a moral values, "Life is so Precious and it's not worth to waste it." 5 stars
10/04/01 Phoenix Good movie. But Dicaprio in the lead role? 4 stars
9/23/01 Henry Ginsberg You people can go fuck yourselves.I loved it. 5 stars
9/20/01 Connoisseur TIT-anic -- see it for Kate 5 stars
9/06/01 Gary Amazingly terrible script, messy acting (except Winslet & Bates) and fake emotion. 1 stars
8/31/01 spaceworm Perfect film to have on while building a shelf. 4 stars
8/22/01 bdf20 to long -but good ending 4 stars
8/16/01 Bada Bing Crosby Still #1 Box Office on this planet-those who don't like that should leave NOW 5 stars
8/14/01 Benjamin Kaplan Yes I want to fuck Kate Winslet 5 stars
8/12/01 MeThoD MaN The Best parts about this movie are the sinking sequences and the fictional characters. 5 stars
8/09/01 E-Funk If I was a horny teenage girl...I might have enjoyed this. Cameron, you suck ass. 1 stars
8/09/01 KC Au Beautiful to look at and a great ending...but enough with that song!! 4 stars
8/07/01 Joe Zappa Why are we waiting 3 hours for the fuckin' boat to sink?! 3 stars
7/28/01 Steve DiCaprio sux but he played his role well. A bit overrated but great acting, great directing 5 stars
7/28/01 Henry Ginsberg Riveting throughout .Contains some amazing set pieces and has a great atmosphear . 5 stars
7/06/01 Craig Blanchard It was great! Once the ship hit the berg. Everything before and after, was painful. 3 stars
7/04/01 Fish Eye Could have been average, but the love story is a waste of my money - FUCK JAMES CAMERON 2 stars
7/02/01 TLsmooth Billy Zane is an ass-demon. 1 stars
7/01/01 chels a really good movie it was a bit long but still excellent acting and really sad i loved it 5 stars
6/28/01 Geebo Umm, three hours of romance? Not good. 1 stars
6/24/01 KATE WINSLET IS A SLUT I should've made love to Rose.. 1 stars
6/15/01 zombie pathetic 1 stars
6/14/01 Bada Bing Crosby Everyone that hates this movie should eat my nads, esp. Brill 5 stars
6/10/01 Ramsey DeCrappio and Zane were poor choices. Needed better acting (i.e. cast) 3 stars
6/09/01 Turtle I could've made a better movie than this DiCrappio flick! 1 stars
6/09/01 Peter Brook Brilliant. Winslet is extraordinary, DiCaprio (yes) is fine, and Cameron's script rocks. 5 stars
6/09/01 Shams Huque The love story was terrible. Worth a look to see the ship sink. 4 stars
5/10/01 gemy geemmy 5 stars
5/03/01 Gracy Lionheart It was way overdone. Like a burnt hamburger, it just didn't set well with me. 3 stars
4/28/01 The Jedi Droid what a fucking joke.. it's worse than Ishtar 1 stars
4/25/01 J Not the worst movie ever but possibly the worst "Best Picture" ever. 2 stars
4/24/01 ShUp Utterley Brilliant! Don't knock this movie! 5 stars
4/23/01 Neil Ramsbotham too long lovey crap 1 stars
4/22/01 dimoc ...etc 1 stars
4/21/01 I love movies Winslet & DiCaprio share an amazing chemistry 5 stars
4/18/01 Minnow Better than most of you assholes, esp. the one below, will ever realizerealize 5 stars
4/16/01 Tam Lavish; wonderful SFX, touching love story, superb acting. A cinematic masterpiece. 5 stars
4/16/01 LiL Pretty good, Leo's a dick but the movies great 5 stars
4/13/01 Piz beware the bandwagon critics...this was a great film 5 stars
4/10/01 Shahzad Malik Mushtaq 4 stars
4/10/01 Gary Good movie but boring. 4 stars
4/04/01 jordan take out the love story and you have a truly great movie 4 stars
4/04/01 jaiminee it was a good film 5 stars
4/02/01 moviegoer awful, way overrated, several mistakes as far as timelines go 2 stars
3/23/01 Andy Meakin SHITE-TANIC starring DE-CRAP-RIO 1 stars
3/12/01 james "bite me" womack i want my 4 hours back james cameron you son of a whore 1 stars
