Walk the Talk

Reviewed By Stephen Groenewegen
Posted 08/26/00 16:42:50

1 stars (Total Crap)

I donít know what to make of Shirley Barrettís second feature, Walk the Talk. Itís about a loser named Joey (Coco Salvatore) whose buoyant self-esteem comes from attending motivational self-help seminars, and his local evangelical church. The latterís where he met Bonita (Sacha Horler), paralysed in a car accident. Joey fell in love with Bonita because he thought her a sad case. Now that sheís gotten her compensation payout, sheís an interest-free source of funds. He takes her money to start a talent agency, solely to woo a washed-up club singer (Nikki Bennett).

This is the bleakest, most depressing film about following your dreams that Iíve ever seen. Writer/director Barrett, working with cinematographer Mandy Walker and production designer Steven Jones-Evans, has created a rich Gold Coast setting that seems conducive to producing desperate, deluded characters. The tackiness also gives the film a welcome hint of satire. Itís something viewers can connect with, since thereís nothing in the characters to relate to.

I had no fun watching Joey pursue his fantasies. By the end of the film, I despised him instead.

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