She's So Lovely

Reviewed By sean
Posted 08/30/98 12:54:21

"Actually, she's kinda skanky."
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Sean Penn, blonde? Robin Wright, skankyho? John Travolta, angry? Harry Dean Stanton, ugly-as-fuck?

All this and more in a truly unique look at love and psychosis from the Cassavetes family.

I can honestly think of no movie to truly compare to it, but it was really good, to say the least.

Sean Penn was a great psycho, but when he was cured, he was great at that part too. And Travolta showed that he can play something other than a 'cool' ganster or a lead in a forty year old divorced women's movie. (Or a bad guy in a John Woo movie.) If he took more roles like this, he'd probably be more respected.

And Robin Wright... well, she was a little below them. In fact, the first fifteen minutes focused only on her and not either of the others, and it got really boring after a while, though it did set up the movie very well.

The only regret I have is that the film was too short. I wanted it to be a little longer than it was, so that it could better develop some stuff.

Fuck "Titanic"... this movie had more emotion in any one scene than "Titanic" did in it's entire movie.

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