3/09/01 Erin Makowski I do not think Leonardo DiCaprio is gay, in fact, i want to have wild monkey sex with him 5 stars
2/26/01 Big P. The single most overrated movie ever. The acting was terrible! The whole movie was! 1 stars
2/26/01 isy_chan an instance of waste of money 1 stars
2/25/01 Aytim Come on people! 5 stars
2/25/01 The Critic It stinks! It stinks! Iiittt STINKS!!! 1 stars
2/22/01 Axe Murderer CRAP 1 stars
2/17/01 Jason This movie gave me Wanker's Cramp 1 stars
2/15/01 KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi Why is it any time a movie makes/costs a little money, the terminally hip club goes apeshit 5 stars
2/10/01 Paul The screenplay is sobad, it's laughable. 1 stars
2/06/01 Classicdog Good flick. 4 stars
2/05/01 Big Boner Never saw it but dont have 2 as I Know it sucks! 1 stars
2/02/01 Bob Barker piece of DiCaprio crap 1 stars
1/22/01 Larry They won´t nominate Quills cause they say it´s a porn movie.... 1 stars
1/20/01 Ground Zero anybody who likes this movie is a dickhead. Anybody who likes DiCaprio can kiss my butt 1 stars
1/15/01 Action freak I like this movie 5 stars
1/13/01 I love movies James Cameron tricked the world into believing this is a great film... still exciting, tho 4 stars
12/27/00 Turtle Worst movie ever made. End of story. 1 stars
12/24/00 bub You're all nuts, it was a total waste of cameron's talent as a director!!!!!!! 1 stars
12/09/00 Viking Great production. All it needs is a decent script !!! 4 stars
12/04/00 Me Another Jack would have been better. DeCrappio's career 'drowned' after this one. 2 stars
12/02/00 Phil Cameron spits in the face of all the REAL people who suffered. Jack + Rose are not REAL! 1 stars
11/30/00 Dave This is a MOVIE!!! 5 stars
11/29/00 SP a grand film in many respects; mostly the budget and production values 4 stars
11/28/00 Scott Rosier Perfect date movie 4 stars
11/27/00 moviegoer I absolutely hated it. It was more of a teen flick than a movie... 1 stars
11/03/00 Cristopher Revilla Despite the nudity and swear words, i still liked it, great film! 5 stars
10/29/00 steven hargreaves Godfather ,Scarface, Star Wars all classic this shit 1 stars
10/24/00 JC23 Excellent 5 stars
10/23/00 Ground Zero You people are so whiny. It's not great, but much worse than most recent movies. 2 stars
10/18/00 terry c watch- a night to remeber- its far better 3 stars
10/17/00 Dan This is cliched, stereotypical, self-absorbed, CG'd SHIT! Terrible. Fucked-up. Hokey SHIT! 1 stars
10/08/00 The Rock Defenatly a one of the greatest movies ever made! 5 stars
10/02/00 Iain Dunn This is the greatest film of all time: and everyone who says its crap has no reason why 5 stars
9/26/00 Jed Thanks Brill this is a overrated "voyage of a sea of mediocrity". 2 stars
9/25/00 Kyle anakin script is far worse than any dialouge from Titanic..K-dog watch your spelling! 5 stars
9/22/00 Turtle Worst movie ever made, end of story. 1 stars
9/14/00 Tomt Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but why do so many people hate this movie ? 5 stars
9/13/00 Obi Wan This flick sucks and so does Di'Crappio...and I will keep voting 1 every week 1 stars
9/09/00 Ant Winslet is good. But the script is the worst in the history of film. A stinker!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 stars
8/06/00 Jed Sorry Bruce & Elvisfan but this movie is a overrated stinker. 2 stars
8/05/00 Bruce Right on Elvisfan 5 stars
7/28/00 Chris Drake Great special effects but vulgarized mod spin on historical figures 2 stars
7/23/00 Digitalus Bitchslap that Di Caprio! 1 stars
