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Posted 10/20/00 16:20:36

"Nice try, but a near miss."
2 stars (Pretty Bad)

Halfway through 'Angst' I began to feel anxious - had I slipped through a hole in the space time continuum and been transported back to the 90's "teenage angst/generation X" genre? No - here I was at the George at an AFI screening watching another example of what I perceive as Australian's being behind the times in terms of its film product.

Dean (Lewis) has not been the same since his girlfriend, Heather, dumped him. He works in a video store, but dreams of the day he will become a successful horror movie writer. This is a source of much amusement for May (Tucker), an attractive Goth customer, who derides Dean with the name 'Video Boy'. In a misguided attempt to put his life back on track, Dean is chucked out of the house for groping his flatmate, Jade (Napier), gets caught spying through the window of his ex-girlfriend's place, beats up a street kid with an oversized dildo and finds himself on an internet blind date with two twelve year old girls. All in the space of twenty-four hours.

Meanwhile, Dean's best friend Ian (Smith) fulfills his dream of becoming a stand up comedian, while Jade takes a journey through the seedy underworld of Kings Cross, looking for a stolen VCR.

"Angst" is not a bad film by any means. It gives the impression of being quite well made by a group of film-makers who were really committed to providing the best product possible. For that they deserve credit...but such does not mean the film overcomes its shortcomings or amounts to very much as a film.

There are some good one liners...a few nice screen moments (for example the scene in the monorail was quite strong)...and a cast of able, young Australian actors (Tucker shines through). But this is counterbalanced by a mostly average script, a group of characters that one feels little empathy for, and a general lack of real dramatic tension, which means the story plods along until it reaches its fairly mediocre and unsurprising set of conclusions.--(Paul Bugeja)

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