Reviewed By Stephen Groenewegen
Posted 07/25/03 17:50:52

"Beware the icecream van stalker!"
1 stars (Total Crap)

Snapshot is a lacklustre thriller, set in the international (ie Melbourne) high stakes world of fashion advertising.

Sigrid Thornton brings an earthy vulnerability to Angela, the plucky 20 year-old lured into modelling topless for a perfume commercial. She quickly finds herself obsessed over by three people – new best friend Madeline (Chantal Contouri), a glamorous bitchy model who turns out to be a love-starved lesbian (Angela lets us know she’s repulsed by Madeline’s advances but then condescendingly makes a token effort at remaining friends); her 30 year-old ex-boyfriend, a creep who continues to stalk her in a Mr Whippy ice cream van (!); and Madeline’s older and sexually frustrated rich husband.

Writers Chris and Everett de Roche spend all their time building up Angela’s background, leaving first-time filmmaker Simon Wincer nothing with which to conjure up scares. The one shocking set-piece – Angela finds a pig’s head in her bed late at night – becomes risible when there’s no explanation for who put it there. Denise Drysdale and Hugh Keays-Byrne are wasted in tiny roles, and some awful padding with a camp nightclub act goes on forever.

The only cute touch is having Angela’s housemates sitting around the TV watching producer Tony Ginnane’s last effort, the far superior Patrick.

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