7/22/00 Tyler Peterson Horrendous acting, poor special effects, a corny script, and oh yeah, some ship sinks. 1 stars
7/21/00 Chuck Seriously? What is so special about this poorly acted and scripted sap-fest? 2 stars
6/21/00 Visc A great movie, despite what people say. 5 stars
6/07/00 Bender Long, but rewarding tale 4 stars
6/01/00 PJ Leo was the best thing about this really enjoyable movie, stop lying to yourselves people 4 stars
6/01/00 Jimmy I am amazed that so many people hate this film. 5 stars
5/30/00 danilo the effects and sinking ship scenes are awesome - the rest was boring 4 stars
5/29/00 todd Di Caprio ruined it for me 4 stars
5/27/00 master.node The special effects *nearly* make this a good movie. 3 stars
5/15/00 Anonymous Coward If you're the type who has no life so longs for someone else's, this is for you. 2 stars
5/07/00 Robert Pepper "Words can't describe it" 5 stars
5/05/00 everythingsucks everything sucks in this world except this movie 5 stars
5/04/00 matt Cameron is the King of Direction, a weak cast, but GREAT direction. AWESOME special effects 5 stars
4/26/00 Pansy Pathetic and insulting. Those of ya who gave this 5 stars can get a life. 1 stars
4/14/00 Gingerwoman Just lovely and beautiful 5 stars
4/13/00 Leo Basher I bet the captain crashed the ship into the iceberg just to kill Leonardo DiCraprio! 2 stars
4/10/00 tana schaumkell over rated 3 stars
4/10/00 kohawk I would rather take a shotgun blast to the face than see this ever again 2 stars
4/03/00 Eric Croefield Leonardo is a fagget!!! 1 stars
4/01/00 Arnaldo Cruz maybe tha love story was crap, but you have to love the sinking of the ship 5 stars
3/31/00 movieman I agree with the last guy, this film is great 5 stars
3/25/00 Bruce This movie is much better than it gets credit for 5 stars
3/19/00 Joel Harwood EXCELLENT 5 stars
3/09/00 David Rogers The SFX were good but too long, too much fiction, and pure chick flick. 2 stars
3/09/00 Mr. Kramitall Gimme a break here please! Saving Private Ryan was soo much better. 2 stars
3/08/00 Richard Wright The Academy don't half give "Best Picture' to some shit. Good special effects, thats it. 2 stars
3/04/00 Pizaster beware the bandwagon cynics, who love tossing wood on a fire..this is a great movie 5 stars
3/01/00 Ionicera An excellent movie if you can get passed the hype (and Celine Dion's singing--ugh) 5 stars
3/01/00 Mic Technically brilliant but lacking a better script. 5 stars
2/21/00 Stay Puft Marshmellow Man All of you who like this movie are queers. Just because JC directed, doesn't make it good. 1 stars
2/16/00 Kyle Broflovski Oh, fuck all y'all. Ya got no hearts, only precardiums. Cynical muppets, you are. 5 stars
2/15/00 spunky Textually- Contrived! A herorin called "Rose" and a cocky hero named "Jack"? Please! 2 stars
2/12/00 Skye Chapman technically great. and i didn't object to the love story 4 stars
2/07/00 Lame-Oh Saw this booby-butt on T.V. GODDAM HIDEOUS, MAKES ID4 LOOK LIKE A MASTERPIECE! 1 stars
1/27/00 PervertedPixie Alright. But the focus should have been on the sad event, not Kate Winslets tit's. 3 stars
1/24/00 Paul Great 5 stars
1/21/00 ripley very entertaining 5 stars
1/10/00 Will oh come now it wasn't that bad 4 stars
1/09/00 John Markham A Titanic Turd. Shockingly inept film making. A surefire way to cure insomnia. 1 stars
11/29/99 Crystal Fleming Awesome special effects and music 5 stars
11/28/99 Ryan Phillipe gets hit by a car and it Rules!!! This movie came over to my house and ordered a pizza and left without paying for it. (sigh) 1 stars
11/24/99 Murray Castles Worth a look. The most overrated film of all time. 3 stars
