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Blade II
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by Brian McKay

"More fun than shooting a cannon full of razor blades into a cattle pen"
4 stars

There is something to be said for setting one's expectations appropriately. I expected "Resident Evil" to completely suck, and so I was pleasantly surprised to find it somewhat enjoyable. With "Blade 2", I was expecting the greatest epic bloodbath in the history of film. And while it certainly strives to hit that mark with an exponentially higher body count, there's still something missing.

Don't get me wrong. This is a great action film. Many vampires die in a flurry of kung fu kicks, sword thrusts, and machine gun fire (silver bullets, of course). This movie has all the gore that Resident Evil was lacking (and let me tell you, my title for this review isn't far off. It's pretty damn gory!). The fight scenes are longer and better, the weapons and moves are cooler, and Blade is as much of a bad-ass as ever. Snipes was born to play this role, and it is obvious that he loves playing it. Director Guillermo del Toro has certainly outdone his predecessor, Stephen Norrington (although Norrington also did a fine job). The action is crisp and vivid, with incredible shots of Blade (and his enemies) doing amazing leaps and flips. And, despite what most ignorant critics might say, this is not a "Matrix" knockoff (and really, what is "the Matrix" but a knockoff of many Honk Kong action flicks that came before, only with a high-tech gloss). Del Toro definitely has a visual style of his own, and it serves him well in a film like this.

The story takes place 2 years after the original. Blade's longtime partner and father-figure, Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), who we were led to believe shot himself in the first film, is still alive, being kept in some kind of preservation tank by vampires while being a vampire himself. Blade has been searching for him all this time in order to either turn him back from "the thirst", or kill him. He is quickly able to cure Whistler with some kind of anti-vampirism serum, but still doesn't quite trust him, since his loyalties may have been turned during his time as a vampire. Meanwhile, The vampires have come running to Blade, seeking his help when a new strain of super-vampires, called reapers, began to feed on their own kind. Blade takes them up on their offer of a truce to fight the reapers, knowing full well that 1)they are going to try and fuck him the first chance they get and 2)he will be trying to do the same to them. He is placed in charge of a group of elite vampire warriors, known as the blood pack (not to be confused with the brat pack). They are a motley group of people who look like they just came from a Rob Zombie concert and carry a ridiculous ammount of both high-tech and medieval weaponry. Among their ranks is the beautiful Nyssa (Leonor Varela), the daughter of the vampire overlord, and Reinhardt (Ron Perlman, who is fucking great in everything he does), a wisecracking bloodsucker who's itching for a chance to have a little chat with Blade, mano-a-mano. Together, the daywalker and his crew of suckheads delve into the bowels of the vampire underworld, searching for the reapers. Their prey turns out to be a little more than they can handle, being virtually invulnerable to most anti-vampire weapons, save the most powerful: Direct sunlight.

Naturally, nobody fully trusts anyone, and Blade's only true ally among the vampires is Nyssa. There is the hint of a love story there, but it is never fully developed, although its culmination is touching, nonetheless.

As fast paced and exciting as it was, however, the film falls just short of that "fucking awesome" five stars, for a few reasons. For one thing, there are some pretty big plot holes, chiefly the way in which Whistler is brought back to life from the last film. Nevertheless, his presence is welcome, so the contrivance is forgiven. However, there is also not a single mention of Karen Jensen (N'bushe Wright), Blade's partner and potential love interest from the last film. Why is she not even acknowledged here? Is she alive? Dead? Undead? I haven't seen such a major brush-off of a significant character since they killed off Hicks and Newt before the opening credits finished rolling in "Alien 3". Perhaps they didn't want her competing with Nyssa, but at least a nod to her existence would have been nice.

The biggest problem I had, however, was the lack of any real compelling central villain. There are certainly tons of bad guys, and a number of chief villains, but none of them have the cool and menacing charisma of Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff), Blade's nemesis from the original. The closest thing is probably Perlman's character, Reinhardt, who is so great mostly because of Perlman himself. But while Reinhardt certainly has the smart-ass comments and one-liners, he just isn't prominent enough or menacing enough to fill Frost's shoes. Meanwhile, the Reaper boss and the Vampire overlord are merely fancy "Nosferatu" knockoffs, neither character being especially compelling. Oh, and one other thing about the reapers that bothered me. Instead of just having fangs, their entire jaws split open into a big, fanged mouth with a blood sucking probiscus. The whole thing looks a little too "Predator"-like for my tastes. However, Del Toro did say that he wanted to destroy the romanticism of vampires and make people start fearing them again, by making them so hideous that nobody would want their neck to be sucked on by one of them. In that respect, he succeeded. These things ain't necissarily all that scary, but they sure as fuck ain't pretty, either.

(One side note: I have completely lost faith in the film critics of the San Francisco Chronicle. Not only did they give this film NO STARS, but they gave "Sorority Boys", an obvious piece of shit, 4 STARS. I trust only my fellow bitchslappers from now on.)

