Wag the Dog

Reviewed By Ryan Arthur
Posted 09/15/98 01:09:18

"Albania, Albania."
3 stars (Average)

Just because it's sorta true to life doesn't make it good.

I didn't like it. I didn't get what was so witty or wickedly sharp about it. Yes, looking back on it, it laid the groundwork for many a late night monologue comparing it to Clinton's troubles, and it does have some decent lines (thanks in no small part to writer David Mamet). But is it really such a great movie? I don't think so.

Dustin Hoffman is a fine actor. No dispute there. But his performance here grated me like fingernails on a blackboard. It was completely one-note, a bad impersonation (Hoffman has said as much) of uberproducer Robert Evans. That's worth an Oscar nomination? Apparently so.

Anne Heche was nothing more than a deer in the headlights, and Robert DeNiro tried, oh he tried, but he just couldn't overcome a weak story. There were some brief high points, a funny cameo from Willie Nelson and a completely whacked out Woody Harrelson, but I just don't think this film lived up to it's hype.

If it's political drama and Dustin Hoffman you want, rent All The President's Men.

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