11/17/99 perpetual loser read smalltowns review. he's a fucking genius when it comes to this flick. 1 stars
11/14/99 Lame-Oh sorry to rate again,but the silliest, lamest film I have EVER, EVER SEEN 1 stars
11/10/99 jqirish ok for a chick flick 4 stars
11/05/99 Anthony Ellis The most overrated movie of all time. Lamentable dialogue and laughable cliches. APPALLING! 1 stars
11/04/99 Krstn Quinlan Very intense, magical movie that surprized and enlightened me. 5 stars
10/25/99 Susan D. Best movie ever!!! 5 stars
10/25/99 Bueller Special effects gave life to the human tragedy of the Titanic. Love story was overplayed. 4 stars
10/25/99 Kim I think this movie is awesome you all have a nerve to rate it bad because this movie was a 5 stars
10/20/99 NOVA (CASA) KATE...WANNA RIDE MY SHIP??? 4 stars
10/14/99 Lame-Oh Superfly, screw you. You have no integrity as a reviewer, but it was lame at least. 1 stars
10/13/99 Mandie Snyder The movie is absolutely breath taking and shows the truth about society and status. 5 stars
10/12/99 Buttman More ugly and offensive than words can describe. Simply THE WORST GODDAM MOVIE of 'em all! 1 stars
10/10/99 Viral Messiah Kate Winslet used to be the hottest actress... now it's back to Celine Dion 1 stars
10/06/99 Pallavi More beautiful than words can express 5 stars
10/05/99 rob Watch it on video with a fast forward button- only the second half matters. 3 stars
10/04/99 Suckit worse than most TV movies, Kate was great, Leo is a crone done asshole 1 stars
10/03/99 Joe Schmoe To all of those who gave that crap 5 Stars... screw you all 1 stars
10/03/99 ME~ I luv this movie to death it realy touches your heart and makes you so emotional 5 stars
10/02/99 Paula Titanic was an overall great film that has captured the hearts of millions 5 stars
10/02/99 Robene Wonderful! 5 stars
10/01/99 jackie it was and still is the best fucking movie of all time!!!!!!! 5 stars
10/01/99 stef THE BEST 5 stars
10/01/99 Jared Lawrence Totaly the best movie ever made!!!! 5 stars
10/01/99 ANISSA The Ultimate PMS Movie, when you just NEED to find something to cry about.. 5 stars
10/01/99 Michelle THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! 5 stars
10/01/99 TNMusic I think this was one of the best movies I've seen! 5 stars
9/30/99 NJ The Greatest Movie Ever Made..... 5 stars
9/30/99 Tracy best movie I have ever seen bar none 5 stars
9/30/99 Anne Bayley This is one of the best movies of all time...I saw it in the theatre 12 times! 5 stars
9/30/99 Brittany FABULOUS! 5 stars
9/30/99 Nanci best movie ever, wonderful, fantastic! 5 stars
9/30/99 be it was great 5 stars
9/30/99 Emma This is the best film ever!! Its that simple! 5 stars
9/30/99 Annie Meek Even if it is long and gets old it's still a never dying wonderful tale 5 stars
9/30/99 Cliff Snell Titanic the best movie of all time 5 stars
9/30/99 Rae Edwards I guess I'm a moron, but I loved it! It is my Star Wars. 5 stars
9/30/99 Jill Power The Best Movie Ever!!! 5 stars
9/30/99 Angela Titanic is my very favorite movie 5 stars
9/30/99 Sarah Great movie, great love story, great sinking scenes, it is my favorite movie. 5 stars
9/30/99 Lynn I loved this Movie. I watch it all the time 5 stars
9/30/99 Bonnie Howell Absolutely outstandingly wonderful (I don't use the f-word)! Especially Victor Garber! 5 stars
9/30/99 Elizabeth Cut Cameron some slack...he made a good movie. 5 stars
9/29/99 Lorri I loved the Movie...It was WONDERFUL 5 stars
9/29/99 Todd J. Floyd That movie was worth going to see a THOUSAND times, If I'd had the money I'd have bought th 5 stars
9/29/99 JOhn FANTASTIC FILM! 5 stars