Despite my few complaints, and the lack of a truly interesting central villain, the film is a solid piece of action fare. There's definitely enough ass-whoopings here to justify multiple viewings, and for most action fans in general and "Blade" fans in particular, this should satisfy the thirst.

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originally posted: 03/23/02 17:35:16
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User Comments

10/30/16 morris campbell way better than the original bloody good sequel 5 stars
8/18/09 PD On the 8th day, God Made Blade 2. This is the Greatest Movie Ever Made! 5 stars
9/03/08 Shaun Wallner Bloody Awesome!!! 5 stars
7/23/08 JM Synth Boring, incoherent and unpleasent 2 stars
6/22/08 David V Step down from the first. 2 stars
6/17/07 al smith far better than the oringinal.great action sequences 5 stars
4/12/07 rimrhino As much as I liked the first, this one was MUCH better. 5 stars
1/21/07 del Infinitely better than that festering turd of an original. 4 stars
11/30/06 Stanley Thai Probably the best flick in the franchise. 4 stars
9/03/06 Dragon The Artist Enough with the nerdy video game concepts, Like I said,shoulda been in a more "vampiric"era 2 stars
8/02/06 dan just as good as the first film 5 stars
4/02/06 Onions! Onions! Geekiest film ever made 1 stars
3/29/06 Josh Standlee Honestly, this is one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time!!!! 5 stars
2/12/06 dresdan same old boring crap, but fairly well made 2 stars
8/28/05 Jabberjaw INFINITELY better than the straight-to-video quality original. 5 stars
8/17/05 ES Even better than the original= kick ass 5 stars
8/11/05 AmandaGhost Yes, it outdid the original, does just about any shitty movie... 5 stars
8/11/05 celia At least Snipes doesn't do anymore of that "Home Alone"-esque "Yesssss" crap here... 5 stars
8/10/05 Krull Guillermo del Toro can do no wrong...well...except maybe MIMIC... 5 stars
8/09/05 Dredd Definitely severed heads and shoulder above the toilet bowl original... 5 stars
8/08/05 Chris Redfield Blade 1 = Feces. Blade 2 = Surprisingly, a blast. Trinity, uh, haven't seen yet... 5 stars
8/08/05 Usagi Yojimbo People LIKED the original piece of dross and HATED this?!?!?! What a world we live in... 5 stars
8/08/05 Jasper Makes the original look like...well...the turd that it is...del Toro RULES!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
7/22/05 Martin A sympathetic enough "villian" and outstanding choreagraphy. 4 stars
7/09/05 Moctezuma A sequel that although not as good as the first, is still a good sequel 4 stars
12/14/04 Alf Awesome film! 5 stars
12/10/04 Jason Kaul WAY too much CGI.It would have been very good if it didn't look so cartoonish. But it does. 2 stars
12/05/04 Gray real vamps vs fag goth + Wesley Snipes? me like! 5 stars
5/10/04 Daveman Major improvement over the tedious original. More action less pretentiousness and plotholes 3 stars
1/16/04 Dean great effects 4 stars
1/13/04 American Slasher Goddess A little better then the original, it has more gore, too,but still far from being good. 2 stars
9/24/03 jack when i saw this movie, i went home and bit my dog on the neck! awesome flick! 5 stars
9/22/03 Rick Howells #1 fan!!!!!!! best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
8/05/03 I Would Better than original with a better plot, better pacing and better effects. 2 and 1/2 stars 2 stars
7/27/03 Rona Dissatisfying sequel to a fantastic original. Formulaic. Lacked intensity. 2 stars
6/11/03 Brannie Herez Brannie, This movie looks sooo bad that i wont even bother to pay for movie tickets. 1 stars
6/08/03 Ripper Who cares about the story, Blade is the ultimate badazz 4 stars
6/08/03 Pete Pure crap 1 stars
6/05/03 Charles Tatum Cool 4 stars
5/20/03 Mr Yellow GRREEAAT 5 stars
4/14/03 Doopy Nomak wasn't as good a villain as Frost was but it's still a decent superhero flick. 4 stars
4/08/03 B. McNeal This film kick major arse! 5 stars
3/06/03 Dina Smith This was an alright movie. Better than ''Vampires'' anyway 3 stars
2/13/03 Loyd This movie is good but the thing is that its the same thing as the first.Blade needs blood. 4 stars
2/06/03 123 like the zombies, characters in this movie are lifeless 3 stars
1/21/03 Andy Bronson if you enjoyed the action in this movie search the net for Donnie Yen films 4 stars
11/30/02 Susan Great film, adored the action sequences 5 stars
11/03/02 Rob Entertaining but dumb! 4 stars
10/24/02 Interrog8 Lacked what made the first one great. But it was still fun. 4 stars
10/07/02 Tweeter I enjoyed the special effects and gada love the hottie vampire played by Leonor Varela 4 stars
