Reviewed By Thom
Posted 06/11/00 17:11:12

"Everything starts with an E"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

Set against the San Francisco underground rave culture, [bGroove[/b] follows the stories of a group of people in one incredible night of partying in one incredible party scene.

Drugs and angst. house music. rave culture.

its cool and weird and scary and comforting.

and silly.

Groove, however, is a fast paced night of lessons in excess. The main characters wind their way through their love life, mostly. While dealing with that, they learn about their boundaries, about what's important to them, why they do what they do and what meaning life has for them at that point in time.

Its not a highly philosophical film, but a couple of the older characters spend the night reflecting more than unleashing their primitive selves in the moment of music meeting mind.

but there is plenty of unleashing. Oh yes. ravers will see their whole lifestyle flash before their eyes. Its cute, knowing and not the least bit invented.

San Francisco film maker Greg Harrison captured the zeitgeist of the scene and wrapped several interesting storylines around it.

San Francisco DJ's make up a partial centerpiece for the film. Somehow, the rave becomes a story in itself but never steals the attention away from what is happening to the main characters.

Its easy to find yourself dancing along to the music. Its so much like being at a rave, you'll want to drink lots of water. And you know everyone else in the theatre feels exactly the same way you do.

If you are into raves, this movie will excite you. If you aren't, this movie will introduce you to a whole world of intense freedom seeking people who stop at nothing less than total release on the dance floor.

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