9/29/99 Gabriel Banaag People hate this movie because it has something that they don't have. Love. 5 stars
9/29/99 Tracy Boardman Absolutely Addictive - I love it!! 5 stars
9/29/99 Jennifer Lynn The best film ever, Leo and Kate deserve that Oscar 5 stars
9/29/99 Susan D. This movie made me feel like I was on the Titanic and experienced the tragedy with them. 5 stars
9/29/99 Bridgette My favorite film yet!! 5 stars
9/28/99 Thomas A film that I will never forget! Kate had it all,not LD which should have got her an Oscar. 5 stars
9/28/99 Rebecca Osinowo This is the role of Kate's career. She deserved the Oscar instead of who they gave it to. 5 stars
9/28/99 Jamie Beautiful tribute to the ocean liner and her doomed passengers. 5 stars
9/28/99 Rose Titanic was classy and brilliant. 5 stars
9/25/99 alyssa Never before heard a crowd cheer when someone died. What a relief. 3 stars
9/20/99 Admiral Crunch Over-hyped movie, not exactly the best... okay, Leo sucks... Saving Private Ryan was better 3 stars
9/17/99 richard fortunato total junk. worse than most tv movies 1 stars
8/21/99 Cherry The ultimate movie exemplifying Hollywood waste...fine, nice special effects, story sucks 3 stars
8/02/99 Weird Andy Cameron couldn't spend a few bucks on a friggin' decent screenwriter? 1 stars
8/01/99 Obi Wan Fuck Leo Fuck that Boat!!!! Fuck This Wackass..Boring..Waste of film...PERIOD 1 stars
7/26/99 lizzy you just want to give them a little push, "Jack!! I'm falling" 1 stars
7/25/99 Ah Dooey Really bad. Smalltown's review is kewl. Who in the hell cast DiCaprio and that stupid song? 2 stars
7/20/99 Matthew Bartley Insulting and patronising to the real victims of the tragedy 1 stars
7/19/99 T.Karac an absoloutley heart-breaking story 5 stars
7/18/99 Quy "AIR" Tran saw it 34 times 5 stars
7/05/99 Pat Flanagan Best movie? My ass! Old story. Cared more about the real victims then Leo. 3 stars
7/05/99 Ben Leostein Rating: ***˝ (out of ****) Category: "Very Good" 4 stars
7/04/99 J-Dogg Aside from all the hype, this film was actually pretty good. Dialogue pissed me off though 4 stars
7/04/99 randy grubbs i was bored for 3 hours. i could not wait for that boat to sink 2 stars
6/22/99 Angie incredible movie, with an incredible love story!! i don't get why you'd hate this movie! 5 stars
6/21/99 Trey Westerburg Powerful, but didn't deserve Best Picture. Overall-good. 3 stars
5/27/99 Allen Paulsen Amen Doug, (we're not related, Nice Last name though) 1 stars
5/27/99 Doug Paulsen Boring as hell.(nudity was a nice touch, though) 1 stars
5/25/99 pimp leo sucks big fucking dick 2 stars
5/22/99 XenoWolf The whole thing fucking blows except for kates tits 1 stars
5/21/99 Tristynn I loved this movie.. Cried and cried.. by far the sadest thing i've ever seen... 5 stars
5/16/99 The Bomb 69 why? 1 stars
5/15/99 Ah Dooey Kate was great. The rest was just plain crap. 2 stars
5/14/99 Jaddax very good, to all the people who did`nt like it you can pull your head out of your ass now 5 stars
5/02/99 PJ Pedestrian story, but what an epic movie SFX and Winslet's tits make(big as Cameron's ego). 4 stars
4/25/99 aoakely13 dicaprio sucks all ass 1 stars
4/24/99 mkitterman I felt Schwarzenegger stole the film in the tender love scene. Oh, Titanic. Never Mind. 1 stars
4/21/99 Leonardo De Caprio for this movie I would bitch slap the whole damn cast but the probably like kinky.Dumb fuck 1 stars
4/19/99 jimmy jam Leo needs to get some pubs before he tries acting like a man he's the King Of Shit! 1 stars
4/16/99 Mr. Kramitall Screw this - Kate and Leo are terrible! 2 stars
4/13/99 Jon Jackson I was mad at this flick cause it fucked L.A. Confidential, but be real it's a good movie. 4 stars
