Filth and the Fury, The

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 05/09/00 21:12:28

"Whether or not you're a Sex Pistols fan, you really should see this."
5 stars (Awesome)

What is rock'n'roll? Is it Britney and her bouncing globs? Is it Oasis sticking a finger up at a journalist? Is it Christine Aguillera mouthing the words to something written by a 48 year old? Is it Ricky Martin refusing to bounce out of the closet? Is it Tom Jones pushing his way through a million wrinklies and begging for one more crack at fame with a cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody"? Bollocks to that. Rock'n'roll is uniquity. It's rebellion. It's breaking up shit, not because everyone else breaks up shit, but because shit begs to be broken. When Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten beat his former manager, Malcolm McLaren, in a courtcase in the late 80's, he got back everything the pistols ever wrote, owned or sang. He also got a box of rusting cans of archival footage of the band since it began. This film uses that footage and candid (very candid) interviews with the Sex Pistols themselves to set the record straight. The record McLaren skewed when he put out the self-congratulatory wank-doco, the Great Rock N Roll Swindle.

And folks, it's something to see.

Pistols archivist Julien Temple has put together hundreds of clips of early pistols, late pistols, interviews, music, tv clips of the era, newsclips of notorious times, just about anything he could find, and turned it into what could almost be termed a two hour music video. Difference here is the interviews with the Pistols themselves, done entirely in silhouette so as to not make it a "where are they now", but a note of record.

It's fantastic stuff, even for someone (like myself) who isn't a Pistols devotee. An insider's insde view, the words that have never been spoken. The infights, the chaos, the ripoffs, the great tours, the great moments, the absolute wankery of record company executives, band management, even the band itself.

Filth And The Fury breaks it all down into what it was supposed to be - a great time, some different music, and an antidote to the bullshit of the age.

Punk could never truly happen again. Everything's been done. But if you've ever looked back and wished you could revisit a time when rebellion meant looking *different* to everyone else, this is as close as you'll ever come.

Like Spinal Tap but real. And every bit as funny. "Cunt."

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