10/01/02 some dude the soundtrack was bad i didnt like it the house of pain techno music wasnt on it 5 stars
9/29/02 Morally Sound A sequel that stays true to the original and doesn't loose it like most others. 5 stars
9/26/02 Tim A sequel that was even better than attack of the craps this summer. 5 stars
9/21/02 palaboy101 Blade is the coolest vampire movie to date... This sequel further establishes that! 5 stars
9/18/02 Danielle Ophelia Gloppy gore, dark & dirty atmosphere, and kung-fu battles set to techno music...I'm happy. 4 stars
9/13/02 John McNew Hey, Phoenix. The top critics seem to like it, Roger Ebert gave it 3.5/4 stars 4 stars
9/09/02 othree actually a solid movie, one ? thou when did vampires become ninjas 4 stars
9/01/02 Doc Shock Great mindless action entertainment, if you're in the mood for that sort of thing. 4 stars
8/22/02 jade It was like one hell of a rollercoaster ride!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
8/18/02 Shams Huque Fine entertainment! 5 stars
7/15/02 JS With fight scenes like that, it should've been called Blade II: Smackdown 4 stars
7/15/02 ! Awesome special effects, blade 1 was better, third would be the same AGAIN... 4 stars
6/26/02 Jonathan Davis good movie, no bell curve, more like an up down straight up movie 4 stars
6/26/02 Natalie Stonecipher An endurance test. Worse than wiping my butt with sandpaper! 1 stars
6/20/02 Jenny Tullwartz Filmed in Prague but not worth Czeching out. Interminable & monotonous. 1 stars
5/18/02 Phoenix Even better than the first, which was great. What the fuck is those movie critics problem. 5 stars
5/17/02 big t awsome 5 stars
4/25/02 Shane Robert Myers This WAY!!!!!! better than the 1st one & alot more action & thrills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars
4/22/02 Bruce WOW! I was impressed! tons of action and thrills 5 stars
4/09/02 Eloise lotsa fighting - not much else. B1 was much better 3 stars
4/08/02 Jim Lots of action, but kinda disgusting even by my standards! 4 stars
4/08/02 Koitus The first one was MUCH better. This one is OK, as long as you go with the right mindset! 3 stars
4/08/02 Brian Movie kicked ass, possibly the best horror/action i've ever seen! 5 stars
4/05/02 Daniel Fuck you if you don' t like it 5 stars
4/05/02 Obi Wan I loved all the action sequences, no matrix ripoffs, good fight scenes! NEXT!!! 4 stars
4/03/02 Titus Poor plot, poor dialogue, unsatisfying action sequences, idiot characters. Frustrating. 2 stars
4/01/02 M. Lloyd More mindlees violence than you can shake a stick at. Get a big tub of popcorn for this one 4 stars
4/01/02 KMG If I wanted low-budget action garbage I would've watched a Stalloner 1 stars
3/29/02 Janine Lay I love Wesley Snipes, What can I say? I agree, plot sucks but great gore and fights 4 stars
3/28/02 Spyguy2 A nut-filled turd. 2 stars
3/28/02 melissa Blade II was the best movie I've seen in years, it really does the vampires justice 5 stars
3/28/02 malcolm super-violent, choppy story,not as good as the first 2 stars
3/28/02 wintermute I am still cleaning gizz of my movie seat 5 stars
3/26/02 Daedalus Why do my comments get deleted? I want people to know Blade 2 sucks. 2 stars
3/26/02 the Knave Well, other than being a CGI-enhanced repeat of the first movie's plot, it was fun. 4 stars
3/25/02 Roy Smith Violent. Gory. Bring the kids! Why is Whistler alive though? 4 stars
3/25/02 ntwrage It was shit, a big steaming pil of shit. 1 stars
3/25/02 Mike Miller Bad Ass Fucking Sequal to a Bad Ass fucking Movie! 5 stars
3/25/02 Rockitman007 pretty good sequal 4 stars
3/25/02 Veronica Foxx aka The Raven-Haired Temptress Well, I'm a sucker for vampires, blood, gore and other gross crap. Thoroughly enjoyable. 4 stars
3/25/02 UnkleFukka Peter/Claude...go suck a Canadian dick 5 stars
3/24/02 Peter Very bad! Absolutely ridiculous!!! Another american trash movie! For low I.Q. 1 stars
3/24/02 Claude A piece of shit! 1 stars
3/24/02 Brilanna This was much better than the first one. It was packed with non stop action. 5 stars
3/24/02 john WHO CAN STOP BLADE?!... 5 stars
3/24/02 Mikey Levy I am fat 5 stars
3/23/02 Daedalus Too many tired old plot devices. Action made it only slightly enjoyable at best. 2 stars
3/23/02 The Bomb 69 nice storyline with the mutated vamps, blood and gore is good 4 stars
3/23/02 E unreal movie, just plain fun 5 stars
3/23/02 WorkingClassDog If you are not looking for action stay home. 5 stars
3/23/02 Butterbean The action scenes weren't as impressive, but the storyline is much better! 5 stars
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  22-Mar-2002 (R)
  DVD: 03-Feb-2004



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