4/11/99 Tristynn I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I yelled.Loved it.another that made me bawl like a 2 yr old 5 stars
4/04/99 Albert I cried. Several times. 5 stars
4/02/99 The Incredible Sulk F**k you and your movie too. Di Craprio, hurry back to that shitter from where you came. 1 stars
3/30/99 H33eather was interesting in the theater, sucked on tv screen 3 stars
3/25/99 Dee Dee awful 1 stars
3/21/99 AMANDA very interesting 5 stars
3/18/99 Max Bernstein Fuck this - I had to keep remindind my friend that that damn thing sinks. 2 stars
3/18/99 Madcap -1 stars until the boat starts sinking, then it gets 4...let's see, that averages out to... 2 stars
3/10/99 Oggy Damn you and your turd review, Superfly. It's not worth it. 1 stars
3/06/99 Mike Rotch My heart will never go on and on (I'm really in pain)! 1 stars
3/05/99 Eric Walker Can there be negative numbers here? Best part was watching the f**king ship go down. 1 stars
3/01/99 Spankey I didn't think the boat was gonna sink!!! *sniffle* 1 stars
2/27/99 Viral Messiah Screw you, your movie and your Celine Dion song. F**ers. 1 stars
2/24/99 mochacchino ohh my heart will go on and on and on and on 5 stars
2/19/99 nun uf u r businness the movie was to long but other wise it was fine. 4 stars
2/18/99 Piz Titanic haters cant deal with the fact that its fiction, and its fun! modern classic! 5 stars
2/10/99 Vick Di Brecci An appallingly bad movie offset by twenty minutes of visual fun involving carnage. 3 stars
2/04/99 perigrine I still can't believe LA Confidential was snubbed for this. 1 stars
2/02/99 Matthew Bartley An insult to the dead and racist to boot 3 stars
2/02/99 Jacques Strap Forget all about those sunken ship tales and get on with your goddam life! 1 stars
1/31/99 El Dorko Di Caprio and special FX killed that crap. What the hell? 1 stars
1/28/99 Whiplash F**k this movie, and those who like this crap. 1 stars
1/25/99 Meepos. Gotta say the effects were big, but the story was such a dreery affair. Pullman should cry. 3 stars
1/24/99 Slugmuffin Finally someone agrees w/me! The Academy should be ashamed! 1 stars
1/24/99 Hannah I bet starving people could have put all that money to better use. 3 stars
1/23/99 C Dub This movie was as titanic as the shit I laid after I saw it. 1 stars
1/17/99 Dan Miller 3 hour suck fest,it should give me stars! 1 stars
1/17/99 tyler everett not just sickeningly overhyped, incredibly overisckeningly over hyped 3 stars
1/15/99 DRMJSP So what, I liked it. What you gonna do about it? 5 stars
1/13/99 Melissa Fuck the backlash, see the movie. 5 stars
1/08/99 demon_shredder Crazy girls seeing it 500 times apeice just for that Leo kid. Isn't that a sign? 1 stars
1/03/99 Dasha Deserved every award it won. Fantastic. 5 stars
1/02/99 tarkin666 The _Independence Day_ of romantic films. Zane was good however. 1 stars
12/31/98 Todd Piss poor acting, inane script 1 stars
12/24/98 Van Billy Zane was truly a believeable bastard- it's worth checkin it out 4 stars
12/09/98 Andrea This was the best film I've seen in a while, even if Leo did suck. 5 stars
12/09/98 Cage How come decent films never get credit around here? But shit gets a medal. 4 stars
12/04/98 Matthew J. Soucy Impressive visuals, but unintelligible script, heavy-handed directing, pure Hollywood shite 2 stars
11/29/98 Mike F I had to piss so bad but kerri wouldn't let me leave,cause she knew I wouldn't of come back 1 stars
11/26/98 Mr.Pink Story is shit, acting could've been better, everything else was okay,though.... 3 stars
