Fire Down Below

Reviewed By Ryan Arthur
Posted 09/15/98 01:29:37

"He doesn't die in this one. Skip it."
1 stars (Total Crap)

How does this rate against other Steven Seagal movies?

At the bottom.

Which, except for Under Siege, they're all at the bottom, but that's not the point. But this is probably one of the worst, just slightly above "On Deadly Ground," which Seagal directed (!) himself.

But do you want to know why this movie sucks?

Seagal Sings.

Uh-huh. Seagal straps on the ol' six-string and does his best rockabilliy. Cover your ears and keep the pets and small children away from the television. It's bad. It makes his acting seem almost tolerable.


He's wooden as ever here, and he's gotten soft. He's got a bit more of a paunch now. He's sort of an inactive action star, I guess. Anyway, this is barely a Saturday night rental. There are better (?) Seagal films to waste your money on. Or you could not waste your money at all.

Unless Seagal dies in all his movies, I'll probably never watch them again.

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