11/24/98 Fred Leo should die in all his movies. Make out during the love story, and it's a perfect movie. 4 stars
11/24/98 DrEvil Too long, but teriffic eye candy. DiCaprio's death was a plus, but should have been sooner. 4 stars
11/23/98 Arthur C. Adams Pure emotiomal manipulation, but beautifully done. 4 stars
11/21/98 little jerry Get through puberty and you guys might admit how good this film is,faults and all. 5 stars
11/13/98 Ed Zachary Wot load of clap! Clap film. 1 stars
11/13/98 Hugh Jass Screw Cameron for making a shit movie... God, I'm so pissed off... Blech... Gah... Kill it 1 stars
11/12/98 Jules Good date film, but typical overproduced, overhyped lameness otherwise... 3 stars
11/02/98 Darkhero1 It was okay the first time around. Now it's just a fuckin joke. 2 stars
10/29/98 sharon peters that movie really liked stinky goat nuts. 1 stars
10/28/98 cyanide rush all ppl who saw this movie more then once, i've got a bridge to sell you. 1 stars
10/28/98 Silent Rob Sucks ass in the story/acting dept F-n-A in regards to it's scope! 3 stars
10/25/98 Kim Dickson My all-time favorite movie. Very touching, sad, funny, suspenseful, and dramatic. 5 stars
10/25/98 Lord Of The Dunce Effects and heartthrobs do not a classic make. Overlook. 2 stars
10/24/98 Maria Johansson Excellent acting, great effects! The passenger's panic was made painfully "real". 5 stars
10/24/98 Timmy C Good special effects, terrible writing, mediocre acting 2 stars
10/23/98 Adele I think its exellent 4 stars
10/21/98 Sailor Moon Ate My Balls That has got to be the crappiest movie ever. The whole thing's just a dumbass joke. Period! 1 stars
10/18/98 katherine pure smelly crap. too much mush. 1 stars
10/09/98 Nate Dogg Wasn't all that I was led to believe it was.... 3 stars
10/03/98 wind SUCKED very unoriginal.classic robin hood love story. terrible acting. OVER RATTED 1 stars
9/27/98 The Canadian Beaver Eh Kate Winslet Fucking RULES!! 5 stars
9/26/98 Slabs Guys. Go easy. This is the film that "layed" you. Rent it for the chicks!!! 4 stars
9/26/98 Foxgirl I had a good time watching it but it was sooo superficial.I left the theatre with nothing. 2 stars
9/25/98 Pat Flanagan Was it a good movie? Yes. Was it the Best Movie of the year? Hell no! 3 stars
9/25/98 Des Bromilow see it for the effects, not the romance. 3 stars
9/25/98 buckethead I liked this movie, but not enough to repeatedly fork over $7 each time. 4 stars
9/24/98 Tashfin Wahid too fucking long 3 stars
9/23/98 ShadowStar© Best movie I've ever seen... so I guess it's SappyStar from now on. Kate Rules!!! 5 stars
9/23/98 Jason Rosenbaum It's a pretty good movie. But Saving Private Ryan makes it look like dogshit. 4 stars
9/23/98 Patti It sucked and Leo Sucks! 1 stars
9/22/98 Boggles Overall good but what about the shoting scene at the end, can you say unnecessary? 4 stars
9/20/98 MR HOLLYWOOD LIFE-INSPIRING,GENUWINE,ORIGINAL & HEARTFELT.(Camerons a bit up himself now) 5 stars
9/20/98 katherine stunk. what kind af mushy shit? it was just them wanting 2 do eachother. no story. 1 stars
9/20/98 Chip Taylor Hold on to your money before it also sinks into the water. 1 stars
9/17/98 Mike I still can't comprehend the attention this movie got. 1 is the lowest you can go? 1 stars
9/16/98 Lonatic Too long. The last hour is great. Too much hype. 3 stars
9/15/98 jack gordon Better than OK, but not great 4 stars
9/14/98 soldierboy Not just a chick flick - Kate looks great naked, and a powerful, satisfying ending 5 stars
9/14/98 Chip Taylor Throw the script into the toilet and flush. Get my point. 1 stars
9/13/98 Daniel Eskin Was their a storyline. How can an academy award winning film have no actors or story? Shit! 1 stars
9/12/98 Leah Favors Billy Zane is an excellent actor as well as sexy! 4 stars
9/12/98 kanatcha PST! this is by far winning the crappiest movie of the year award in my book! it sucks! 1 stars
9/08/98 Michelle Lynn It is a beautiful looking film. The effects were wonderful. The story is dumb and BORING. 4 stars
9/08/98 The Canadian Beaver Eh Best movie of all time - Kate is a BABE!! 5 stars
9/07/98 Truthteller All about the effects. Leo and Kate were just filler. 3 stars
9/06/98 BBReBozo More emotionally involving than most (guys) will admit. Visually arresting. 4 stars
9/06/98 John Rogers Sucks ass 1 stars
9/06/98 Lori Draper I thought it was thoroughly enjoyable 5 stars
9/06/98 U.N.Owens After 30 Min, I was praying for Leo to drown 1 stars
9/06/98 Kid Pee-Pee Take out the effects and this was a crap romance. Romeo+Juliet was miles better. 1 stars
9/05/98 Nacho Garcia One of the most beatiful movies in the recent years. 5 stars
9/05/98 Kym this was one of the best movies of all times!!! I'd see it 50 more times and still love it! 5 stars
9/05/98 Marsha Leonardo=best actor, He MADE Titanic the movie it is today,(biggest movie of all time.) 5 stars
9/05/98 Jon Billy Zane looks like a mannequin come to life--the dialogue sucks ass...Leo can't act... 1 stars
9/05/98 E. Powers this was a GREAT movie!!! 5 stars
9/05/98 Baba booey Titanic was by far the best movie of 97. And one of the best movies ever. 5 stars
9/05/98 Keith Best fucking movie in the fucking world ... fucker. 5 stars
9/04/98 Earthling in The City I am less artistically talented just for watching this underwritten piece of shit. Kill me. 1 stars
9/04/98 Badass Flawlessly made, but the dialoge was poor. Still, it rocked! 5 stars
8/31/98 K-Dog In three words? OK then.... 'PILE OF WANK'. David Warner should have shot Leo in the face! 1 stars
8/31/98 MikeF The begining was ok. the rest sucked. I respect bob ballard. but I didn't like this movie 2 stars
8/26/98 zubilicious I came very close to losing my dinner while watching it. Please, stay away. 2 stars
8/24/98 The Capital City Goofball Nice effects, bad romance. 3 stars
8/23/98 Mister Whoopee It never showed what happened underwater after the sinking. That's the REAL story! 3 stars
8/20/98 PyThomas I hate to give away the ending, but... THE SHIP SINKS. 4 stars
8/18/98 spork-girl boo! it was heralded as a great love story-but that was the worst part. 2 stars
8/17/98 f*r*o*s*t*y No. More. Leo. No. More. Leo. No. More. Leo. (Chant with me - maybe he'll stay gone.) 3 stars
8/16/98 Miss Stress yet another chick flick, so i'm a sap! go see it already! 4 stars
8/15/98 Schmeekins Great effects ruined by weasel-boy and his fat jugs wife. Take a chick 3 stars
8/14/98 Minipulator I've never seen such a shitty movie hyped so much in my life. 1 stars
8/14/98 Celluloid Custodian It made me ashamed to be alive. 1 stars
8/14/98 Johny Yes, I gave it 5 stars 5 stars
8/14/98 sean stop bitching about the plot and characters and watch the boat sink. 3 stars
8/14/98 {{{OZ}}} It's Leo. He dies. Credit for that. 2 stars
8/14/98 Rotten Milk LEONARDO DICAPRIO?!? DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! 1 stars
8/14/98 roxy worst movie i've seen in a long time. i wish i could give it a zero. 1 stars
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  18-Nov-1997 (PG-13)
  DVD: 25-Oct-2005

  23-Jan-1998 (12)

  18-Dec-1997 (M)

Directed by
  James Cameron

Written by
  James Cameron

  Leonardo DiCaprio
  Kate Winslet
  Billy Zane
  Kathy Bates
  Frances Fisher
  Bill Paxton

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